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Installation type of different Kitchen sinks

kitchen sink installation

Decide on the right type of installation for your new kitchen sink. Every sink needs a base cabinet or sink cabinet as support. Ideally, this should be at least 60 cm wide so that you have enough freedom to move and play in the sink area of your kitchen. However, the assembly of built-in sinks and sink base cabinets can be done in different ways. Which type of installation is right for you?

Built-in kitchen sink

Built-in sinks are sometimes referred to as under-mount sinks. This name of countertop sink is also often heard, but it is misleading and actually refers to a sink module, and it is thus a completely different type of installation.

Built-in sink with drainer

A characteristic of the built-in sink is that it is mounted on the worktop from above. When inserted, it creates a typical, curved, sealed edge. In today’s world, it is increasingly perceived as an obstacle to cleaning. And the trend now is also increasingly toward flush surfaces.

Many manufacturers are looking at ways to design the classic built-in sink so that it is very flat and the edge can be very close to the worktop. In general, the height and thickness of the sink rim vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Flush mount kitchen sink

Today, it is technically possible to install a sink that is perfectly flush with the surface. This means that the kitchen sink and the worktop blend seamlessly together. The advantage of this is that there are no longer sink edges, which used to be an obstacle when wiping up crumbs or water residue.

Flush mount kitchen sink design

During the assembly process, instead of making an opening in the worktop, a special machine is used to remove the material to the exact thickness of the basin required. In addition, the installation requires very special adhesives and sealants to create a flush sink safely and with high quality.

Sink modules and countertop basins

In recent years, sink modules or sink blocks have become very well-known and popular, as variable solutions have proven to be highly adaptable during kitchen planning and installation and can be easily integrated into a wide variety of concepts.

When you want an ergonomically perfect kitchen, the advantages of a sink module or countertop sink are appealing. Ideally, for comfortable working, the sink should be higher than the working height on the countertop.

Tip: Depending on the type and model, the module basin can increase the working height by 10 cm, which is also very ergonomic.

Modern under-counter sink

Undercounter sinks are suitable for countertops made of natural stone, glass, or composite materials. The rim of the basin is mounted and fixed under the countertop.

under-counter sink

If wood material is used, there are huge sealing problems and the material can be damaged.

Because of the complete lack of covered edges, under-counter sinks look very elegant and unobtrusive. In addition to the visual advantages, there is more convenience when it comes to cleaning and washing. Dirt or leftovers can be wiped directly from the countertop into the sink.

More detailed information on countertop materials can be found here.

Integrated sink on the countertop

If you look at the elegant look, you won’t be surprised that sink integration is becoming increasingly popular on countertops. Seamless sinks made of artificial stone look especially valuable, and they consist of quartz stone that is designed to be used as a unit.

Quartz composite material that is cast from a single piece. It has many advantages, the most important being that it is very smooth and flat at the end.

Built-in sink and countertops are same material

Installing an integral sink from below is not complicated, which creates a harmonious relationship between the two elements of the kitchen plan. And the sink and the countertop are made of the same material, which blends perfectly.

A sink seamlessly integrated into the countertop is not just visually impressive. The care benefits are the same as those of the undermount sink. The countertop can be wiped without obstacles and edges.

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