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Climate doors guide – Climate classes of doors

Climate doors

Climate classes of doors – Where warm and cold meet

What does the term “climate class” mean? The different climate classes describe the durability of the interior doors and apartment entrance doors, also known as the warping rigidity. Attention must be paid to this if the climate on both sides of the interior door is different. Built-in climate classes aim to prevent or reduce the warping of the interior door.

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Important: A climate class does not stand for thermal insulation!


Definition of climate classes

Various rules and standards are used for high-quality interior doors. The RAL Quality Assurance Association (Rule RAL-GZ 426) should be mentioned in particular for the warp resistance of an interior door. These form the basis of the door classification. A third independent institute tests every door element with this classification. A newly created sort has been expanded to include two climate classes important for external doors and recorded in the International DIN EN 1121. The relevant climate classes for interior doors were adopted from the RAL definition.

Climate classes according to RAL and EN

The following climate classes were defined by the RAL International Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling, adopted in DIN EN 1121.

Climate Class

Climatic conditions
inside the doors climatic

Climatic conditions
outside the door


Temperature (air)

Relative Humidity

Temperature (air)

Relative Humidity


23°C (± 2°C)

30% (± 5%)

18°C (± 2°C)

50% (±5%)


23°C (± 2°C)

30% (± 5%)

13°C (± 2°C)

65% (±5%)


23°C (± 2°C)

30% (± 5%)

3°C (± 2°C)

85% (±5%)


Areas of application

Classic areas where climate classes are used are:

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