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Mini kitchen cabinets solutions for small space

Mini Kitchen Cabinets

Mini kitchens prove that a fully equipped kitchen is possible even in the smallest spaces. Mini kitchens become an ideal choice that an acute lack of space or a larger kitchen is not necessary – such as a student apartment, office, mobile home, or garden shed. Here you can find the differences, costs, and types of a mini kitchen cabinet.

What Is A Mini Kitchen?

The mini kitchens are commonly used for the smallest kitchens, referred to as compact kitchens in a generic term. A mini kitchen is nothing more than a kitchenette stripped down the essentials, which consists of the following elements:

  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen sink
  • Hob
  • Storage space (only one or two kitchen base cabinets and wall cabinets)
  • Narrow work table

Depending on your needs, a mini kitchen can also be equipped with an oven or microwave. Mini kitchens are often used as a second kitchen or office kitchen. Many mini kitchens are delivered pre-assembled and only require a water and electricity connection. In principle, these mini kitchen cabinets are available in almost all styles, from a modern, casual looking to a country-house style. Different appliances can be purchased on a small budget.

Purchase mini kitchen cabinets from China

By the way: We also offer mini kitchens and suggestions on mini kitchens. You can purchase mini kitchen cabinets from China at a relatively low price. We have a variety of mini kitchen cabinet styles, which can recommend different products to you according to your budget. If you have the demand to buy a mini kitchen, you may contact us because there is a good solution here, and you can enjoy it for a long time.

Mini Kitchen Cabinets: There Are Different Types

The designations of the individual mini kitchen types are often used synonymously, which confuses them repeatedly. Therefore, we will introduce more details about the different mini kitchen cabinets.

Mini kitchen includes:

  • single kitchens
  • cupboard kitchens
  • pantry kitchens
  • modular kitchens
  • tea kitchens
  • suitcase kitchens

The single kitchen:

single kitchen

The single kitchen is a bit old-fashioned term. Still, it has been established in the specialist trade as a synonym for mini kitchens with a limited number of kitchen appliances. The single kitchen is a complete kitchenette available both as a fitted kitchen and a pre-assembled unit. It is a maximum of two meters wide and usually only has a narrow hob. There is typically no oven, which can be folded or pulled out of the countertop if needed.

The cupboard kitchen:

cupboard kitchen

With a maximum width of 150 cm, the cupboard kitchen is even more compact than the single kitchen. It usually includes a sink, refrigerator, and hobs. It is common in offices and shops. The cupboard kitchen can also be used in the private sector. It can hide behind chic hinged, folding, or sliding doors that are only open for cooking.

The pantry kitchen:

pantry kitchen design

Translated, “pantry” means storage room. It is a unique form among the mini kitchens. The pantry kitchen is the smallest fitted kitchen used in mobile homes or cabin boats. But it is also suitable for student dormitories or hotel rooms and small holiday apartments. It is a pre-assembled unit that only needs to be connected to water and electricity. The pantry fits anywhere with a two-plate hob, sink, and refrigerator measuring just 90 to 120 cm.

The modular kitchen:

modular kitchen

Modular kitchens can also be exciting for office kitchens and small apartments. The required modules are purchased and positioned as desired. Advantage: This kitchen model is very flexible.Because the individual modules do not necessarily to be lean on each other. In addition, if you have more space after moving, the modular kitchen can be continuously expanded.

The tea kitchen:

tea kitchen in office

Tea kitchens are only intended to prepare hot drinks and small snacks. They are mainly used as office kitchens or can be found in companies’ small break rooms. The minimum equipment includes a coffee machine and kettle, microwave, and possibly a small hob. A sink is also required. Ideally, tea kitchens also have a dishwasher. 

The suitcase kitchen:

The suitcase kitchen is a mini mobile kitchen. Similar to the sound system package, the mini kitchen is like a suitcase on wheels and only requires power and water connection on site. Suitcase kitchens are mainly used in flexible areas.

How Much Does A Mini Kitchen Cost?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

The prices for mini kitchens are different, depending on an individually planned single kitchen or choosing a pre-assembled compact kitchen. The quality of kitchen appliances are also reflected in the price. Pantry kitchens only have a sink and two hotplates for around $300, while an individually planned fitted kitchen can cost several thousand dollars. You can buy high-quality mini kitchen cabinets from China at relatively low prices. For example, Parlun is a direct kitchen cabinet manufacturer that can advise you based on your needs. Please get in touch with us if you need to buy. 

Conclusion: Mini Kitchens Are Not Suitable For Larger Cooking Party

In contrast to a small kitchen, storage space and worktops are not crucial in mini kitchens. Because mini kitchens are less used for cooking, it is more suitable for a quick snack or heating food. Therefore, it focuses less on the entire workspace. Since you don’t cook frequently, you don’t need much space for storage.

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