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Bay windows: tips and ideas

Bay windows desigs (1)

You hardly see bay windows in modern houses, but they are more common in older buildings. This is very prominent from the front of the house and gives each building a unique feel. But inside, it also provides decoration for apartments and extra spaces. At Parlun, we will show you the useful ideas and tips for bay windows so you can enjoy the space of your dreams.

Definition of bay window

Before we discuss the pros and cons, let’s define what a bay window is. A bay window is like a balcony. But it is an enclosed, covered porch, which is usually positioned on the exterior wall of the house. Instead of starting at ground level, the porch is built on a console on a higher floor. Some roof windows even extend beyond the edge of the roof.

Advantages and Disadvantages of bay Window

Advantages and disadvantages of bay window



Extend the living space without reducing the garden area

The Bay window extension is very expensive.

You can go out even if it rains

Not every house can be converted

More light in the room

The bay window will conduct the heat from the room to the outside

Rooms look bigger


Cost savings compared to buying a larger house

Beautiful facade decoration


Two important questions

Where did the bay Window originate?

The bay window first appeared in the Middle Ages and you will often see it in palaces, castles, and chapels. It has two important functions; on the one hand, the altars of churches and chapels were usually located in the position of the bay windows. On the other hand, the bay window granted some form of protection in case of shooting in battle.


What other shapes are there for bay windows?

The first form of the bay window is more common in Islamic countries. It looks very similar to a regular convex window. Its shape protrudes from the front but is usually surrounded by a wooden lattice. This shape has no glass, and that is why the air can circulate well, which is a decisive advantage in warm climates. Another type of bay window is found mainly in England and America. In contrast to the European bay window, it is still common in today’s urban landscapes. This type of bay window can be found in many residential buildings, especially in cities such as San Francisco. The last type is a special form of bay window, which usually does not go all the way to the ground, but is simply a bay window.

Bay windows in the UK and USS

The best ideas for bay windows

Designing a bay window can be fun. You can make the most of extra living space in the following ways.

Reading corners

Play areas

Cozy corners


However, bay windows are most popular in living and dining rooms. Our interior experts provide you with the best living ideas and inspiration!

Bay window in the reading area

In the living room

It is very important to take precise measurements before buying a sofa so that it can perfectly match the bay window. Square bay windows look great with classic sofas. On the other hand, an oval bay window can only really stand out visually on a sofa with a curved backrest.

If you want to design a narrower bay window, you can decorate the window into a comfortable window seat. Simply prepare the right seat cushion for the bay window and you can sit on the bay window to enjoy the view outside.

In the dining room

If a bay window extends the kitchen or dining room, it can usually hold tables and chairs. And corner seats are most suitable. In this way, the space will be ideally utilized. The bay window will become the most comfortable place in the apartment.

Bay window in dining room

Decoration of bay windows

To make the bay window comfortable and beautiful, it is important to decorate it properly. First, choose curtains for the windows to prevent prying eyes. At the same time, curtains shade out the sunlight and create a sense of comfort. A bench is an ideal place to read and relax. You can also place pillows, gingham, and decorative blankets which will be cozier.

If you have any idea about your bay window decoration, you can consult Parlun, our professional designers will create your dream bay window for you.

Green plants in bay window

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