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How to implement sustainability in the kitchen?

sustainable kitchen cabinets

It’s not what’s on your plate that matters for a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. In an age of climate change, environmental awareness, waste prevention, and prudent use of resources are becoming increasingly important. Our home also determines our ecological footprint. The following article will discuss how to achieve sustainability in kitchens, identify sustainable kitchens, and who produces sustainable kitchens.

What exactly is a “green” or “sustainable” kitchen?

The “green” kitchen is a holistic concept and consists of five parts:

  • Environmental-friendly furniture
  • Energy-saving and smart electronic appliances
  • Green power supply
  • Correct waste classification
  • General awareness of thrift

Those who are committed to sustainability should implement these points in their kitchens. This depends not only on environmentally friendly kitchen furniture. For example, energy-saving kitchen equipment can save a lot of electricity and protect the environment through careful waste classification and a carefully-designed waste classification system.

What is the best way to realize sustainability in the kitchen?

design eco-friendly kitchen cabinets

Whether you want a completely new kitchen or modernize it in an environmentally friendly way: Learn how to achieve sustainability in your kitchen.

  • What is ecological furniture production? 
  • Is the solid wood kitchen always the best choice? 
  • How to read the energy label of electrical appliances correctly.
  • What kind of kitchen appliances is the most economical? 

How do you know a sustainable kitchen?

It’s not about your behavior; it’s about how the kitchen goes. The whole production needs careful inspection.

  • Do manufacturers invest in reforestation? 
  • Is the wood marked with the “Blue Angel” seal? 
  • Is the varnish water-based and free of pollutants? 
  • Are formaldehyde emissions below the limit of 0.1 ppm (ml/m3)?

The difference between healthy cooking and sustainable cooking

What distinguishes sustainable kitchens is the healthy kitchens, mainly about indoor air, because healthy air is not taken for granted. All the areas around us indoors pollute the air and become the cause of pollutants in the air.

First of all: There are no products without harmful substances, but healthy products also help protect the environment, so sustainable kitchens, like healthy kitchens, contribute to environmental protection.

Valuable tips and tricks on waste sorting, recycling, electricity, and water-saving perfect our “green” kitchens, making you an expert on kitchen sustainability topics.

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