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22+Gray tile Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Modern Kitchen with Gray Cement Tile Backsplash 

In this spacious kitchen, no upper cabinet design makes room for large windows with thick black frames that invite enough light and provide a bright and welcoming environment. And the natural wood base cabinets covered by black solid surface countertops look pleasant and soothing and the black metal hardware adds another layer of delicate texture. Besides, the geometrical shape of the island matches well with the perimeter cabinet layout, which maximizes the utilization of the cooking space, and its combination of black waterfall countertops, the wood island body, and the wood-and-leather chairs serves as a good companion for the black ring chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Behind the cabinets stands a simple yet attractive cement tile backsplash, whose gray subway tile patterns feel harmonious with the white wall and the black metallic range hood that present an industrial and powerful feeling. Lastly, the bright yellow leaves stand out with their fervent hues in this sophisticated and calm kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gray Slate Backsplash 

This traditional kitchen knows how to engage with the space. From the white cabinets to the bright brown flooring, the traditional shape of the cabinets, the extraordinary patterns of the gray slate backsplash, the unique style of the pendant lights, and the eye-catching color and texture of the island countertop, each piece generously contributes to the dramatic design aesthetic. The diamond tile backsplash with different shades of gray slates strengthens the traditional vibe of the inset cabinets while the black island topped with a yellow granite countertop creates a delightful contrast with the white cabinets, which is accentuated by the natural wood flooring.

Gray Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for a backsplash due to their affordable price, long-lasting quality, and multiple choice of colors, patterns, and styles. And users can choose custom tiles that are produced out of their design inspirations. Gray ceramic tile backsplashes are neutral, calm, modern, and classic and are a perfect option for almost all styles of kitchens.

Industrial Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Gray Ceramic Tile Backsplash 

Raw and rough elements, such as wood, brick, cement, and metal, are the characteristic features of an industrial kitchen. In this kitchen, the wood flat-panel cabinets look so soothing and welcoming, which do a great job in calming users down with their natural patterns and texture, while the white quartz countertop on them adds a modern and stylish feeling, diversifying the whole appearance of the cabinets. Besides, the gray ceramic tile backsplash gives a tender and updated energy and its clean lines appear attractive, helping the stainless steel range hood stand out. The brick wall on the right side brings warmth and diversity to the mild space and strengthens the industrial vibe of this kitchen. What’s more, the wood dining table and the black pendant light make this kitchen more beautiful.

Compact Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gray Ceramic Tile Backsplash 

This U-shaped layout of this contemporary kitchen maximizes space utilization and provides a functional cooking area. The white key tone of the cabinets ensures the airy appearance of this kitchen, a perfect choice for a narrow space like this, and the butcher block countertops and the wood open shelves add warmth and glamour to the kitchen. Between the upper and base cabinets interludes an appealing gray ceramic tile backsplash and it cools down the bright white cabinets, harmonizing the overall look of the cooking space. What’s more, the glass pendant light casts balmy lights on the peninsula, giving users a warm feeling.

Beach-Style Kitchen with Light Gray Slab Backsplash and Deep Gray Cabinets 

This beach-style kitchen has a pristine white and gray design. White high ceiling with shiplap covering delivers a high degree of cleanness and freshness and creates a bright environment for the cabinets. A generous monochromatic transition runs from the light gray slab backsplash to the white quartz countertops and the backsplash set a good backdrop for the gray range hood and the gray cabinets. The gray cabinets with chrome hardware look so elegant and delicate and the modern appliances in them increase the stylish feeling of the cabinets. In front of the gray cabinets is the charming island with a quartet of smoky pink high chairs, which shows the true beauty of clean lines and updated design ideas.

Eclectic Kitchen with Dark Gray Backsplash and Dark Brown Cabinets  

Here we have an eclectic kitchen with a dark color palette where a straight-stack pattern backsplash with special details ensures to give the kitchen dynamic and diversity. In the rest, the dark brown flat-panel cabinets with white countertops and black hardware create a decluttered and sleek profile while the white quartz range hood and the stainless steel appliances bring brightness and sparkles to dark and sophisticated kitchen cabinets. Under the archway, the black island creates a contrasting look with the warm and bulky cabinets, the white archway, and the beige flooring while the cement countertop, the distressed blue artwork, the undermount sinks, the elegant faucets, and the deep brown stools interplay to produce a pleasant harmony.

light gray tile kitchen backsplash

Light gray backsplashes are not unusual in kitchens and they can be a highlight for a dark kitchen or between the black or dark cabinets. And light gray kitchen backsplashes are often made of marble or ceramic tiles, which have more possibility in appearance and style. Light gray tiles can be arranged in diverse patterns, such as subway tile patterns, herringbone tile patterns, square tile patterns, and matchstick tile patterns, which could produce a lively and dynamic visual effect.

Gray and White Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Red Elements 

Neutral and cool hues, like white and gray, often make a kitchen depressed but here is an exception. The white upper cabinets look airy and stunning while the gray base cabinets and the gray island give a calm and composed look, which saves this kitchen from being too eye-tiring and dull. What’s more, the light gray subway tile backsplash serves as a good bridge to connect the white upper cabinets and the gray base cabinets, reaching a smooth transition of colors. Aside from the neutral colors, the bright red elements make contributions to creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and the red elements brighten this calm kitchen with the support of natural lights from the window and the skylights.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets with Light Gray Herringbone Tile Backsplash 

The pair of white and smoky green is common in a traditional kitchen and it would give the kitchen a sense of freshness. In this kitchen, the shaker style of the cabinets looks delicate and elegant and the black quartz countertops, along with the black hardware, intensify the unnoticeable yet classic contrast of black and white. The exquisite shape of the range hood is incorporated perfectly into the upper cabinets, attracting people’s attention, and the light gray herringbone tile backsplash presents a jumpy texture on the backdrop, which matches well with the different shades of gray subway tile backsplash. In the middle of the kitchen, the smoky green island with a beige granite countertop works well with the black stools and the glass pendant lights with black frames, which look serene and antique.

White Kitchen Design with Wood Island and Light Gray Square Tile Backsplash 

This airy and transitional kitchen instills freshness in its users, thanks to its light and soothing palette with white cabinets and a wood island. The white cabinets and the white countertops set a bright tone in the kitchen and incorporate the stainless steel appliances organically while the natural wood island adds warmth and a rustic charm and also gains touches of fun and attraction from the colorful stool tops. In addition, the glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, the black faucet, and the undermount sink expand the functions of the island, maximizing the utilization of the space. Lined in a square-set pattern, the kitchen wall elevates the overall feel with subtle tonal variations, making the design appealing.

Transitional Kitchen With Gray Herringbone Tile Backsplash

The highlight of this transitional kitchen is without a doubt the gray herringbone tile backsplash, which flows a fervent dynamic energy. To honor it, this kitchen uses white recessed-panel cabinets paired with light golden hardware, which gives a contrasting visual effect to it. And the black quartz countertops match well with the white cabinets with black hardware and they work as a good dividing line to separate the upper and base cabinets. In front of the cabinets, the dark blue island flows a serene vibe and the white marble countertop with blue veins completes the appearance of the island and improves the beauty of the kitchen as well. Besides, the leather chairs and the glass globe pendant lights add character and fun to this space.

dark gray tile kitchen backsplash

Dark gray tile backsplashes look less sophisticated than black ones and more composed than white ones, which makes dark gray tile backsplash popular in kitchens. Gray is a neutral color that would fit itself well with white and black cabinets and mediate the extreme feeling of white or black while dark gray gives an elegant and delicate feeling to cabinets.

White Kitchen Design with Dark Gray Herringbone Tile Backsplash 

This traditional kitchen is well-appointed with white cabinets, dark gray herringbone tile backsplash, and dark gray subway tile backsplash, achieving a harmonious whole. The white cabinets with the white quartz countertops offer enough light for the dark backsplash and the stainless steel range hood and the stainless steel appliances add touches of an industrial style. Different from other kitchens, this kitchen brings a delightful dining table and chairs and provides a cozy dining place to users, improving the utilization of this kitchen, and the caged chandelier over the dining table puts on a romantic look. Finally, the wood flooring raises the warmth of this kitchen, harmonizing all other elements.

Blue Kitchen With Gray Patterned Backsplash and Golden Details 

A bold approach, when it comes to color palette, is sometimes a necessity to ensure a sophisticated yet appealing feel as showcased by this kitchen. Here, the smoky blue cabinets take up most areas of this space and present a strong vibe of serenity and tranquility while the gray patterned backsplash catches people’s attention with its unique design ingenuity. Between the lively contrast of blue and gray, golden details, such as the range hood, delicate pendant lights, and hardware, add luxury and glamour to improve the overall appearance of this kitchen. What’s more. the off-white island covered a light gray marble countertop, along with a trio of white stools with deep gray tops, creating a contrasting look with the blue and gray parts, diversifying the elements of this space.

Beach-Style Kitchen with Blue and Wood Cabinets and Gray Brick Backsplash 

While blue and gray are always an appealing pair, they are colors that can be easily adapted to any kitchen and preserve their nobility. In this kitchen, blue cabinets and wood details are competing yet cooperating at the same time to create a pleasant visual effect, which saves users from tiring cooking missions and lightens users’ moods. While the blue cabinets and the wood island seem to divide this space apart, the deep gray cement countertops are a trustworthy bond to connect those two. Between the blue and wood elements, the mottled gray brick backsplash makes its way to show charms, which intensifies the serenity of blue and presents a dynamic image in the background. Furthermore, the wood flooring extends the interest in the island and increases the warmth of this space.

Modern Kitchen with Gray Flat-Panel Cabinets and Dark Gray Matchstick Backsplash 

In this modern kitchen, sophisticated hues and metallic elements interplay harmoniously to create a pleasant kitchen design. The gray flat-panel base cabinets with metallic trims present a modern and stylish appearance and the no-upper cabinet design makes room for the large picture window, which reduces the cool and repellent vibe of this kitchen. Contrary to the neutral colors of the cabinets and the island, the deep gray matchstick backsplash provides a composed yet dynamic backdrop. What’s more, the focal point of this kitchen lies in the island, whose clad looks so shiny and brilliant and whose compound body expands the functions of the island. And the artistic pendant lights add a touch of luxury to this space.

Neutral Gray Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Compared with light gray and dark gray backsplashes, neutral gray tile backsplashes look more reserved and invisible. As common sense, a kitchen can’t have too many highlights, which will make users eye-tiring and stressed, and supporting elements are necessary to balance the conspicuous elements. Neutral gray tile backsplashes are such a supporting element. Neutral gray tile backsplashes work as a good assistant to help other elements sparkle without overshadowing them. Therefore, if you have shinning cabinets, try to use a neutral gray tile backsplash, which will give you a surprise.

White Kitchen with Gray Backsplash and Bluish Island 

This kitchen with a transitional style offers a reference to medium-sized kitchens in its language. The white shaker cabinets look harmonious with the shiplap wall and the shiplap range hood while the black hardware adds touches of calmness and elegance to the cabinets. Between the bright white, the gray subway tile backsplash stands out and forms a lively picture to save the cabinets from being eye-tiring and boring. Sitting in front of the cabinets, the bluish shiplap island with a white quartz countertop creates a serene and tender vibe and those parts around it, such as the black faucet, the undermount sink, the matte gray high chairs, and the glass pendant lights, increase its charm and suit the needs of users. What’s more, the mottled wood floors echo the backsplash in color and bring depth and sophistication to this kitchen as well.

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gray Ceramic Tile Backsplash 

Blessed with spacious areas and an open-plan layout, this kitchen gives an airy and delicate look, which makes it more alluring. It is outfitted with white shaker cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a gray ceramic tile backsplash. This harmonious scheme creates an immersive and effective palette for this kitchen that feels soothing at the same time. The various shades of gray tiles on the backsplash add a jumpy visual effect on the background while the natural wood island, along with the rattan chairs, emits healing energies to beautify this monochromatic kitchen. The different styles of light fixtures expand the possibilities of this kitchen.

White Cabinets and Gray Backsplash in Transitional Kitchen Design 

The meeting of white cabinets with brown island is virtually pleasing while the gray and white granite countertops present a powerful image on the cabinets and the island. The white cabinets adorned with dark chrome hardware look airy yet sophisticated while the deep brown island with light chrome hardware gives a calm yet warm look, achieving a pleasant visual harmony. Echoing the island in color and style, the antique range hood serves as a focal point attracting people’s attention and it also contrasts with the white cabinets, which increases the charm of this kitchen. The branch chandelier over the island is unique and sheds warm lights to warm up this space.

Mid-Century Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gray Fan Tile Backsplash

Look at this large and airy kitchen with a Midcentury style. The white shaker cabinets display clear lines, streamlined shapes, and elegant chrome hardware, and they take up the whole wall, which provides plenty of storage rooms. Between the upper and base cabinets is a mottled gray fan tile backsplash, which supports the stainless steel range hood pretty well, and a smooth monochromatic transition runs from the backsplash to the quartz countertops, ensuring harmony of colors and tones. Besides, the large window next to the cabinets allows enough light to reduce the dim atmosphere formed by those neutral-colored elements. And the redwood plank floors, along with the redwood exposed beams, bring warmth and passion to this kitchen, providing a focal point for the space.

Gray Backsplash with Various Tile Patterns

Neutral and modest as they are, gray backsplashes can still catch people’s eyes, and applying the tiles into various patterns is a suitable way. For the common tile patterns, subway tile patterns are classic and streamlined, herringbone tile patterns are jumpy and traditional, and square tile patterns are clear and elegant. However, there are also some unusual yet characteristic tile patterns, such as picket tile pattern, arabesque tile pattern, vine tile pattern, fan tile pattern, and diamond tile pattern, which blesses backsplashes with diverse charms.

Midcentury Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Gray Picket Tile Backsplash  

Flat panels, frameless constructs, and clear shapes are the typical characteristics of a kitchen with a Midcentury style and this kitchen incorporates these elements harmoniously. The wood cabinets with natural veins and warm paints look soothing and inviting and the white countertops mediate the cabinets with their cool and clean hue, reaching a visual balance in color and material. Similar to the color pair of white and wood color of the cabinets, the bar counter chooses light gray as the body finish and a butcher block as the countertop, which expands the function area of the kitchen and also serves as a dividing line between the kitchen and the dining room. Another focal point of this space is the gray backsplash consisting of different shades of gray ceramic picket tiles, which hold a satisfying visual effect and also work well between the colors of white and wood.

Transitional Kitchen With Mint Green Cabinets And Gray Metal Backsplash 

The transitional kitchen is created by making the best of the limited space. The mint green and white cabinets give users a refreshing and cheering feeling, which can reduce the oppression of the narrow and condensed layout, while the gray metal backsplash with patterns adds doses of modernity and an industrial charm, bringing depth and weight to the airy cabinets. The hanging shelves over the island offer extra storage space and increase the outlook of the island area. Besides, the sofa consisting of mint green cabinets and orange leather tops looks sparkling near the island and echoes the wood floors, triggering the warmth of this space.

Off-White Cabinetry And Light Gray Backsplash In A Transitional Kitchen Design 

This is a spacious kitchen with abundant elements and the neutral hues work harmoniously with each other to form such a magnificent and reserved kitchen. The off-white cabinetry presents a soothing look in this space, the black hardware adds character to the plain shaker cabinets, and the stainless steel appliances inserted perfectly into the cabinetry increase the modern feeling of the cabinets. The light gray square tile backsplash offers mild and comfortable energy to the cabinets. The navy blue booth echoes the navy blue stove in color and style, which also contrasts strongly with the white cabinets and the natural wood island, while the wood island depicts a serene and calm feeling to match the glass pendant lights and the romantic windows.

Gray Kitchen with Gray Shaker Cabinets and Light Gray Backsplash  

Designed as an open-plan style, this transitional kitchen packs a timeless style with gray shaker cabinets and a light gray wave tile backsplash. The full-height gray cabinets guarantee enough storage space and give a magnificent look while the gold hardware on the cabinets adds touches of glamour and sparkles to the cabinetry, making this cabinetry more attractive. Meanwhile, the light gray wave tile backsplash offers a classic and dynamic backdrop for the cabinetry and also creates a smooth monochromatic transition from the wall to the countertop, ensuring a harmonious integrity of elements. And the brown wood floors form a contrasting look with the cabinetry and bring warmth and a rustic charm to this space.

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