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61+ Natural wood kitchen cabinets design ideas and tips

Natural wood kitchen cabinets design ideas

Table of Contents

Flat panel wood cabinets in a minimalist L-shaped kitchen

The medium tone wood cabinets with fine black hardware in a flat-panel design pair well with the white quartz countertops, exuding a warm and natural ambience. In black and white, the hexagon patterned backsplash is eye-catching and provides fun and freshness to the kitchen. The range hood box is the same style and material as the countertop on the island. And the window frames in black contrast with their surroundings, which are striking and impressive. Right above the marble waterfall island, three black pendant lights look posh. In a light shade, the wood floors soften the cooking space.

Medium tone wood cabinets in a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen seems to have been enclosed by the medium tone wood cabinets in a flat panel design, looking compact and welcoming. The semicircular shelves on the upper cabinets echo the same design on the peninsula, which shows the uniqueness of the cabinetry and looks chic. In terms of the backsplash, there are two styles of the mosaic tile: one is the multicolored black, and the other is all black, pairing well with the black granite countertops. The stainless steel appliances and slender pendant lights add lustre to the kitchen. And the grey matte ceramic floor set the tone nicely.

About natural wood kitchen cabinets

Wood is an eco-friendly, sustainable material and is widely used in kitchen decoration. The color, taste, and texture of wood have endless charm, and no one can easily refuse. And cabinets, as they play an indispensable role in the kitchen, many people prefer them made from wood. There are various appearances and tones in wood, which means a wide range of design options when remodeling. Light natural wood cabinets are a great choice for a bright and cheery environment, whereas dark wood cabinets may appear more noble, even cool! Natural wood cabinets, kitchen islands, floors, and dining table combinations all work together to create amazing results. Take a look at our design ideas and feel the beauty of wood in its natural state.

Natural wood cabinets with white marble top

Natural wood cabinets and white marble top island in a transitional kitchen

Light-toned wood cabinetry paired with the black handles in two shapes is just right and elegant. Plus the same-toned parquet, creating a natural and cozy vibe to the kitchen. The hood box, sink mixer, countertops, window frames, and the furniture of the kitchen island are all in black, which adds striking color and keeps the style alive. The cool stance of the black color harmonizes beautifully with the warm feeling of wood. And the white subway tile backsplash up to the ceiling and the white marble countertop on the island with exquisite grain provide integrity to the space. The dark grey brass pendant lights in industrial style and the silver stainless steel chairs create a stylish effect.

Natural wood kitchen cabinets with white lacquer doors

Natural wood kitchen cabinets with white doors in a minimal kitchen

Both the cabinets and the kitchen island use flat-panel designs, giving a simple and brief feeling. It seems that the all-white cabinets blend into the white tile backsplash and the sturdy countertops, and the wood cabinets of the island also drop into the parquet. The entire kitchen has a welcoming and tidy look with a clever whimsy. Stylish cherry wood chairs on the side of the island and the upper modern lighting complete this natural and cozy look.

Light wood kitchen cabinet is a great choice

Many architects and designers desire a calming, homey ambience because light wood is visually pleasing and helps provide a neutral backdrop upon which statement pieces can be outstanding. So do the kitchen cabinets. In particular, the beautiful natural grains, colors, and markings on the light wood cabinets make them easy to blend into a space and offer you a gorgeous, relaxed cooking place.

Classic shaker cabinets and green mosaic tile backsplash in a contemporary kitchen

The shaker cabinets in a medium tone extend to the ceiling, giving enough space to store kitchenware. Matte glass fronts are used on some of the floating cabinets. The silver metallic pulls on the cabinets look delicate and match. There are two undermount sinks installed on the counter and island, respectively. The countertops are grey granite with a polished surface. The fresh and chic colorful mosaic backsplash in green plays well with the wood cabinets and the light green wall. Together with the spotlights and trendy pendant lights, the natural light comes through the window and brightens the light wood flooring and the kitchen.

kitchen with light natural wood cabinets

Chic and cozy kitchen with light natural wood cabinets

In a light-toned paint with a flat-panel design, the L-shaped wood kitchen cabinet creates a warm and relaxed effect on the space, especially when the sunshine lies on it. The black built-in stainless steel oven, anthracite backsplash, matte stainless steel faucet, and shiny cookers complete a stylish look. The yellow cupboard paired with the olive green wall is well-matched and eye-catching. A black shelf on the grey wall, up to the ceiling, provides space to store glass and tableware, which looks tidy and stylish. A warm effect is left on the environment by using beige concrete flooring.

Flat-panel wood cabinets make a bright and clean kitchen

The kitchen looks simple and cozy in two tones primarily. One is the light wood color on the flat-panel cabinets, open wall shelves and island; the other is white on the wall, backsplash, countertops and ceiling, giving a soft and welcoming feeling. The white range hood right in the middle blends well with the nearby cupboards and walls behind. There is an undermount sink with an exquisite golden faucet on the island. Still, the island has an overhanging design for tucking stools which are round, chic, and echo all the decor in the kitchen, just like the sleek pendant lights in a light wood color.  

Inviting and stylish kitchen with green wall in Celeste color and light wood cabinets

Its wall in the corner is an airy and special color. Together with the light-toned natural wood cabinets, you’ll love to linger and enjoy many more comfortable and joyful moments in the kitchen. On one side of the upper cabinet, there is a chalkboard and a wall shelf for wine glasses and other tableware. The brown granite countertops, with a low backsplash in the same color on one side and a white-framed window backsplash on the other side, while contrasting with the light wood cabinets, echo the darker parquet. Stainless steel appliances and the shiny pendant light add a modern atmosphere.

Which types of wood is suitable for me?

It all depends on your preferences, budget, and needs. For example, if you live in an area with high humidity, you’ll want to pick a type of wood less prone to warping. If you don’t mind something more high maintenance, then you can opt for a softer wood species if you like. When budget isn’t matter, you can choose a more luxury one like walnut cabinets or teak cabinets. It’s advisable to do some research and work closely with your cabinetmaker, so you can choose the right type of wood for the cabinets.

Contemporary kitchen with red birch shaker wide style cabinets

The natural and warm kitchen has been finished with the inspiration of light tones and simple design. The light wood cabinets with silver metallic pulls made of red birch in the classic shaker style are in a similar tone to the parquet. The glass upper cabinets, grey-white granite countertops, and the elegant pattern backsplash infuse the kitchen with exquisiteness. The stove and range hood are installed on the island to facilitate your meal prep. You can store some cooking books, favorite tableware, and other necessities on the island. The custom built-in cherry wood eat-in nook is ingenious.

Contemporary eat-in kitchen with light natural wood cabinets

Looking compact and tidy, this mid-sized kitchen features flat-panel wood cabinets in light-toned. The backsplash is blue subway tile, and the countertops are black granite with an undermount sink, providing a contrast to the light cabinets. The shiny stainless steel appliances add a modern feel to the kitchen. The eight upper open cupboards and the open lower cabinet in one corner show the flexibility. The brown parquet and the peninsula, paired with three wooden stools, are in different shades. When the light shines in through the white-framed window, a bright and warm atmosphere is created.

Light wood shaker cabinets in a trendy kitchen design

The whole kitchen almost adopts a light tone, from the large area of the wood cabinets to the spot lighting details. Remaining true to the natural grain of the wood, in a shaker style, the cabinetry with black pulls is elegant and charming. The parquet is in a relatively dark tone. The island counter is in a malposed tri-layered design with a live wood edge. It is believed that you will experience the beauty of the wood in this modern kitchen. The backsplash is in a multicolored subway tile design, and the countertops are grey granite.

Traditional kitchen with light wood cabinets and custom grayish-blue island

The light shaker cabinetry made of white oak has shiplap details up to the ceiling, which is gorgeous and attractive. Its counter is beige granite with natural stone grain. The colorful mosaic tile backsplash goes well with the cabinets, and the built-in stainless steel appliances add a modern vibe to it. With cedar brown marble countertops, the grayish-blue island has an undermount sink and is eye-catching as well. Besides, there is delicate relief on it, pairing with the three blue-and-white chairs, exquisiteness is achieved. The brown parquet contrasts with the cabinetry. The crystal pendant lighting right in the middle above the island is conspicuous.

What’s the difference between white oak and red oak wood cabinets?

Oak wood kitchen decor became very popular in the 1980s and has not been out of favor since then. Compared with red oak, white oak is durable as well, and it has a more golden tone and more exquisite grain. In particular, when white oak is used to create an arts and crafts or period look, it is usually quarter-sawn for custom cabinetry. In many cases, white oak is available only as a custom option.

White oak cabinets in a beach style cottage kitchen

The shaker cabinets in white oak with some glass fronts and open shelves are airy and charming, blending well with the white quartz countertops, vaulted ceiling, wall, windows, and the island. What’s ingenious is the blue terracotta backsplash, which adds pops of blue in the cooking space. The rustic decorative beam on the blue backsplash echoes the light wood cabinets, stools, rattan chairs, and parquet, bringing the kitchen’s natural elements to the fore. The black faucets on the backsplash and the island are eye-catching as well. There is a farmhouse sink on the bead board decor island. Everything is harmonious and creates a beautiful melody.

Red oak cabinets in a mahogany veneer in a contemporary kitchen

They feature a medium tone; the wood cabinets are in red oak veneer with some dark metallic handles, giving a natural, cozy look. On the left of the cabinets, there is a low wood shelf for storing glasses and other items; next to it is a built-in oven, and behind it is a harp-like screen. All of them are harmonious. As for the countertops, on the island is a sleek granite slate in black, while on the cabinets it is in champagne. Behind the stove and range hood, there is a posh grey metallic backsplash, which is eye-popping. Three stylish pendant lights on the fancy ceiling, paired with the warm beige floor, create a clear and lively cooking space.  

White and natural wood kitchen

White, often the representative of purity, simplicity, and even dreaminess, is widely used in kitchen decor. An all-white kitchen adds a bright, clean, and refreshing look, and you can also add a little drama. Together, white and natural wood create a stunning effect.

White kitchen cabinets and natural wood kitchen island with quartz countertop

White is the primary color in this vintage and graceful kitchen. All the cabinets, backsplash, hood box, countertops, and ceiling are white. They match so well and are a delight to the eye. The brass hardware and wall sconces blend perfectly with the white, elegant cabinets and wall background. In black, the sliding window frames and the lighting skeletons on the kitchen island provide contrast, which avoids the kitchen being monotonous. Another important detail is the natural wood base of the island, with exquisite grain and relief on it, in a light tone, paring with the lighter tone parquet, a harmonious effect is achieved.

Transitional white galley kitchen with medium tone natural wood floor

Extended to the white ceiling, the shaker cabinets with black hardware in white look elegant and match well with the stainless steel appliances. In particular, the white ceramic backsplash has natural grain on it and completes an elegant look with the cabinets. In the same tone as the cabinets and backsplash, the waterfall island has a quartz countertop and an undermount sink. The parquet is in a dark tone, exuding a rustic and natural vibe. Three slender transparent pendant lights right above the island add a modern feel, and the kitchen is brighter.

Traditional U-shaped kitchen with white cabinets and dark wood floor

Except for the dark wood floor and the brown natural wood base cabinets of the kitchen island, almost the entire kitchen is white. The white shaker cabinets have delicate trim details on the top that match well with the matte silver metallic pulls and the built-in stainless steel appliances, which are elegant and sleek. And the gray countertops have a white farmhouse sink and a stove. The white backsplashes behind are the subway tile and herringbone tile patterns. To make a contrast, the color of the island base is obviously different from its quartz countertops. Three simple pendant lights right above complete the harmonious ambience.   

An L-shaped contemporary kitchen with the medium tone wood cabinets

In this eat-in kitchen, the medium tone wood cabinets almost look seamless for the reason that they adopt a flat-panel design without handles and collaborate well with the black built-in appliances and the white quartz countertops. For the lower part of the backsplash, it is painted with pure white; and for the upper, it is the wide subway concrete backsplash. All together, it seems like the open wall shelf is a dividing line, all working well with the wood-framed windows. The three white stools match the island, adding a stylish vibe to it. The light wood floors and light fixtures give the space some warm elements.

Natural wood cabinets in dark tone

Compared with the bright, airy light wood tone, the dark one is more mysterious and antique. The combination of dark wood cabinets and brass hardware or other stylish metallic accessories creates a stunning effect. And there are as many other amazing design ideas as light wood, for the reason that there are unlimited possibilities in wood.

Modern and minimal kitchen with brown natural wood cabinets and white quartz flooring

A large area of white is used in this kitchen, which makes the medium-toned wood cabinets in the handleless design without any other pulls look striking. The upper cabinet adopts the opaque taupe glass door in the lower part, further improving the level of fashion in it. The supporting wall for the wood cabinets is standalone, showing the centerpiece of the cabinets. On the one side of the cabinets, there is a connecting peninsula in the same styling and a white quartz countertop in a waterfall design, achieving a harmonious integrity.

Contemporary kitchen with dark wood cabinets in flat-panel design

The flat-panel dark wood cabinets are in the same dark tone as the base of the kitchen island. The upper cabinets have glass-front doors, so the guests can see your valuable tableware. The dark wood cabinets, plus the silver slender pulls and the stainless steel appliances, a sleek and classic look is achieved. Some lighting is installed at the bottom of the upper cabinets, making the gray subway tile backsplash and the light quartz countertop look brighter and, meanwhile, providing a contrast with the dark wood cabinets. The island has an undermount sink and three cozy stools. Two stylish glass pendant lights above make the kitchen more eye-catching.

Modern and trendy galley kitchen with brown wood cabinets

The focal point in this mid-sized galley is the flat-panel brown cabinets, which match well with the matte hardware and the stainless steel appliances, while the wood floor is in a lighter tone. The white marble countertops have a slight grain, which looks elegant. In terms of the backsplash, it is the white subway tile, completing a sleek look with the white wall shelves. The shiny cookware, matte sink mixer, and spot lighting all exude trendy ambiance.

Maple cabinets with an ebony stained finish in a stylish L-shaped kitchen

With a touch of antique, the dark wood shaker cabinets with exquisite pulls are reminiscent of the old-timey past. They blend well with the built-in stainless steel appliances, the range hood, and the white ceramic countertops. There are two undermount sinks with faucets installed on the countertops of their cabinets and the island, respectively. Besides, the subway tile backsplash in a warm blue-looking brilliant infuses a lot of charm to the space. The canned lighting and the light wood floor, together, complete a warm and inviting kitchen look.

Natural wood cabinets painted in various colors

There is more than one original wood color when it comes to the natural wood cabinets. You can talk with your cabinetmaker and paint any color for as long as you like, which makes your kitchen more colorful and nifty.

Two-toned eclectic and rustic kitchen with natural wood cabinets

The upper cabinets are in a light wood color, remaining original wood grain and looking rustic and natural. On each side of the blue range hood box are the open wall shelves where you can store your delicate tableware. The off-white backsplash has a touch of vintage vibe in the rhombic patterns. Both the base cabinets and the kitchen island are the same color and style—black countertops and blue beadboard cabinets, which are reminiscent of the sea. A white ceramic farmhouse sink is installed on the right of the countertop. Two industrial pendant lights and the beige parquet together complete the harmonious and inviting look.

A classic U-shaped kitchen with recessed-panel cabinets in light green

For the mellow green cabinets, they are cherry wood with a polyrethane finish, looking chic and elegant. With some delicate hardware and the glass fronts on each side of the range hood, the cabinets are the showpieces in the kitchen and blend well with the white quartz countertops, subway tile backsplash, windows, ceiling, and the beadboard decor on the breakfast bar. The built-in stainless steel appliances add a pop of stylish metallic color. The bar top is a custom wood slab, offering a natural vibe. The stools in green and polished metal are perfect for this stunning kitchen. And the brick floors, which break the large area of green and white, are ingenious and eye-catching. Several light fixtures help complete a lovely cooking space.  

Why all-wood kitchens are enjoying the spot light right now?

With the development of eco-friendly living concepts and the desire to be close to nature, most homeowners prefer remodeling their kitchen with an all-wood design. All wood kitchens bring a piece of nature into the house. The characteristic of all wooden kitchens is their calm and cozy appearance. The numerous shades of brown in wood—from light to dark—all radiate warmth.

Olive green shaker cabinets in a fresh and chic kitchen

The laminate countertops match well with the olive green shaker cabinets, pairing with the rattan chairs and parquet in the same tone, a natural and fresh ambience is complete. As for the kitchen island with an undermount sink and a faucet, the gold half-moon hardware on the cabinets is the punchline and very eye-catching. The built-in black stainless steel appliances and silver matte range hood add a modern feel to the kitchen. Some other ingenious details, such as the wooden clock on the wall and the classic pendant lighting, should not be ignored.

Light green natural wood kitchen full of warmth and coziness

This kitchen is reminiscent of vanilla ice-cream, giving a fresh and homey feel. The cabinets from the top to the bottom, as well as the island base, are all the same color. They have delicate pulls, and relief and beadboard are kind of vintage and elegant. The marble backsplash in a beautiful grey-white grain is the same as the countertops on the cabinets and island, which is harmonious and charming. Above the island, there is a classic and antique brass pendant light, and the dark wood floor has a striking contrast to the cabinetry. The entire kitchen is made more exquisite with the addition of the floral-patterned curtain.

Modern natural wood kitchen cabinets

When it comes to natural wood cabinets, most people are reminiscent of the rustic, rural, and country feel. Instead, the natural wood cabinets could be stylish, modern, and elegant, which is versatile and full of glam. The impressive wood grain exudes a natural charm that the other materials do not have. As a respite from city living or as a joint between humankind and nature, more and more people, especially those who live in the city, choose natural wood kitchen cabinets to bring them closer to nature.

Flat-panel light wood cabinets in a vaulted ceiling modern oak kitchen

Under the clerestory windows, there are the natural wood kitchen cabinets, and they act as a light shelf, which can increase natural light in the kitchen. The cabinets match well with their black hardware and the white quartz countertop, as well as the black mosaic tile backsplash. A modern and sleek look is completed with the stainless steel appliances, including a separate cooktop and wall oven, etc. The base of the island is the same color as the cabinets, but a little more wood grain and darker. Moreover, the medium-toned wood floor with a beautiful and natural texture is relatively darker as well. The black countertop with an undermount sink and the gray stools counterbalance the light tone, together with the stylish pendant lights, which provide a harmonious and modern atmosphere.  

A gorgeous and sleek kitchen in Midtown with light wood cabinets

This design scheme can be described as a “moody masculine” style. It is an open kitchen that has a dark, simple, and modern look. The slab cabinets in a light tone with slim metallic pulls give a smooth and visually pleasing experience, and match well with the stainless steel appliances. The glossy backsplash is the glazed stack mosaic tile in black, the same color as the countertops on the base cabinets and the island. While the natural light shines in, a beautiful and sleek look is created between the dark glazing and the light wood cabinets. On both of the sides of the island, there are open shelves for storing things. Together with the gray concrete floor, three pendant lights and the other spotlights complete this modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen idea with visually pleasing natural wood cabinets

The major tones in this kitchen are brown tone wood and marble white, and they blend well together. Utilize a large area of brown wood and a flat panel design to allow the cabinetry to take the center stage in the space. On both sides of the backsplash, there are two open shelves that are equipped with lighting, making the wine collection and kitchenware more fascinating. The backsplash is a marble with natural grain, matching well with the white countertop and echoing the waterfall island. Featuring an overhanging slab, the island catches people’s eyes. Several white stools against the brown parquet, together with the star-like spot lighting, create a chic and modern picture.

Minimalist light wood cabinets and white marble waterfall kitchen island

A warm and homey vibe is provided by the light wood cabinets. It is kinda goose-yellow and with a slight grain in slab style, echoing the one side of the island, floor and ceiling perfectly. The white stone slab backsplash and the marble countertops, as well as the paneled appliances, match well with the light wood cabinets. On the island, there is an undermount sink and a faucet. Furthermore, it employs a two-layered malposed and a waterfall design, allowing people to eat on the outwards side. And the pendant lighting above it adds a touch of aesthetics. Natural light shines in through the window, making people comfortable. Every nook and cranny in this chic and modern kitchen is just right.

How did the Shaker style originate?

The ascetic ethos of the Shakers is reflected in their furniture – everyday objects should not distract from work and devotion with superfluous ornamentation. In the 19th century, the Shaker style of furniture continued to abandon ornaments and embellishments.

Two-toned shaker cabinets in a mid-sized transitional L-shaped kitchen

There is no doubt that the two-toned natural wood shaker cabinets are the statement pieces in this kitchen. Alternating use of browns and whites to break up the monochromatic color scheme and make the tone of the entire cabinet more harmonious. The terra-cotta backsplash, black granite countertops, black wall sconce, and white faucet all match well with each other. On the right-hand side, the recessed stainless steel appliances add a touch of modern vibe. The left part of the kitchen island is a cantilever design for storing stools and having meals. In a soft, light tone, the parquet provides a warm and homey ambience. Three black-chic pendant lights above the island and the rustic rug on the floor infuse the kitchen with a delicate feel.

L-shaped rustic kitchen with dark brown shaker wood cabinets

This eat-in kitchen features dark wood cabinets in a classic shaker style, exuding an air of antiquity and nobility, echoing the live edge wood slab on the island and the rustic dark brown parquet, and going well with the modern stainless steel appliances. The two wall shelf combinations are equipped with luminous lighting, which makes the space brighter and matches well with the grey subway tile backsplash and the quartzite countertops. The base cabinets of the island are painted in blue, paired with the stools and three industrial pendant lights above, helping to keep this design from looking dreary.

Shaker natural wood kitchen cabinets

Shaker cabinets are famous for their boxy look, maybe rectangular exactly. Within a rectangle is a slab of wood, only a little bit smaller. Shaker cabinets have a four-cornered frame with an inset panel. Shaker cabinets are versatile, especially the kitchen cabinets. It is probably the reason that the cabinets come off as delicate-to give the kitchen a neater, cohesive look. More importantly, the combination of wood and Shaker style is timeless and do not feel outdated.

L-shaped large transitional kitchen with shaker light wood cabinets

At first glance, the huge kitchen is bright and homey. Almost all the cabinets are white, except for the light brown base cabinets on the island. With the fine matte metallic pulls, the cabinetry looks gorgeous and elegant. They extend up to the ceiling and have delicate details on their top. The white herringbone tile backsplash, marble countertops on the base cabinets, and the waterfall kitchen island all match perfectly with the cabinetry. The stainless steel appliances are recessed, looking modern and tidy. The wall sconce, three stylish pendant lights, and the light wood floor add a touch of warmth to the kitchen.

Airy and colorful cottage kitchen with rustic and natural shaker cabinets

The wood cabinets in this craftsman u-shaped kitchen in a natural light color come with shaker style, seeded glass doors, and granite countertops in two different colors. The backsplash is a multicolored pattern above and a mosaic tile below, which makes the dark wooden hood box striking. The walls are painted in a very light green up to the vaulted wood ceiling. Its yellow island with bead board cabinetry and a farmhouse sink has a live edge wood counter, which is very versatile. On the right side of the island is a stylish wine shelf. And on the left side is a small eat-in nook with two simple wood stools. The multicolored slate floors just rightly hold up the palette of the entire kitchen.

Natural walnut island and warm white shaker cabinets in a comfy farmhouse kitchen

There is a beautiful walnut wood grain on the island, which is the statement piece in the kitchen. However, the milky-white shaker cabinets are glamorous as well. With an air of antiquity and romance, there are some fine details on the top and black pulls on the cabinets, and they also match well with the grey patterned backsplash, the quartz countertops, and the white-framed window. The built-in stainless steel appliances and the dark grey industrial pendant lights with gold interior add a modern vibe. An airy and homey ambience is completed by the medium-toned natural wood floor.

An vaulted ceiling traditional kitchen with natural cherry wood shaker cabinets

The aroma of strong cherry wood gives you the ultimate sensory enjoyment. Shaker’s cabinets and kitchen islands are all matching, and high-quality cherry wood is selected to make the kitchen look beautiful and offer people a comfortable feeling. The beautiful smooth wood grain on the cabinets and kitchen island, paired with lighter colored wood floors, helps to make the whole space feel larger and more cohesive. The natural stone countertops for the base cabinets are grey while for the island they are cream. They all have a nice natural grain on them. Marble countertops and the light yellow retro backsplash lend polish to the place. The skylights are designed to pour in lots of light, and the whole kitchen is spacious and bright.

Mid-century kitchen with natural wood cabinets

You might hear “less is more” in daily life. Sometimes, you do not need to make a great effort to gain something. Instead, add a little whimsy or an ingenious and simple idea, and you might get a lot more than you thought at the start; that is the meaning of the first words. So does the kitchen remodel. Teak, rosewood, and oak are the most commonly used woods in an authentic modern midcentury kitchen. If you are a minimalist or sick of complicated design, a mid-century kitchen is perfect for you. They are mainly about simplicity, functionality, and crisp lines, which echoed the world at that time.

Mid-century kitchen in Morandi color palette with light wood cabinets and medium tone wood floor

This mid-sized u-shaped kitchen features flat-panel light wood and grey lacquer cabinets, a peninsula, and a natural wood vaulted ceiling with exposed beams, looking harmonious and homey. If you are a fan of Morandi colors, then you will love this kitchen because it gives you an extremely comfortable feeling. Looking at the beige mosaic tile backsplash and light brown countertops, it seems that the muted and pale color palette exudes endless charm here. Even the stainless steel appliances look more gentle. The light wood wall shelves, off-white walls, dark parquet, sleek bar stools, and the dining table combination, all together create a natural and cozy atmosphere. You won’t doubt that the colorful vine pendant light is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.

A rustic and trendy galley with grain matched medium tone wood cabinets

The antique, rustic wood cabinets with nice grains are perfect for the wild and unadorned rock wall, no matter the style or tone. Plus, with the parquet in a similar tone, the entire kitchen looks chic and inviting. There is an undermount sink with a faucet on the black countertops, which contrasts with the white backsplash. The stainless steel appliances, in a recessed design, and the light fixtures, together, complete a wonderful cooking space.

How did the mid-century modern originate?

Mid-Century Modern (MCM) is a design movement popular in the United States from 1945 to 1969 that involved interiors, graphic design, architecture, and more. The movement is now recognized as an important design movement by scholars and museums around the world. The MCM design aesthetic is contemporary in style and structure, in line with the modernist movement of the time. It is typically characterized by a focus on practicality, clean lines, honest use of materials, and generally excluding decorative embellishments.

L-shaped mid-sized midcentury kitchen with light wood cabinets and backsplashes in two colors

This small kitchen is simple yet sophisticated. Because the cabinets have only a natural finish, the beautiful character of maple wood is embodied. In a flat panel design with delicate hardware, paired with the wood island with a cantilever design in a similar tone, provides a warm and homey feel. The backsplashes are in two styles and catch your eye. One is the green patterned tile, and the other is the white subway tile on the range wall. Both of them match well with the quartz worktops with an undermount sink. The matte grey ceramic floor gives a tranquil feel. The stainless steel appliances and the brass stools add a stylish vibe. When the natural light comes through the white-framed windows, the kitchen is airy and bright.

Light natural wood cabinets and dark blue subway tile backsplash in a midcentury kitchen

It’s predicted that when you see this midcentury kitchen, you’ll gasp in awe. The flat-panel, medium-toned cabinets maintain the lovely wood quality and seem lavish and elegant. They go well with the solid surface countertops. Additionally, the open wall shelves serve as places to store the necessary items for making meals, such as tableware. When you look at the backsplash, which is made of blue subway tiles, it makes you think of the enigmatic deep sea and also echoes the outside of the peninsula. The crossover black exposed beams elicit a response from the black-framed windows. You can tell that the palette used here is clever and well-balanced.

Dark wood flat-panel cabinets in a classic mid-century kitchen

In a slab style, the dark brown wood cabinets without any redundant embellishments look crisp and clean, playing the role of a statement piece, and they echo the rustic parquet in a relatively light color and the base cabinets on the island. The white stacked tile backsplash, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances match well with the dark wood cabinets. The kitchen island is paired with several blue satin stools, and there is a drop-in sink and a faucet on the island, which completes a functional kitchen island. Above the island, there are three glass pendant lights with brass details, together with the minimalist spot lighting, giving the kitchen a stylish and bright look.

Medium tone wood cabinets in a mid-century kitchen in an enclosed and walk-in design

The galley impresses with its enclosed medium tone wood cabinets, which are in a flat-panel design and play well with the black granite countertops and the built-in stainless steel appliances. On the left of the stove, there is a wooden peninsula, making the kitchen cohesive and charming. In front of the window backsplash, there is a double-bowl sink and a faucet. A high-quality long rug with conspicuous patterns on the white terrazzo floor echoes the wood cabinetry nicely. Together with the white globe-like pendant lights, you are going to feel like you are a superstar walking on a red carpet when you walk into the gorgeous and elegant kitchen.

For a midcentury design, what are the characteristics?

  • Designed for everybody
  • Simple forms
  • Organic influences
  • Highlight function

U-shaped mid-century kitchen with medium tone wood cabinets and dark wood floor

In this huge u-shaped midcentury modern kitchen, the orange tone medium tone cabinets take the stage. With some attractive wood grains, it is a flat-panel design paired with the white ceramic countertops in a waterfall design, which is airy and shining. Taking the windows for backsplashes, the beautiful panoramic views outside are held in your eyes. There is a range installed on the eat-in, waterfall island. Combined with several stylish and retro stools, the island is versatile and elegant. A striking contrast between the dark wood floor and the white ceiling, along with three sleek, drop-shaped pendant lights over the island, complete a cohesive and visually pleasing kitchen.

High-gloss white and walnut wood cabinetry in a mid-century kitchen

With natural wood grains and bright red accents, the brown walnut wood and high-gloss white cabinets look gorgeous and refreshing. The white cabinet doors echo the glass countertops in the same color. Besides, the open shelving on the wall blends well with the reclaimed brick backsplash, which is vintage and eye-catching. The bright stainless steel appliances and the matte metallic hardware bring some modern flair. The recessed lighting, globe-like pendant lights, and the beautifully speckled terrazzo tile floor give the kitchen a distinctive and impressive look.  

Colorblock and natural wood kitchen

You probably know that colors can change and affect your mood subconsciously. Then, how about remolding your kitchen with some colorful palette? Unlike the fully monochrome and minimalist styles, creating a bright and airy kitchen through clever color blocking can put you at ease when cooking or eating.

An airy and polished kitchen with natural wood base cabinets in light tone

With an undermount sink, two golden faucets, and some refined pulls, this light wood cabinet, coupled with a white countertop, takes the window for a backsplash, which is elegant and full of a touch of natural vibe. On the two sides of it, there are two tall cabinets in mild blue and recessed-panel design. There is ample space for the built-in stainless steel appliances. The ceramic backsplash in a delicate green pattern plays well with the white hood box and the wall shelves. The white marble island in a waterfall design looks perfect with several gold and shiny bar stools. Not far away is a dining table with a rustic round tabletop and a posh golden metallic pendant light above it. The light wood floors anchor the color blocking in the kitchen nicely.  

Bamboo and wenge slab doors cabinets in an L-shaped contemporary kitchen

There are three colors on the wood cabinets: beige, brown, and yellow, which make a wonderful combo in the kitchen coupled with the green glass tile backsplash and the dark wood countertops and gray quartz countertops. The stainless steel appliances, undermount sink, faucet, and metallic pulls add a modern vibe to it. A two-layered design is applied on the worktop of the island; the lower part is for cooking, while the upper part is for eating, decorating, and storing, which is versatile. The canned lighting and the pendant lights soften and brighten the kitchen.

Eschew monochrome scheme in a natural wood cabinets kitchen

In this L-shaped kitchen, the medium-toned wood cabinets in flat panel style make clever use of the color palette. Its doors retain some natural wood grains while some of them are different colors, like green, beige, yellow, grey, white, etc., which add interest and flavor to the kitchen. The white solid surface countertops with an undermount sink and a stainless steel faucet match well with the base wood cabinets and the kitchen island and echo the hood box. The beige ceramic backsplash is an excellent backdrop for the kitchen. On the island, there is an open shelf for storing books and other necessities. The three wood stools are in a lighter tone, while the exposed black beams are against the slab ceiling. The polished white floors enlighten the entire kitchen.

Mix hues and textures on the cabinets in an enclosed contemporary kitchen

The kitchen cabinets have two colors; the light natural wood color on the base cabinets with a warm grain and the blue on the floating cabinets. All of them are in flat-panel design and pair well with the silver metallic pulls, which create a bright and airy cooking space. Behind the wall shelf there is a light green slick backdrop, different from the lower backsplash, which is in a matte grey pattern. But its opposite is a beige marble backsplash with a wild and natural grain, echoing the similar-toned countertops, cabinets, and polished flooring. The soft ceiling light exudes warmth, adding a homey feel to the kitchen.

What’s the importance of color in interior design?

It is better to know a few basics about color. There are usually two categories of color: warm and cool tones. Warm tones, such as orange, yellow, and red, can make a space and its occupants come alive. Cool tones like green, gray, and blue sometimes create quiet, cool atmospheres. It is important to combine the space characteristics when choosing wall and flooring colors. Use colors to your advantage to create a welcoming, lively space, for the reason that color affects a space and the people in it profoundly.

A warm galley with the light wood cabinets and enthusiastic orange wall

In a warm tone, this enclosed kitchen and breakfast room features light wood cabinets in a pleasing beige with slight grains, looking cozy and simple, and pairing well with the white limestone countertop. The white ceramic backsplash has delicate and chic three-dimensional motifs that add some interest in the kitchen and is ideal for the orange wall. The polished stainless steel appliances, faucet, and the matte undermount sink show that everything has to be user-friendly. The white Tulip-style table contrasts with the colorful and enthusiastic long cushion, which, coupled with two grayish blue sleek chairs and the stylish pendant light, complete a welcoming space. And the dark natural wood parquet set the tone well.

Contemporary kitchen with medium tone wood cabinets and light blue wall

The medium tone wood cabinets, in a shaker style with some delicate black handles, play well with the colorful mosaic tile backsplash and the black granite countertops. The goose-yellow wall shelves echo the window frames and the elegant tall cabinets with glass front doors, coupled with the light blue wall, create a comfy and homey atmosphere. The kitchen island is versatile, with a huge beige granite countertop, an undermount sink, and a faucet. On the one side, there is a small butcher block counter and an overhanging design for cookware, which is convenient for meal prep. As for the floors, there are two styles: white ceramic and wood, which can be distinguished between the kitchen and living room. The chic pendant lights add a unique and warm flavor to the space.

A contemporary U-shaped kitchen with light and dark wood cabinets and beige floor

This mid-sized kitchen looks gorgeous and inviting with a large area of dark wood cabinets, an open wall wood shelves, and light wood base cabinets. The cabinetry is in a flat-panel design with some long and slender metal handles, offering a crisp look. And the countertops are white quartz, which pairs well with the cabinets. Within the kitchen, one of the backsplashes is a wide glass, which is amazing. When you’re preparing meals or doing some dishes, you can enjoy the fantastic views outside. Behind the stove, there is a charming light mint-green glazing backdrop, adding a totally different shade to the cooking space and cheering you up. The dark wood slate on the island echoes the large cabinets on its right, offering space to have some meals. The speckled spotlights on the ceiling, together with the light wood floors, complete a bright and homey space.

Custom blue and white cabinets in a large posh kitchen

The teak wood custom cabinets with blue and white plastic laminate fronts and long and slender silver metal pulls, coupled with the built-in appliances, look gorgeous and splendid. The background behind the range hood is light yellow, which makes the surroundings come alive. Below the open wall wood shelves, the tile backsplash is white, echoing the countertops and some parts of the cabinets. The polished stainless steel faucet and the double-bowl undermount sink on the solid island look sophisticated. Spotlights on the white ceiling add some fashion to the kitchen; paired with the dark wood floor with natural texture, it completes a charming, cozy cooking and eat-in space.

Trendy L-shaped kitchen with green and white flat-panel cabinets and stone slab backsplash

In this apartment, the custom wood cabinets with green and white plastic laminate fronts with delicate metal handles look fresh and lively, making the cooking space bright and inviting. The marble slab backsplash is the same as the countertops with an undermount sink and a recessed stove. The paneled appliances offer convenience when preparing meals. The light brown concrete floors and the half-globe pendant light add an industrial and funky vibe. When the natural light shines through the vertical sliding window, the entire kitchen looks warm and bright.

Built-in stainless steel appliances and medium tone wood cabinets in an eat-in kitchen

The medium tone wood tall cabinets, base cabinets, and built-in appliances, all together, make the kitchen look compact and crisp. The thick and sleek white solid surface countertops go well with both the island, cabinets, and the light green tile backsplash, meanwhile, and echo the two floating wall cupboards with matte glass fronts. Not only that, a skylight is used cleverly here, which ensures enough natural light falls on and brightens the cooking space. The two black stools give the space a touch of fashion. A harmonious kitchen look is completed with the beige ceramic floors.

Contemporary kitchen with wood countertops mixing with white cabinets

In this chic kitchen, the base cabinets are combined with the natural wood countertops, which is special and eye-catching. The delicate handles on the white cabinets are a nice addition to it, and also echo the stainless steel appliances and the farmhouse sink set. One of the cabinets has an open design that is convenient for picking and storing necessities and cookbooks. There are the floating cabinets with polished opaque fronts on the subway tile backsplash. What stands opposite is the light yellow slate backsplash with a wood wall shelf, all matching well with the white-framed window. The parquet in a dark tone is full of natural wood grains, exuding endless beauty. Coupled with the stylish pendant light, the spot lighting makes the space airy and bright.

Natural wood is your good choice

Pairing wood elements with some whimsy and ingenious designs created a cooking space that is classic and has real longevity. Take advantage of cutting-edge craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques, and natural wood products from nature can almost achieve any appearance you desire.

Medium tone wood cabinets in Euro-style in a contemporary kitchen

Though it seems that the kitchen is mainly in a dark tone at first glance, you won’t feel monotonous and glum. The cabinets in a medium tone with some wood grains and long and slender metal handles look crisp and splendid, echoing the kitchen island at the same time. And they also provide a striking contrast to the black walls and the dark wood floors. The black countertops pair well with the colorful green slab tile backsplash, which adds a lot of glamour to the kitchen. On the lower part of the cupboards, there are matte glass fronts, which avoid boring and, meanwhile, echo the stainless steel appliances, hardware, and other fittings. Several bar stools, pendant lights, and spotlights break the dark tone and bring brightness and freshness to the space.

contemporary kitchen with grain matched pecan cabinets

A contemporary kitchen with grain matched pecan cabinets in medium tone

Undoubtedly, the grain match wood cabinets in a flat-panel design are the show-stopping piece in the kitchen. They look unique in a medium tone and pair well with the colorful yellow backsplash and the sleek white quartz countertops, which eschew a dull palette and add more fun. To some extent, the stainless steel appliances and farmhouse sink provide a colorblock. The chic island is a dining table at the same time, coupled with a countertop in a different color and in an irregular shape, and several trendy patterned stools. The geometric white pendant lights look funky, contrasting with the sleek, dark concrete flooring.

Why is natural wood popular again?

Like in every industry, for home design, especially for kitchen decoration, trends tend to come and go. It is believed that the comeback of natural wood is here to stay for the following reasons:

  • Natural wood is closely associated with feelings of coziness, comfort, and even security.
  • The excellent wood grains and tones showcase their characteristics and curate show-stopping moments easily.
  • The practical and durable properties of natural wood.  

A trendy U-shaped kitchen with medium tone wood cabinets and green backsplash

In this u-shaped kitchen, the flat-panel wood cabinets with some fine hardware look antique, glamorous, and pair nicely with the white quartz countertops. As for the floating cabinets, there is an open shelf design and a half-open design, showing the flexibility between the cabinets and space. The green subway glass tile backsplash is eye-catching and brings vitality to the kitchen. And the wide rectangle window with a white frame is also a view for the kitchen. When the spotlights shine downwards, the light brown ceramic floors become more mellow.

Antique and glamorous kitchen with blackberry stained cherry wood cabinets and straw color island

The dark raised panel cabinets made of blackberry stained cherry wood are the big event in the entire kitchen and provide a contrast to the unusual natural and rustic stone hood. It comes in an elegant and vintage style, echoing the same color as the chair cushions, which instantly catches your eye. The kitchen island cabinetry is alder wood in a straw color, helping the overall space stay light. In each corner of the island, there is a retro pedestal, which, coupled with the delicate metallic lighting details and the anthracite faucets, exudes a vintage romance. The limestone backsplash with patterns is beige, pairing with the slate floor in a similar tone. When the light goes through the white-framed window, the whole kitchen is bright enough.

Mid-sized minimalist eat-in kitchen with light wood cabinets

In this L-shaped kitchen, the shaker cabinets in a light wood tone echo the frames of the windows, which gives you a feeling of a look-out tower. Moreover, the cabinets pair well with the multicolored backsplash and the black limestone countertops, which come with an undermount sink. The paneled stainless steel appliances with a matte finish look simple and modern, in line with the minimalist style here. Of course, a word must be said about this custom kitchen island. Using fine wood and other materials, it is full of delicate details and looks unique and funky. What goes with it are several chic stools. The light wood floors hold the tones and styles perfectly.

Victorian kitchen idea with black wood cabinets exude endless glamour

This u-shaped eat-in kitchen features luxury black wood cabinetry, taking you back to the old times right away. The recessed-panel cabinets with delicate and antique hardware and one of the upper cabinets have glass front doors with rhombic details, which is very eye-catching. One of the countertops is white marble, and the other, with an undermount sink, is wood. Behind the range, the beige backsplash has an exquisite patterned relief painting. The wood floor is in a medium tone while the counter on the island is dark, plus the colorful striped chairs and the classic and elegant chandelier, and all these details in the kitchen create a visual feast.

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