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22+blue peel and stick kitchen backsplash ideas and tips

22+ blue peel and stick kitchen backsplash ideas and tips

Table of Contents

Raw wood Scandinavian kitchen with hexagonal blue backsplash

A Scandinavian-style L-shaped kitchen in medium wood tones is very stylish. The natural grain of the cabinetry is illuminated by light and shade to reveal its charm. The Peel and stick blue backsplash is fresh and natural, with a distinctive hexagonal pattern that adds to the fun. The cabinet is embellished with chrome-plated handles, which is very delicate. The white quartz stone countertop is practical and stylish, a classic color that never goes out of style.

Minimalist modern style kitchen with streamlined pendant lights and blue honeycomb backsplash

Minimalist lines and a streamlined look decorate this modern kitchen in a stylish way. The white cabinets feature flat panels with hardware above to reduce the monotony. The dark blue honeycomb tile Peel and stick backsplash contrasts sharply with the brightly colored island, giving a visual center of gravity and making the kitchen very fashionable. The stainless steel kitchen appliances and pendant lights are not overly decorative, but are functional.

Blue peel and stick backsplash in kicthen

White cabinets feature flat panels with hardware above to reduce the monotony. The dark blue honeycomb tile Peel and stick backsplash contrasts sharply with the brightly colored island, giving a visual center of gravity and making the kitchen very fashionable. The stainless steel kitchen appliances and pendant lights are not overly decorative, but are functional

In addition to classic color schemes such as black, white and gray, blue is also a very popular color. This color is very refreshing and makes the space casual, while it is both classic and elegant, making it a great choice for kitchens. When it is paired with a classic color scheme such as white, the bold contrast makes your kitchen even more appealing.

The blue peel and stick backsplash is a removable backsplash that adheres securely to the tile and is very practical and easy to install. A backsplash is an element that can change the style of your kitchen and plays an important role in it. Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional or warm Scandinavian, a peel and stick backsplash can satisfy you. Here are some ideas for blue backsplashes.

Dark-toned wood kitchen with blue elements

A perfect antique kitchen! The entire kitchen is dominated by dark wood cabinets, and the distressed color gives the entire kitchen a rustic as well as classic look. The blue peel and stick square backsplash and the blue seat and rug with white seams and geometric shapes on the backsplash are very chic. These elements were used boldly in this kitchen to gain visual impact and a trendy yet elegant kitchen was created. The very artistic pendant lights give off a warm light, and the kitchen is clean and bright with the reflection of the stainless steel kitchenware.

Eclectic black kitchen with character walls

A bold clash of a classic kitchen with character walls! The kitchen is very understated in both color and design. The gray and matte black colors add a touch of nobility and mystery, and the irregular shape of the blue peel and stick backsplash reduces the monotony of black and balances the colors. Concrete floors, solid surface countertops, and stainless steel hoods all complement each other. The personalized walls are striking and make this kitchen eclectic.

Wooden white kitchen with vertically arranged brick backsplash

Is this fresh and minimalist white and wood kitchen the kitchen of your dreams? The natural grain of the solid wood gives this kitchen character while exuding warmth. The white full peel and stick brick backsplash is arranged vertically to extend the eye upward and make the overall space appear more spacious. At the same time, the light blue backsplash brings a natural and warm feeling, and the light-colored floor echoes each other, blending perfectly.

White blue Mediterranean style kitchen with gradient color blue backsplash

In this Mediterranean style kitchen, the white and blue color combination plus the light wood tones make this kitchen feel very warm and welcoming. The white flat panel cabinets have no remaining extra decoration, which is very simple and modern. The shades of blue tile backsplash are staggered vertically, allowing the peel and stick backsplash to look very layered. This makes it a visual focal point in the white kitchen. The blue seating and clock coordinate with the backsplash, and the brass pendant light adds a sophisticated touch.

Is the peel and stick backsplash a good choice?

For the vast majority of people, it is a very good choice. First of all, it can meet all your ideas, whether it is color or style. Secondly, it is very easy to install and does not require a professional to install it for you. It is movable, so it is especially suitable for rental houses and apartments. The most important point is that it is affordable compared to other backsplashes.

Plain white kitchen with peel and stick backsplash

A plain white kitchen doesn’t mean it’s boring. The white flat panel cabinets and topless cabinetry make the kitchen space very open and airy, while keeping it bright and clean. The brick peel and stick backsplash in varying shades of blue, is neatly arranged to catch the eye. At the same time, the gradient color arrangement makes the kitchen more versatile and stylish. The island-less design gives you more space to operate. The matte flooring gives a premium texture and the built-in design is installed at an ergonomic height, which is very convenient.

Blue farmhouse style kitchen with subway peel and stick backsplash

Does this white and blue farmhouse style kitchen catch your eye? The polished subway tile backsplash is of the peel and stick type, and the blue color gives the farmhouse kitchen a fresh, natural look and a charming shine from the natural light. White and blue are the perfect color combination, and with the addition of rattan chairs, this kitchen will provide a home-like warmth to you. The dark solid wood countertop and carpet bring a soft touch, and the greenery adds life and vitality.

White and blue Mediterranean style kitchen

A very bright Mediterranean style kitchen! The layout of the kitchen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The bright blue color stands out among the white, and the Peel and stick blue backsplash is vertically staggered to give the illusion of visual dynamics, which makes the kitchen sporty. The contrast between the blue and white cabinets is visually striking and very impressive. The floral design of the floor is also highly unique and echoes the backsplash, making the overall element of the kitchen very harmonious.

White modern kitchen with flat panel cabinets and polished blue backsplash

Sleek lines and minimalist design perfectly create this modern kitchen. The flat panel cabinets give plenty of storage space. The blue peel and stick backsplash is so glossy that it looks like a shimmering sea and is very attractive. It makes the whole kitchen dynamic from static. Modern stainless steel elements are used in this kitchen to add a sense of simplicity and style. The island design allows you to enjoy a meal with your family.

Warm Kitchen With Wood Cabinets And Blue Peel And Stick Backsplash

The look of wood always gives you a warm feeling, whether it’s dark or light. For those who like a timeless or classic look, wooden cabinets are a great choice. And, you don’t need to worry that wood cabinetry designs will be less available; nowadays, the look of cabinets can vary in many forms, allowing your kitchen to be warm and not look outdated at the same time. Wood has a natural beauty, and the grain above the wood always surprises you.

When the blue peel and stick backsplash appears in a wood-colored kitchen, the warm color of the wood, with its artistic grain, and the cooler shade of blue create a visual contrast. The blue color gives the kitchen a balance of colors and a comfortable visual feel. Here are some wonderful ideas for a warm kitchen with wood cabinets and a blue peel and stick backsplash.

Unique kitchen with rattan chairs

When you walk into this kitchen, the rattan chairs and pendant lights will definitely attract your attention. Their design is very unique and original, especially the pendant lights. The sky blue peel and stick backsplash shows different luster under different angles, and the horizontal neat arrangement creates a practical and beautiful backsplash. The color block division makes the kitchen look very stylish. The varying height of the island adds a sense of layering. The stainless steel kitchen appliances have a high-gloss look that fills the kitchen with light.

Mid-tone rustic wood kitchen with beige pendant lights and brick backsplash

A rustic open kitchenette is also very charming. The island-free design with open suspended shelves gives you more space, and the kitchen is very open and airy. The blue peel and stick with the warm wood color is very mild and not aggressive, which makes a good visual impression. The sky-blue chairs in the same color are an accent that makes people’s eyes shine. The simple beige pendant light gives the whole kitchen a modest and warm look.

Dark wood kitchen with white grouted subway backsplash

Dark wood is the dominant color in this kitchen, and thanks to the elegant and casual blue Peel and stick backsplash, the kitchen doesn’t look overly depressing and dark. The white grout and blue tiles blend perfectly together and it looks very fresh and stylish under the LED lights. The honey-colored wood floor gives you a soft touch. Bright yellow chairs add vitality to the kitchen. Quartz stone countertops, undercounter sink, minimalist pendant lights all elements complement each other.

Extremely airy Scandinavian kitchen with peel and stick backsplash

No upper cabinets and plenty of natural light, combined with the light tone of the wood flooring, makes the whole kitchen warm and clean, and this will put you in a good mood when cooking. The pure white countertop and the blue backsplash are in perfect harmony with each other. It creates a visually pleasing feeling. The peel and stick style of the backsplash has many advantages, it is very beautiful and also very easy to clean. The spherical chandelier is simple and elegant.

how to install peel and stick backsplash

  1. You should do a thorough cleaning of the wall. You can use a degreasing cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe it down, and make sure the wall is in a clean and dry condition before installation.
  2. You need to peel off the backing of one tile and stick it neatly on top of the backsplash, making sure that all the corners of the next tile are aligned.
  3. After tiling, you will need to smooth it out by hand to make sure it is firmly attached.

Bold color-blocking kitchen with open shelves

If you like bold color schemes, then you don’t want to miss this kitchen! The bold color clash of red and blue makes this kitchen very visually appealing. The red cabinets bring energy and make the kitchen very stylish. The blue peel and stick backsplash and the red color impact each other to make a strong impression. At the same time, the neat design of the grid is very stylish and the open shelves make the kitchen look less crowded. Quartz countertops and wood flooring are very practical, giving you a comfortable kitchen experience.

White blue open kitchen with polished backsplash

The dark blue high-gloss backsplash exudes an attractive shine, mapping the view in the kitchen and making the whole kitchen look more open and comfortable. The sloped ceiling makes the most of the kitchen space, and the solid wood beams and cabinets are interconnected and echo each other. The white quartz stone countertop and the dark blue color go well together. Peel and stick backsplash with open shelf accent is very attractive.

Colorful kitchen with blue element backsplash

This kitchen has a lot of elements, but in reality, they are not cluttered. The dominant colors are dark wood cabinets and a blue backsplash. Peel and stick style with many irregular white dots add interest. The white concave and convex surfaces of the cabinets and the different heights of the center island add a sense of layering. Under the light of natural light, the blue color looks very fresh and natural. The island pendant light is very simple in design but not lacking in luxury and sophistication.

White and blue beach style kitchen with fish scale backsplash

When I walked into this kitchen, I was attracted by this fish scale Peel and stick blue backsplash at first sight. Its design is very special, the color changes in light and shadow make this backsplash look like waves in the sea, adding a natural freshness to the kitchen. The raised cabinets in the same color scheme have a layered look. The farmhouse sink and upper cabinets complement each other, which is very stylish and sophisticated. The solid wood countertop gives warmth to this beach style kitchen.

Open kitchen with blue peel and stick backsplash

Nowadays, open kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Compared to a closed kitchen, an open kitchen looks more casual. It eliminates the obstacle between the living room and the kitchen, which is perfect for living and entertaining among family members. In addition, there are more possibilities in an open kitchen, you can choose to use the same style as the living room, or you can choose a unique style. When the blue peel and stick backsplash is in the kitchen, it decorates the dining room and living room and becomes a visual focal point. At the same time, blue is a fresher color that brings a natural elegance to your home.

Minimalist open kitchen with dark blue brick backsplash

This kitchen is very open and simple. The pure white shaker cabinets and no upper cabinets, along with the oversized glass windows, give the entire kitchen a great deal of ventilation and openness. A blue peel-and-stick backsplash caught my attention, the light to dark color makes the backsplash colorful, the light above gives this blue backsplash a change of light and shadow, which is very attractive, and the texture of the tiles is very delicate. And its sloping, medium-toned solid wood roof contrasts with the backsplash, and that is very striking and trendy.

Classic white cozy kitchen with medium tone wood floor

White is the most classic and fashionable color, no matter what color it is matched with, it can never go wrong. In this kitchen, the combination of white and blue makes the kitchen look very fresh and elegant. The polished Peel and stick backsplash is a great combination of style and elegance. The medium tone honey oak flooring gives a warm feeling. The dark wood cabinets and backsplash create a visual contrast of colors and make a great visual focal point.

The sky blue backsplash is also a great option for gray kitchens

How about gray and sky blue together? Take a look at this kitchen. The blue peel and stick backsplash is a brick design with white grout that accentuates the shape of the brick. The sky blue color stands out in this gray kitchen, giving a visual highlight and making the kitchen less monotonous. The stainless steel kitchen appliances are perfectly set into the cabinets, seamlessly joining to form a perfect look. Glass upper cabinets and skylights fill the kitchen with natural light.

Traditional kitchen in beige with slanted peel and stick backsplash

In this traditional beige kitchen, the blue peel and stick backsplash is very attractive. The interlocking horizontal design contrasts with the minimalist design of the shaker above, which makes the kitchen very stylish and impressive. The purposely aged wood center island adds an antique touch. The whole kitchen is very layered and the arrangement between the elements is well organized and does not look cluttered. Sufficient in natural light, comfortable sofas let the kitchen become very comfortable and cozy.

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