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Kitchen faucets types: from single rod mixers to sensor fitting

Kitchen faucets types

A wide variety of mixer faucets are available in the fittings market. Mixing faucets allow for the adjustment of hot and cold water to any desired temperature level. But what types of faucets are available in the kitchen? From single-handle faucets to window faucets to modern sensor faucets. In the following section, you will learn about the different types of faucets.

Single handle faucet: fittings with one handle

Most fittings used in today’s kitchen sink areas are single-handle faucets or single-handle mixers that can be easily and conveniently operated with one hand. You can use the lever to quickly, easily, and economically adjust the temperature and intensity of the water flow. The lever itself is placed on the top or side of the fitting body. Mixing faucets with levers are available in a variety of designs, and today they are often very design-oriented. You can choose from bright chrome, matt chrome fittings, real stainless steel mixer faucets or faucets made of brass.

Single handle black kitchen faucet

Advantages of the single hanle mixer

With a single-handle faucet, you can quickly set the desired target temperature of the water and the water temperature is always relatively accurate. There is no longer the need for long trial and error as with two-handle faucets.

Tip: The Single Pole Mixer is the most efficient and economical version of the accessory available, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Two handle faucet

The two-handle faucet, also known as the two-handle mixer, is the classic sink faucet for many people. There is a dial on the left and a dial on the right side of the faucet to control hot and cold water. You need two hands to operate this faucet and mix the water to the desired temperature. By the time the temperature is set correctly, a large amount of water may have run down the drain. As a result, the two-handle faucet no longer meets modern understandings of efficiency and resource conservation.

two handle kitchen faucet

Faucet with hose shower or swan neck shower

The advantages of spray hoses are obvious. Even large vases, pots or other bulky objects can be easily cleaned or filled with water outside the sink with a kitchen sprayer. In addition, faucets with spray nozzles make it easier to clean sinks and drains.

kitchen faucet with spray hoses

Depending on the manufacturer, you can use a switch to choose between different jet types:

  • “Ordinary” water jets
  • Spray jet
  • Spray jets are milder and are suitable for mild rinsing of salads, fruits or vegetables.

The professional look of spray hoses harmonizes very well with stainless steel kitchens. But a hose fitting can also be wonderfully integrated into the rustic country house style.

Wall-mounted faucets for kitchens

We are familiar with wall fittings for showers. A beautifully curved faucet that swivels freely from side to side, it offers more comfort and room for action than a static faucet. However, since this functionality can also be achieved with fittings that are not mounted on the wall, wall fittings in modern kitchens play only a subordinate role in today’s kitchen planning.

Wall-mounted kitchen faucets

Faucet in front of the window makes freedom of kitchen planning

Kitchen customers are increasingly choosing to plan their kitchen sink in front of the window. Front window fittings are important in order to allow the kitchen window to still open smoothly for ventilation or to be cleaned, and without the faucet in front of it blocking it. These special kitchen fittings can be easily moved when necessary.

Faucet in front of the window

Depending on the fitting, window fittings can be:

  • Drive-in
  • Collapse
  • Fold to the side
  • Temporarily decrease

Some window fittings can be completely removed if necessary using a bayonet catch.

Sensor faucet: non-contact water flow

The sensor in the faucet communicates with the solenoid valve through the control electronics, so it can respond without contact. This is why it is very hygienic.

Sensor kitchen faucet from China

Tip: With a sensor faucet in the kitchen, you can save water because as soon as you move away from the sink, the water flow is stopped.

If you want to efficiently fill your sink with water for cleaning pots and pans, a traditional lever-type faucet will also serve you better. Induction faucets in particular sometimes vary widely due to the quality and sensitivity of various manufacturers and systems.

Tip: Sensor faucets that work by touch are a sensible and convenient alternative.

For example, if your hands are dirty after kneading dough, or if you have touched raw meat or other sensitive foods, such a faucet will react to the slightest touch on your wrist or forearm. The faucet will remain clean and hygienic.

Filter fittings: pure water at any time

A prerequisite for refreshing drinking pleasure from the tap is that your water is of high quality. Filtration fittings are a practical solution. The integrated filter filters out particles such as lime or heavy metals from the water.

kitchen faucet with filter fittings

Tip: with a filter faucet in the kitchen, you not only improve the water quality but also reduce limescale deposits in the sink area.

Filtered water faucets usually have two separate water lines to prevent unfiltered and filtered water from mixing.

You can choose according to the type of kitchen faucet.

  • Filtered cold water
  • Boiling water
  • Soda water

Kitchen faucet with dosing function

The fittings with dosing capabilities allow water to be measured to the exact milliliter. These kitchen faucets make dosing cups for measuring water unnecessary.

For example, kitchen faucets equipped with swivel and pull-out spouts with dosing functions will be more convenient and flexible. The sink area has an increased radius of action, and various containers can be easily filled. Another advantage is that due to the dosing function, water is not lost. This saves money and protects the environment at the same time.

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