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Storage space and worktop in the small kitchen cabinets

Storage idea for small kitchen cabinets

Make Optimal Use Of Every Centimeter In The Kitchen Cabinets

Although space is limited, a small or single kitchen must have the same functions as a large kitchen and have essential kitchen appliances. Therefore, to accommodate everything, every centimeter must be optimally used with clever kitchen solutions, whether in a separate room or integrated into an open living room. The critical question is: How do you provide more storage space in a small kitchen cabinet and create enough workspace?

Usable Storage Space In The Small Kitchen Cabinets

You can never have enough storage space. Whether single, couple, or family, the question of clever storage space ideas is the focus of all kitchen buyers.

Small Kitchen Cabinets with drawers
Small Kitchen Cabinets with drawers

However, storage space planning in the small kitchen cabinets is an even more significant challenge. Because the question is how to create a lot of storage space in the small kitchen cabinets and how to make it easily accessible. If the distance between the kitchen cupboards and the wall is small, classic doors will further limit the kitchen space. Sometimes the cupboard doors cannot be opened completely. Accordingly, drawers and pull-outs are necessary, although they look more expensive, but can be relatively more practical for small kitchen cabinets.

Practical Tips: How To Create Storage Space In The Small Kitchen Cabinets

Storage Space In The Small Kitchen Cabinets

The limited space must be used optimally for a small kitchen cabinet suitable for everyday use: All areas should be ergonomically accessible, and the work routes must be kept free.

We have put together four tips for you that are guaranteed to make more storage space in your small kitchen cabinets:

TIP 1: Plan for upper cabinets

Use the full height of the room with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Items that are not used often can be stowed as high as possible. Kitchen cabinets with sliding doors can save space when opening.

TIP 2: Optimize the space with well-thought-out kitchen cabinets

Narrow niches can be used sensibly with niche cabinets. Functional storage cupboards make it easier to store food, and there are magic corner cabinets with pull-outs or rotating carousels for the kitchen corner.

TIP 3: Organize drawers and pull-outs using interior fittings

Order is significant in a small space. It’s the only way to keep it clean without making the kitchen look messy. Flexible inserts for crockery, pots, cutlery or spice jar holders organize the kitchen cabinets’ interior and help keep things tidy.

TIP 4: Use the kitchen base

Storage space is also hidden in the kitchen base. A drawer can be planned in the lower area of the kitchen cabinets. The plinth drawer offers additional space for kitchen utensils such as baking trays or dishcloths and tea towels.

How To Get More Workspace In A Small Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen worktops are often used and can also be used to place coffee makers, kettles, etc. Generally speaking, 60 centimeters of worktop surface is necessary.

So the question is: How is it possible in little space to have the largest possible work surface with the small kitchen cabinet? With a few tricks, you can do that easily.

Workspace In A Small Kitchen Cabinets

Think multifunctional and create additional workspace:

  • With the right kitchenware, such as a cutting board or drip tray, the sink area becomes multifunctional and can be used as a work surface.
  • A corner sink turns an otherwise neglected kitchen area into a functional center and provides more space to work.
  • An integrated pull-out table disappears back into the drawer in no time at all after use.
  • The dining table can be used as an additional worktop.
  • Place only essentials and storage everything else to keep your worktop clean.

Creating enough work area and storage space in a small kitchen is not easy. So if you’re looking to buy a kitchenette, you can get in touch with our kitchen professional as he knows how to get the best results in a small amount of space. Generally speaking, the price of the local small kitchen cabinets may be relatively high. In China, the style of small kitchen cabinets is rich, and the price has a big advantage.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

If you have the demand to buy a small kitchen cabinet from China, you might contact us to get a free quote and catalog.

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