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Outdoor furniture cleaning guide

Outdoor furniture cleaning guide

Spring cleaning for your outdoor furniture: Ready for the summer with the proper care

The time has finally come: the days are getting longer, the sun is shining warmer, and the garden is awakening! The first flowers are already in full bloom, while many more are still waiting for their grand entrance. So it’s high time to free the outdoor furniture from its hibernation and experience the spectacle from the front row.

outdoor seating with cushions
outdoor seating with cushions

To avoid experiencing any unpleasant surprises when setting up your outdoor furniture and enjoying it as long as possible, you need to get some simple tips to care for the outdoor furniture. Spend your time in the garden primarily relaxing instead of doing tedious cleaning.

Is your outdoor furniture made of wood, metal, or plastic?

Most outdoor furniture nowadays is made of different materials and therefore has different requirements. You can clean the individual surfaces depending on the material. Read the cleaning instructions coming with your furniture and follow them. For vintage furniture, follow our tips for the appropriate material type:

The care tips for different outdoor furniture materials

For wooden surfaces, remove coarse dirt with a damp cloth. Be careful not to use microfiber cloths to remove oil from the wood. The natural darkening of wood can be removed with the help of fine sandpaper and severe graying. Alternatively, a special cleaning agent called a degreaser can be used. A subsequent sealing with wood oil or glaze protects the wooden surfaces from weathering and dirt. The following applies to both oil and glaze: If you choose a pigmented variant, you increase the protection against UV rays.

Metal surfaces can also be cleaned of dirt with a damp cloth, and sandpaper can remove rust spots. You can easily touch painted surfaces with the right paint – apply in thin layers and dry thoroughly until the desired effect is achieved. Care products such as wax give metal surfaces protection.

Caring Tips For Outdoor Furniture

The best way to remove dirt from plastic surfaces, including stubborn stains, is to use a mild cleaning solution and a nylon brush. Then rinse with a garden hose and dry with a cloth to avoid water stains.

Seat cushions and pillows that cannot be cleaned in the washing machine are best cleaned with mild soapy water. Place the pillow on a clean surface and spray it with a garden hose. Then work with a sponge and soapy water and hose off until the soap has been washed out. Squeeze out water as much as possible and let the pillow dry on both sides in the sun.

Parasols, sails, awnings, and swing roofs are often neglected for maintenance, although these fabrics can be easily impregnated and protected after being cleaned of dirt. This preserves the colors over the long term; regular use also achieves earth and water-repellent effect.

outdoor furniture from China

Are you still looking for new outdoor furniture this year? Then you will be impressed by the easy care of the dining table set with six multi-position armchairs from Parlun. It is the perfect symbiosis of the three materials mentioned above. The combination of powder-coated aluminum, dimensionally stable and breathable wood exudes natural elegance and is particularly weather-resistant and quick-drying. The table can even be extended to a length of approx 200 cm – you are always prepared for spontaneous visits and barbecues. With a 9-way adjustable backrest, you can relax wonderfully in the multi-position armchairs, whether with an exciting book or a cool drink. The PU coating of the surfaces has a natural beading effect and offers increased light resistance. The wood with oiled is characterized by its strength and hardness and excellent weather protection. Treat the wooden surfaces regularly with the appropriate care products, and you will enjoy this dreamlike dining table set for a long time.

Cleaning and maintenance aids

Choose a dry or sunny day for cleaning your outdoor furniture, then the furniture and the cushions and pads have enough time to dry. Depending on the material, you will need the following tools:

  1. Mild soapy water
  2. Vinegar/bleach, glass cleaner, or your personal cleaning favorite
  3. Bucket
  4. Water
  5. Sponge
  6. Soft brush
  7. Soft cloth (cotton)
  8. Garden hose with spray head or spray nozzle

Note: Please do not use a high-pressure cleaner – even if it is tempting – as it does more harm than good to most materials.

Top tips for permanently beautiful outdoor furniture

The most effective way to start and end each gardening season is with a light surface cleaning. Use a dry brush or cotton cloth for this. You can then decide whether there is still a need for more intensive cleaning and care. Tip: If you regularly pay a little attention to your furniture and textiles during the season, cleaning at the beginning and end of each season will be much faster, and the furniture will last longer.

care oil for teak outdoor furniture

A mild detergent is better for furniture and the environment. Use natural soapy water or a damp cloth to wipe all surfaces. In the case of heavy soiling, follow the cleaning instructions for the respective material.

Turn cushions and textiles regularly to protect the colors from fading due to UV rays.

Dirt or greasy stains such as bird droppings or sunscreen will attack surfaces intensively and permanently and even discolor them. Wipe directly with a damp cloth.

Protect your furniture in wintertime or when not in use. Covering hoods such as the high-quality and water-resistant ones from Parlun are best suited. Please pay attention to the correct size. Alternatively, you can stow your furniture in the garden shed or the garage so that extreme weather conditions cannot harm them.

Garden covers care tips

After giving your outdoor furniture a little attention, welcome the summer with your neighbors, friends, and family! Whether with a small party or a relaxed atmosphere, your outdoor furniture will shine with you.

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