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Colored sinks and faucets: visually emphasize the sink area of the kitchen

Colored sinks and faucets

Built-in sinks don’t have to be made of stainless steel or classic white. Nowadays, kitchen sinks are available in a wide range of colors. Whether they are made of granite or ceramic, there is a huge variety of colors, regardless of the material. In addition to black sinks with a modern look, kitchen sinks are also available in many shades, such as soft natural colors or bright hues. In the following, you can find out what different colors are available in the kitchen sink area.

From subtle to colorful: kitchen sinks in a variety of colors and nuances

Color plays a big role in kitchen planning. You can match the color of the sink to the countertop or kitchen door panels, or provide a visual appeal in the kitchen work area.

kitchen sinks and countertop same tone

Simple style in the kitchen: black and concrete look ceramic sinks and granite sinks

The black-colored built-in sink is timelessly elegant and can be combined with virtually any kitchen style.

black-colored built-in kitchen sink
black-colored built-in kitchen sink

The special stain-resistant coating of ceramic and granite sinks ensures that fingerprints are virtually invisible and even prevents bacteria from growing. However, no sink is immune to dirt. In particular, white stains or limescale deposits are more visible on black surfaces than on white kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sinks in concrete look and in concrete gray tones

It is well known that concrete is gray. So this unobtrusive shade can be coordinated with all the colors of the kitchen. It can also be combined with black fittings or kitchen fittings with a metallic finish. It can be used not only in concrete kitchens but also as a deliberate contrast to materials such as glass, stone, or wood.

concrete look kitchen sinks
concrete look kitchen sinks

The effect of the sink in a classic kitchen work area: a shiny surface with a metallic effect

Sinks made of granite can achieve a metallic shiny effect in different colors. The shiny color particles, which are added to the material when it is mixed, can ensure a shiny metallic appearance. This is how shiny sinks in gold, silver, or copper are created in the kitchen.

silver granite kitchen sinks
silver granite kitchen sinks

Ceramic sinks are not only available in white and neutral shades, but also have a shiny finish. This brings elegance to the sink area.

gloss black ceramic kitchen sinks
gloss black ceramic kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks in natural colors: classically beautiful and versatile

If you want a warm but less conspicuous area in your kitchen sink area, you may consider using colored built-in sinks in natural tones.

farmhouse kitchen with grey kitchen sinks
farmhouse kitchen with grey kitchen sinks

Natural colored sinks are especially suitable for classic kitchen designs or country-style kitchens because they create a cozy atmosphere. They go especially well with pale reds as well as blue or green kitchen fronts. When it comes to kitchen sinks, there is a wide range of natural tones to choose from, such as sand, cream, and ivory, slightly yellowish colors, and earthy colors with reddish tint or grayish-brown clay colors.

Sinks in bright colors set individual accents

Do you have a preference for bright colors? That’s not a problem, because granite sinks and ceramic sinks are available in countless shades.

Colorful faucets and fittings for the kitchen: a special highlight

Visually, the kitchen faucet and sink form a single unit.

Black, white, or gold? You can always find the right faucet

The supplier Parlun offers kitchen faucets in its product range that can match the color of the sink or countertop or be fully illuminated in a bright ceramic or granite color.

Matte white kitchen faucet

Matte white fittings are very popular in kitchens and match perfectly with white sinks. Besides, the use of these exquisite precious metals such as gold, copper or brass can also make the kitchen look luxurious.

Black fittings for the kitchen – a long-running favorite

Black fittings look very elegant. The matte finish further enhances the depth of the color.

Although the black fitting is very beautiful, traces of limescale on it can be seen just as quickly. However, you can prevent this by wiping off spills on the fittings with a microfiber cloth after each use. Stains that have formed can be removed with a mild detergent.

However, please note that wiping hard or using a rough cloth can damage the surface and cause scratches.

Matte black kitchen faucet

Tip: If you want to enjoy your black faucet for a long time, you should use high-quality faucets. This is because these faucets are stronger than the cheap ones due to their special coating.

Natural tone kitchen faucets: eclectic and cozy

If you use an natural-toned colored accessory, such as beige or cashmere, rather than a standard accessory with a stainless steel look, you will make the sink area look warm and homely.

beige kitchen faucet design

Color of kitchen sink fittings

If you don’t want to use just one specific color, you can also change the look of your sink area with the fittings. Instead of a brightly colored sink or colored faucet, you can choose a colored cutting board or drip tray that matches the built-in sink. If you prefer something a little more subtle, you can use gold or copper-colored valve covers.

kitchen sink with cutting board and drip tray

Conclusion: The sink area also comes in a variety of colors

The variety of colors in the sink area emphasizes an area that is often overlooked when planning a kitchen. But when buying a kitchen, it is recommended that you gather information first. Colorful accents in the form of colored sinks or fittings in the sink area always provide a special effect. At Parlun, you can find any accessory you want.

kitchen cabinet from China

If you just want to modernize your sink area, you can contact the experts at Parlun and have a look at the faucets and undermount sinks in our showroom by video call.

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