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How to set up your outdoor dining room?

set up outdoor dining room

In summer, there is nothing better than being outside. Eating out in the open air also tastes much better than sitting in your apartment or house. Moving the dining room to the garden or on your terrace or porch would be fantastic. Suitable tables and seating turn the outdoor area into a cozy dining room where you can spend all meals from breakfast to dinner. This creates a space for the whole family, for good conversation and pure relaxation. We explain what you should look for in dining tables and chairs. You will also find three golden rules to help you set up your outdoor dining room.

Dining table for the outdoor dining room

The heart of every dining room is the table. The same applies to the outdoor version. To find the perfect outdoor dining table, size, shape, and material play an essential role in the selection:

The size of outdoor dining table

The size of outdoor dining table

The outdoor table should be big enough; after all, all family members and guests need to sit at it. So you should estimate about 60cm edge length per person. Ideally, the dining table is about one meter deep so that two people can sit comfortably across from each other, and there is still space in the middle for pots and bowls. To have enough freedom of movement, add another 30cm to the depth of the chair. Thus, the distance to the wall is large enough to stand up without problems. But the dining table is also the center of life, where people eat and where children do their homework or parents work on the computer. Therefore, this table can be given a particular location, for example, in the middle of the terrace, making the dining table look more inviting.

The shape of outdoor dining table

shape of outdoor dining table

The classic shape for a dining table is the rectangle, but round, oval, or square models are also standard. Many people can be seated simultaneously at rectangular and oval tables. With a rectangular variant, you can make better use of niches and corners. You can also do this with a square dining table. The length of the sides should not be too short. Otherwise, your legs will quickly get in the way under the table. On the other hand, if the square shape is too large, the dining table will look slightly overwhelming. An oval model or a round dining table, which can be enlarged using insert plates or a pull-out, has more elegance. The advantage of a circular shape is that anyone can talk to anyone at the table. In addition to these standard formats, dining tables are also available in polygonal cuts, for example, six or eight edges. With such shapes, you should make sure that you have enough space on the balcony and terrace, and at least one person can sit comfortably on each side of the table.

The material for outdoor dining table

material for outdoor dining table

Wood, glass, natural stone, and metal or plastic can be used as materials for the dining table. Wooden tables for outdoor use are often made of teak, as this is very strong and withstands any weather conditions. The medium to golden brown coloring and the attractive grain combine with teak furniture to create a naturally elegant look. Tables with a top made of natural stone are real heavyweights. Therefore, the mechanism for the pull-out should work smoothly. Marble and travertine are very valuable natural stones and look particularly elegant. Their surface is usually covered with a protective layer, so that juice and red wine stains don’t stand a chance. Significantly lighter in weight are dining tables made of plastic, in which a metal core ensures dimensional stability. High-quality plastics also look extremely attractive these days. They are also very weather-resistant and easy to care for.

The seating for the outdoor dining room

An ergonomic shape, a slight backward inclination of the backrest, and support for the lumbar vertebrae should also apply to outdoor chairs, but arranging the dining table and seating is a matter of style. Chairs, armchairs, and benches should only be comfortable so that the family and all guests will linger in the outdoor dining room for a long time.

Unique style

outdoor table with iron seating
outdoor table with iron seating

Your dining room will look particularly harmonious if chairs or armchairs match the material and design of the table. Interesting visual complements are also conceivable. Rattan armchairs go perfectly with a solid wooden table with a used look. On the other hand, Minimalist plastic chairs set a visual contrast to a glass table but do not immediately lead to a break in style. The dining area can be romantically designed with cast-iron seating or upholstered wooden chairs. The vintage style is enjoying increasing popularity. Old furniture pieces with chipped corners or edges and other traces of use exude a unique aura and create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony and terrace. While chairs and armchairs have a uniform design in the vintage look, the Shabby Chic relies on a colorful mixture. Various finds inherited furniture, and new furnishings deliberately made to look old are combined.

Benches and cushions

outdoor seating with cushions
outdoor seating with cushions

Benches are always a good option so that several people can sit comfortably. Depending on the model, about two to four people can sit comfortably at the dining table. Several benches can also be combined to create a dining area on the terrace. With this, walls can also be more closely included in the design. In general, when it comes to benches, you should look for good seat cushions – this also applies to chairs and armchairs. But these increase the sitting comfort, and color accents can also be set well with cushions. Light cushions on dark furniture are the simplest option here. If you like it more colorful, you can create a maritime atmosphere with blue and white combinations or a Mediterranean atmosphere with orange tones.

The three golden rules

Whichever table and seating you choose, with our three golden rules, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor dining room for a long time and transform it into the most popular lounge area in summer.

1. The outdoor dining room must match your lifestyle!

The outdoor table match your lifestyle

Are you more of a rustic country-style guy, or do you want the outdoor dining room to look casual-cool or maybe modern-elegant? There are no limits when it comes to design. However, it should match you and the rest of the furnishings – unless you stage the intended style break. A dark dining table and light rattan chairs would be suitable for the country style. A rustic touch is set by white or otherwise light lacquered wood tables combined with cast-iron chairs. Poly rattan furniture is indispensable for the urban lounge feeling, which combines a clear design language with luxurious chic and comfortable upholstery. Families with small children should ensure that the furniture withstands their play instinct.


2. The outdoor dining room must fit the climatic conditions!

Weather Resistant Outdoor Dining Room

Wood and rattan furniture look very nice in the garden and on the terrace, but they are usually not very weather-resistant. If you don’t want to dismantle your outdoor dining room every evening but leave it in place when it rains or in winter, more robust materials such as teak, cast iron, and poly rattan are recommended. If neither the terrace nor the balcony is covered, or if the outdoor dining room is in the middle of the garden, you should use waterproof covers. These protect your furniture from moisture penetration. If tables and chairs are made of sensitive materials such as wicker, bamboo, or eucalyptus, they should be stored dry in winter. If you do not have a canopy, you should also make sure that you can stretch a sunshade in the summer. Especially at lunchtime, it will otherwise be too hot to eat.

3. Don’t forget the tableware and decoration in the design!

decoration for the outdoor dining set

In addition to the furniture, tableware, and cutlery, placemats and the tablecloth also play an essential role in furnishing the outdoor dining room. The tableware can appear elegant, rustic, romantic, or puristic through color and pattern. Therefore, when choosing cups, plates, and bowls, please consider whether they emphasize or stand out from your desired interior style. The same goes for the cutlery. Placemats are an excellent way to provide colorful accents, for example, when the dinnerware is bright throughout. A wipe-clean tablecloth will do the job for everyday use, but for festive occasions, you should not do without fine linen. You also have countless options for table decorations. Indispensable design elements are vases, flower arrangements, and candles in all their forms, giving the outdoor dining room liveliness and coziness.

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