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Valuable tips – How to measure the kitchen cabinets correctly

Measure The Kitchen Cabinets

To avoid any nasty surprises when installing your new kitchen cabinets, keep precise about “measuring the kitchen cabinets.” But don’t worry. The final measurements of the kitchen cabinets are confirmed by the supplier and you. However, the kitchen supplier is only responsible for your new kitchen and make sure to get the correct dimensions of it. Thus it is still advisable to sketch the floor plan and measure the kitchen yourself. And there are a few things to consider below.


Have a block, a pen, and a folding rule prepared, then you can start measuring your kitchen:

  • Draw the room walls.
  • Note down the relevant dimensions, length, width, and height.
  • Draw windows and doors.
  • Mark in which direction they can be opened.

TIP: Pay attention to the accuracy. Window lintels or window sills with the board, pipes, niches or projections, etc., all of these must be recorded precisely.

kitchen cabinets measurement

Accuracy is also required for the connections. Record those precisely and mark the backsplash, if there is one. The question of exhaust air or circulating air is essential when choosing an extractor hood. If there is an opening wall box, please note the position and diameter.

Think of the following connections in your kitchen plan:

  • sockets
  • switches
  • light outlets
  • cooker connections
  • water connections
  • device connection valves
  • any existing radiators with regulators

Nooks and crannies are crucial for kitchen planning. Imagine an angle does not fit, and the worktop has already been cut to an unsuitable size.

good ergonomics in the kitchen

TIP: Especially in old houses and apartments, no wall is straight, nowhere is a right angle. Even with sloping ceilings, you have to record exactly where the sloping starts.

Even if you are not planning a fitted kitchen and want to buy a display kitchen instead, an accurate floor plan is a great help. The more precisely your floor plan matches with the model kitchen, the easier it will be to install your kitchen.


Do not forget to examine the condition of the walls and ceilings or to clarify these issues with your architect or landlord. The quality of the ceiling can play a role in the extractor hood or suspension devices.

  • Is it concrete, brick, or a lightweight wall?
  • Is the ceiling made of concrete, plasterboard, wood, or suspended?

The delivery situation is also critical so that the delivery and assembly of the kitchen can go smoothly. For example, you should let your kitchen seller know if there is a lift, what floor the kitchen is on, or if the van can park near the front door.

What else should you think about when measuring kitchen cabinets?

  • Check widths of doors if the plan includes large units like a double-door refrigerator, long countertops, or large corner cabinets.
  • What can and must still be changed in the kitchen room?

TIP: If the floor is being modified or is just being finished, make a note of the finished construction height and which floor in the kitchen you have chosen.

kitchen flooring

Think about all the craftsmen you need and plan so that the assembly can also be carried out on time.

Measure the kitchen yourself – the issue of liability: The accurate measurement of the kitchen is the responsibility of the kitchen seller. No reputable seller will leave this task to you but always send an expert to your home. And in case something goes wrong, for example, if the worktop size was miscalculated, you will not be charged if the error can be attributed to the expert.

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