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20+ Gray Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas & Tips

20+ Gray Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas and Tips

Table of Contents

Accentuate The Sophisticated Kitchen

The traditional kitchen boasts sumptuous recessed panel cabinets in custom blue-green. The unique cabinets pair well with the white marble countertops with subtle veins. The gray and white marble hexagon mosaic tile backsplash provides just the right amount style to the swoon-worthy kitchen and instantly creates a distinctive focal point with a much more current appeal. The glossy gold accents, like the cabinet door hardware, high arch faucets, holders of the globe pendants, and the curtain rail, shine up the kitchen. Next to the wide window, the beautiful and captivating rest nook complements the stunning cooking space.

Two Tone Kitchen With Pale Gray Hexagon Backsplash

Recessed panel base cabinets in milky blue fit perfectly with the white decor, such as the white quartz countertops, the upper cabinets, and the curved range hood. You can never go wrong with this combination. The light gray and white marble mosaic tile backsplash goes from the countertops to the ceiling, showing the lavish use of gray hexagon elements as a design statement that can be gracefully textured. Glittering nickel hardware and pendant lights elevate the chef-inspired kitchen’s glam as well.

About Gray Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash

Yeah, the all-white kitchens are still shining out there; however, gray kitchens are becoming our beloved current trends. While all-white kitchens have been all the rage during this special era, colorful kitchens are taking center stage. And gray can make your kitchen tasteful, unassuming, and versatile. It creates a space that is muted yet coveted in all the right ways.
A kitchen backsplash is a place where it can make a large impact visually. It is like a treasury filled with options for aesthetic. As with the gray hexagon backsplash we’re going to talk about below, covering only the space behind the cooktop, or letting the wall tile design extend all the way to the ceiling can achieve a jaw-dropping effect. The hexagon, or honeycomb pattern, almost fits perfectly with any design as it is able to add fresh geometric elements and lasting style and panache.

Incorporate Wood Accents With Gray Hexagon Mosaic Backsplash

The kitchen incorporates the open shelves with the gray and white hexagon mosaic tile backsplash, giving it an impressive look. In a brown natural wood tone, the open shelves against the gray and white backsplash make everyday kitchen items easy to access, and on the right, the wooden rack can house a stand mixer, cookbooks, ceramics, and glassware. The small hexagon tiles go up the entire wall for a personalized pattern and easy-to-clean surface. It pairs nicely with the white shaker cabinets with cute knobs and pulls, as well as the white quartzite worktops. There are open shelves on the island for storing kitchen decor. A reclaimed wood table in this L-shaped kitchen is an ideal place for family and friends to gather.

Enjoy The Breathtaking View From The Inside And Outside

Both geometric and textured aesthetics are shown in the spacious, open kitchen. Under the white, inclining shiplap ceiling with exposed beams, the culinary space is marvelous. The pale gray, elongated hexagon tile backsplash with white grout spruces up the kitchen in just the right way. If the white ceiling expresses linear beauty and the gray hexagon backsplash shows geometric glam. Besides, the flat panel cabinets have brown wood doors, which have natural grains. And with stone veins, the beige travertine flooring laid in a herringbone pattern. These add the natural textures of wood and stone to the kitchen, making it tasteful. The full view sliding windows let in more natural light and make the landscape outside blend with this kitchen.

White Shaker Cabinets And Misty Gray Hexagon Backsplash

The gorgeous kitchen’s gray marble hexagon mosaic backsplash has a misty vibe that complements the white shaker cabinets and quartz worktops. What’s more, it looks like the backsplash is changing shades, especially under the lighting fixtures, and making the kitchen more distinctive. The sophisticated island has a greige stone slab countertop and baluster details on its base. The recessed bottom of the island is ideal for tucking matching stools with the same color fabric cushions. The stunning glass pendants highlight the beautiful kitchen, which is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Speckled Gray And White Marble Hexagon Backsplash

Gray shades flickering against the white backdrop give the hexagon mosaic tile backsplash endless glamour in the kitchen. With crown molding details and delicate pulls, the white cabinets look elegant and pair well with the greige stone slab worktops and the stainless steel appliances. What’s covering the island is a large white quartz countertop, and the island has a rustic greige natural wood base and pairs with stylish stools with backrests. Globe glass pendant lights over the island are stunning and accentuate the modern kitchen.

What’s The Best Type Of Kitchen Backsplash?

Many homeowners hesitate about introducing too much personality into the design; however, refraining from embracing the personal style is not always the best solution. It all depends on how long you intend to stay in the house. If you are not sure and have the intent to sell it within a couple of years, then choosing a safer backsplash option, for example, the peel and stick backsplash, may be helpful to make the most of your investment. And if you are designing a kitchen for your forever home or a home you are going to enjoy over the decades, then it is strongly recommended that you create a showstopping backsplash. The backsplash can be breathtakingly beautiful even with a little square footage, so from a design perspective, it is a worthy splurge.

Airy, Bright Feeling

The crisp kitchen features slab style white cabinets, a gray hexagon tile backsplash, white quartzite countertops, and a wooden base island. Against the white cabinets, the gray stretched hexagon tile backsplash with white grout adds a pop of color and style to the kitchen. The pendant lights with clear glass shades and the ceiling-mounted vent hood allow for unobstructed views. The base of the island is made of natural wood in a shiplap style, just like the dark tone hardwood flooring, lending the kitchen a rustic feel. And the white frame windows let in plenty of natural light, giving an airy, bright, and spacious vibe to the culinary space.

Wood High And Low

The primarily gray hexagon mosaic tile backsplash adds pops of color and personalized character to this natural, rustic kitchen. The white cabinets look sophisticated and elegant, and they contrast with the black soapstone worktops. The natural wood island has a gray and white granite countertop that looks quaint, adds wood grains to the kitchen, and connects to the dining table. As does the medium-tone hardwood flooring, giving the kitchen an antique ambiance. Stepping into the kitchen, it seems likely to touch the ancient trees in nature at any time, and their annual rings tell a long, intriguing story. Your heart is a little closer to the wonderful nature. The exposed wood beams on the white ceiling, the handmade glass pendants, and the sleek pendant light over the dining table all together spruce up the amazing kitchen.

Chic, Dreamy, Pinkish Combo

The alternating gray and white elongated hexagon backsplash against the pastel laminated flat panel cabinets makes a statement and lends the kitchen a personalized geometric style. The walls painted in a subdued pink hue make the blue door standout, and they anchor the cooking space. The island has a white quartz countertop, and its textured base is reminiscent of beautiful flamingos. The island pairs with chic square stools, and it also has foot protecting details on the island base. There are colorful rugs atop the soft wood flooring, creating a cozy, warm kitchen.

Modern And Glamorous

Standing out from the white kitchen, the gray marble hexagon backsplash has subtle textures, elevating the crisp and posh culinary space. Stainless steel appliances like the T-shaped range hood, stove, and refrigerator are fashion pieces as well, pairing well with the white flat panel cabinetry and white porcelain countertops. There is a double-bowl sink on the waterfall peninsula, and it comes with sleek barstools. An oversize, rustic, and unique rattan light over it accentuates the charming kitchen. On the wall, a large painting and the chinaware on the peninsula show off the tasteful space.

Should The Kitchen Backsplash Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Countertops?

It is known that different spaces have different kinds of light: accent, ambient, natural, and task, which will provide direction. Actually, there are few “rights or wrongs” in the design. What’s more, more attention should be paid to selecting the countertop material that is suitable for the lifestyle of the cook and the color scheme to match the cabinets and other decor.
For example, it is not difficult to care for the marble, and of course, the patina it acquires over time is captivating. But not all cooks will love this, so for them, a quartzite that is not very acid-sensitive is a better choice.

Go For A Little; It’s Charming Enough

The alluring Scandinavian kitchen looks crisp and sophisticated. Instead of covering all the walls, the gray hexagon tile backsplash spruces up the kitchen in a casual but not haphazard manner, giving it a personalized and stylish vibe. The white flat panel cabinets have clean lines that pair well with the quartz countertops and elevate the chic culinary space. The dining table comes with transparent tulip-style chairs, which are the perfect match for the kitchen. A beautiful crystal chandelier accentuates the exquisiteness and grace. Sitting atop the medium tone hardwood, the sleek rug with geometric motifs adds a pop of character. And the sliding glass doors provide a full view of the outside and make the space bright and spacious.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Small With Your Hexagons

Looking at the small multicolored hexagon marble mosaic backsplash can make your heart sing. It is flickering and gives the gray kitchen endless glamour. The gray shaker cabinets with gold pulls on their surfaces elevate the sophisticated cooking space, and they fit well with the white granite countertops, which have natural stone veins. On the peninsula, there is a stylish faucet and a stainless steel undermount sink, along with the modern appliances, which together create a posh kitchen. With a weathered appearance, the light tone hardwood flooring adds a textured touch.

Kitchen Takes Shape With The Hexagon Backsplash

Cabinets in the vaulted ceiling kitchen are in classic navy blue and white. In this kitchen, the patterned gray and white hexagonal mosaic tile backsplash serves as a focal point and looks like the icing on the cake. It brings a geometric aesthetic and expands the visual elements in the cooking space. Gold accents also add pizzazz, such as the handles on the cabinet doors, the high arched faucet, and the posh stools. The exposed gray beams against the white ceiling are striking. A large abstract painting on the pale gray wall gives the kitchen an artistic vibe. The dark red hardwood floor anchors the kitchen.

A Statement Gray Hexagon Backsplash

Differentiating from the traditional staggered rectangular backsplash, here, the gray hexagonal wall tiles add an edge to the conventional. To push the boundaries of conventional design even further, the large size hexagon backsplash adds some lines to it and has a geometric pattern that draws the eye instantly. There is natural wood shelving on the gray backsplash, and they work wonderfully with each other. The white flat panel cabinets with refined black hardware match with the white quartz worktops, where there is a black faucet and a two-bowl sink in front of the white frame window on the pale blue wall. The base cabinets of the island are made of natural wood, which enriches the decor elements in the kitchen. The dark stone slab flooring has subtle veins, adding a pop of character to the culinary space.

Something To Keep In Mind About A Backsplash

The purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall behind the countertops, stove, and sink. It is troublesome to repaint this space again and again. So preparing an easy-to-wipe-down backsplash with protective material is important, and these materials are simple to access in daily life. If the backsplash in your kitchen is not a slab of natural stone or ceramic tile, a stainless steel panel backsplash works well. Also, old-fashioned tin tiles can do the trick, but they may be more challenging to clean if they are installed behind a cooktop.

Bigger Hexagon Tile Backsplash In Gray

Compared with the regular size, the oversized gray hexagon tiles in this bungalow give it a fresher feel and anchor the space. In this home, the kitchen is not as spacious as other kitchens, so the larger scale pattern anchors the space better than a regular or small size tile, which would tend to make people feel crowded. With an unvarnished touch, the gray backsplash fits with this kitchen and adds a personalized texture. The cabinetry has two tones. The floating flat panel cabinets are made of natural wood with grains, while the lower laminated cabinets with recessed panels are blue and pair with the butcher block worktops. A touch-based cooktop comes with a sleek black vent hood, accentuating the posh kitchen. On the walls, there is a sage green clock and a small TV, and below them is a wooden shelf, which is also a fashion piece.

Understatement Is The Statement

Wood accents are a great way to bring texture and style to the kitchen, such as the natural wood fronts of the floating cabinets, the wooden edge on the island, and the hardwood flooring, which anchors the entire kitchen. They are always understated yet glamorous. Covering a whole wall, the gray hexagon stone slab backsplash has a rustic, weathered feel. And it serves as an excellent and protective backdrop in the kitchen. Over the island, the stunning orange and yellow pendant lights add pops of color and character. Full of refined details, the kitchen is taste-worthy.

Pastel Gray Palette

The kitchen, in a pastel palette, is framed by light gray. The textured hexagonal tile backsplash makes a statement. The white lacquered top cabinets provide a clean and modern appearance. The concrete effect laminate refrigerator column and lower base cabinets complement the white porcelain countertops. The realization of the veil allowed for interesting plays of light. Right in the middle, the dining table in white comes with tulip-style red chairs that add a pop of color. The pale hardwood flooring anchors the kitchen. This room exudes a soft and welcoming vibe.

Gray Hexagon Tile Backsplash Blend Seamlessly Into The Warm Wood Kitchen

For this stylish kitchen, it mixes light wood cabinets with white marble porcelain countertops. Under the mellow lighting, the gray hexagon tile backsplash against the wooden cabinets breaks up the wood and adds dimension to the space, making it look charming and mysterious. In a flat panel style, natural wood cabinets have grains and cute knobs, along with the soft hardwood flooring, creating a warm open-concept kitchen. The swanky conical pendant lights spruce up the homey kitchen.

Styles Of Hexagon Tiles

Small white or cream hexagon tiles combined with light grout lines can create a classic, delicate, and gentle look, whereas the same tiles against darker grout create a vintage look. If you are a big fan of modern style, the dark, oversized, personalized hexagon tiles are a perfect choice. They can surprise your guests with a bold, unexpected look and do wonders.

Modern Artistic Culinary Space

The gray patterned hexagonal tile backsplash with white grout stands out against the white recessed panel cabinets, making a statement and giving the kitchen a geometric aesthetic. The gray-base island has a marble countertop with subtle veining and pairs with ebony stools with pale blue cushions. Also with natural wood grains, the dark wood flooring anchors the open-concept kitchen. And the charming blue textured drum pendant lights over the island elevate the captivating and tasteful cooking space.

Show Off The Trendy Kitchen

Laying between the black and white flat panel cabinets, the multicolored hexagon marble tile backsplash looks flickering and distinctive. It adds a geometric aesthetic, while the natural wood flooring and dining table bring wood grains, making the kitchen play well with the charming texture melody. The lacquered white upper cabinets look glossy, which contrasts with the matte black low and tall cabinets. There is a faucet and a large undermount sink, as well as a point-touch cooktop on the sleek metallic worktops, accentuating the modern kitchen. A large skylight and sliding glass doors let in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and spacious kitchen.

Is Hexagon Tile Hard To Install?

For inexperienced DIYers, the biggest con of hexagon tiles is that they are challenging to install. Because these tiles have a high requirement for matching edges and grouting, if you become distracted, you can easily go wrong. However, it is still doable. Make sure you have enough time, attention, and patience to carry out the installation project. It is better for you to consult the experts or hire a professional, and even then, you can expect to spend more time than with regular tiles, such as rectangular or square tiles.

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