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Caring tips for outdoor furniture in summer

Caring Tips For Outdoor Furniture In Summer

 Outdoor furniture fit for summer depends on the proper care

Unlike most indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is highly robust, weather-resistant, and – if properly cared for – also very durable. No wonder a lot of outdoor furniture can also be found in conservatories and even in living and dining rooms: Many people want to enjoy the relaxed, summery charm of outdoor furniture all year round.

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But how should outdoor furniture be cleaned and cared for so that you can enjoy it for a long time? Depending on the material, care can take more or less time – some even require minimal effort.

What materials are available?

A few years ago, the variety of materials was relatively modest: anyone looking for furniture for the garden and terrace usually bought the deck chairs made of coated tubular metal, which quickly became unsightly and rusted. Although such outdoor furniture is still on the market, it requires a lot of cleaning and cares alongside the wood. In the meantime, materials have become more extensive: beautiful outdoor furniture is also available in rattan, plastic, and poly rattan and requires far less maintenance. In addition to the price, individual preferences, the intended use, and the furniture’s location are always decisive for the choice of material.

Metallic furniture has long since shed its teething problems: high-quality materials and a stable construction are hardly reminiscent of the rusty loungers of days.

Plastic furniture such as the stackable loungers and sun loungers from Parlun is generally suitable for all weather conditions. It can be left outside permanently without the appearance and stability of suffering from moisture or temperature fluctuations.

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Furniture made of poly rattan is even more robust. While natural rattan may be affected by moisture and a lack of ventilation can quickly lead to mold, artificial rattan does everything. All poly rattan furniture from Parlun is weather-resistant, water-repellent, withstands temperatures between -60 and +70 °C, does not fade due to UV radiation, and is insensitive to chlorine and saltwater. This cozy, multifunctional outdoor furniture made of poly rattan can be left outside all year round and is still a real eye-catcher.

Although wooden outdoor furniture requires more maintenance, it has its charm. Thanks to high-quality, water-repellent wood, this furniture also defies wind and weather but should not be left outside unprotected for long when not in use. There is a wide selection from Parlun, such as a dining table group made of eucalyptus wood, which already has natural weather protection thanks to its essential oils.

Textile outdoor furniture such as hanging chairs are highly flexible due to their low weight and are suitable for quick assembly and disassembly. If you have little space to set up outdoor furniture permanently, this is a good alternative.

Of course, the crowning glory is outdoor furniture built “for eternity”: stone furniture, for example, made of granite, is mainly characterized by its high strength is, therefore, the least susceptible to scratches, stains, and discoloration, and is very easy to care for. A change of location is not considered very often due to the weight of the material. Flexible outdoor furniture made of a material mixed with stone is more suitable for stone lovers who like to be creative.

Which care is suitable for which material?

There are special cleaning and care products for each material, with the help of which the outdoor furniture remains robust and visually appealing for a long time. However, before using the care substances, removing dust, pollen, leaves, and loose dirt from the outdoor furniture with a hand broom makes sense. Depending on the type and condition of each piece of furniture, a vacuum cleaner can also be used here. However, scouring agents are not recommended, as many materials suffer from them in most cases: The minor scratches appear, which are hardly visible to the naked eye but make it easier for new dirt to adhere.

Plastic outdoor furniture

Plastic outdoor furniture caring tips

Plastic outdoor furniture mainly consists of plastic fibers specially developed for outdoor use, which make them particularly robust and weatherproof. They are very easy to clean: all you need to clean them is a simple brush and a mild soapy household cleaner.

Metal outdoor furniture

Metal outdoor furniture caring tips

Metal outdoor furniture made of stainless steel or aluminum can be treated with a stainless steel cleaner to prevent annoying fingerprints and rust film. To maintain the elegant shine of brushed stainless steel, the stainless steel surfaces should be regularly polished with a cloth.

basic cleaner for outdoor furniture is particularly suitable for plastic and metal outdoor furniture. The highly effective and economical cleaning concentrate prevents graying of the surface when used regularly.

Poly rattan furniture

Poly rattan outdoor furniture caring tips

Poly rattan outdoor furniture also requires very little care. As described above, they defy wind and weather. A little water mixed with a mild washing-up liquid is usually sufficient for minimal soilings such as grease, oil, soot, dust, and finger marks. Coarse stains are best removed with a poly rattan cleaner. It also has a caring and anti-static effect.

Wooden outdoor furniture

Teak wood garden furniture care tips

Wooden outdoor furniture requires the most maintenance. The natural material reacts most sensitively to different weather conditions. For cleaning teak or acacia wood, a practical application concentrate is recommended after a rough cleaning with a soft broom or a damp cloth: For example, the teak cleaner removes dirt deposits without attacking the wood. In addition, after using the primary cleaning agent, apply a nourishing oil application that is colorless and universal. The care oil is specially designed for wooden patio and outdoor furniture and offers long-term protection against the weather and graying.

Textile outdoor furniture

Textile outdoor furniture such as hammocks, parasols, sun sails, and awnings remain water and dirt-repellent for longer with a special impregnation to keep the color bright with regular use. This also ensures that a long-term protective film is formed and prevents mildew stains.

Stone outdoor furniture

For example, Stone furniture made of granite does not require any unique care products. Use a little warm water with a mild washing-up liquid to clean stains. Granite furniture does not absorb water and is frost-resistant so that it can easily be left outdoors over the winter without a cover.

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