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Design ideas for bay windows in the dining room

Bay window in dining room

If a bay window is large enough, it can often be used as a dining room. Here are some tips for a successful dining room.

Designing a bay window as a dining room

Why are bay windows often used as dining rooms? One has enough space for a table with four or six chairs in a convex window. And this has many advantages, people can enjoy the view from the bay window. In addition, it makes it more comfortable to able to be somewhat visually separated from the living room.

Semi-circular bay windows

The typical bay window in old buildings is semi-circular, but this is very impractical. Only by designing the dining room furnishings in a round shape as well, it can be perfectly adapted. To save space, you should choose a semi-circular bench that extends along the outer wall of the bay window. This will create a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Semi-circular bay windows

Angled Bay Windows

Today, angled dormers are more common in new construction. Most of these bay windows are designed as windows, so they start on the first floor. It is also possible to build a plinth that separates the bay window from the rest of the room.

Angled Bay Windows

Bay window accessories

In order to make you comfortable in a room with a bay window corner, you’d better arrange it with accessories, such as curtains, because bay windows are usually located on the south side and curtains can reduce the sun exposure in summer.

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