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28+ grey subway tile kitchen backsplash design ideas & tips

28+ gray subway tile kitchen backsplash dedign ideas & tips

Table of Contents

White Cabinets with Barn Wood Island and Grey Backsplash

Cozy, chic, and warm! In this farmhouse kitchen, the bright white color of the shaker-style cabinets is mediated by the barn wood range hood and the granite countertop and the top lighted glass fronts of the upper cabinets enhance the classic vibe. The grey ceramic subway tile backsplash looks soft and gentle with the help of light and provides a soothing backdrop for the interiors. The barn wood island with a granite countertop makes itself a focal point and matches perfectly with the wrought iron pendant lights and the tray ceiling above, creating a rustic and classic looking while providing visual variations for the space. What’s more, the linoleum flooring adds a glossy layer of texture to this farmhouse kitchen, contrasting greatly with the pure white cabinetry.

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

This farmhouse kitchen is well-appointed with a grey subway tile backsplash, white shaker cabinets, and dark wood floors. And to jazz this all-white look and create a more soothing atmosphere, it integrates black industrial pendant lights, raw wood stools with wrought iron pedestals, Louvre windows, and greenery into the kitchen’s repertoire. These features make the design homey and rustic which suits the farmhouse spirit. The white coffered ceiling feels intriguing enough to draw the eyes up and the large French windows invite natural lights in, making the kitchen a cozier place to stay not only for cooking but also for meditating and relaxing. 

About Grey Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

The subway tile backsplash is a popular option and has a unique visual effect with 3×6 inches, 2×4 inches, 4×8 inches, and 6×12 inches. Grey backsplash is also applied frequently to serve as a neutral backdrop for the kitchen and it can be made up of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, brick tiles, and natural stone tiles, all of which  have their characteristics and charms and can match well with various kitchens.

White and Blue Cabinetry with Light Grey Backsplash

The timeless companionship of white and pastel blue takes up the cabinetry with freshness and airiness. The grey solid surface countertop completes the pastel blue base cabinets with a touch of calmness and fashion while the stainless steel appliances inserted into the cabinetry enhance the appeal of the cabinetry with a glossy texture.  Serving as a backdrop, the backsplash consists of grey tiles in different shades, which produces a jumpy effect for the kitchen, and the grey backsplash makes the white upper recessed-panel cabinets and glass-fronted cabinets even brighter and airier. Simple and streamlined structures, namely the suspended shelf, the brown island, and the four modern chairs, elevate the bulky shaker cabinetry, harmonizing the entire space with the balance of weight and shape.

No-island Kitchen with Black Cabinets and Grey Backsplash 

Look at this magnificent kitchen! All the cabinets and appliances are inserted perfectly into the wall with no island, maximizing the utilization of the space and also producing a completely integral look. The combination of black shaker cabinets and gold hardware is contrasting yet appealing and pairs well with the bright square wood range hood, attracting people’s attention. The grey subway tile backsplash harmonizes the captivating contrast of the cabinetry and the tiles are laid horizontally to extend the narrow space visually. What shows a similar visual ingenuity with the backsplash is the shiplap ceiling that makes this kitchen lower inversely to increase the homey vibe of this kitchen.

Mediterranean Kitchen with White Cabinets, Grey Island and Grey Subway Backsplash

In this fresh kitchen design, the interplay of white and grey forms a harmonious atmosphere. The white perimeter cabinets accompanied by black hardware provide a classic and airy environment and the beautiful details of the glass upper cabinets and the tender lights add a touch of warmth to the cabinetry. Meanwhile, the grey shiplap hood creates a focal point between the white cabinets while cooperating soundly with the grey ceramic subway tile backsplash that has a perfect layout. The grey shiplap island with white and grey quartz countertop contrasts with the white cabinets and echoes the range hood to make this kitchen integral. Not too conspicuous, the wood flooring sets a calm and peaceful tone for the interiors and brings warmth to this space to some extent while the globe pendant lights strengthen the modern feeling of the kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with Yellow Cabinets and Grey Backsplash 

Using distressed grey uppers with yellow base cabinets brings a new twist to the kitchen design and the flat panels of the cabinets boost up the contemporary look. The dark blue laminate countertop calms down the glowing yellow cabinet finish and strengthens the delicate feeling of this space. Besides, the light grey slate backsplash flows with a strong industrial vibe with its mottled patterns and it also cooperates well with the grey upper cabinets, achieving a pleasant monochromatic transition from the cabinets to the flooring. Moreover, the stainless steel hood shows its eye-catching appeal with its distinctive shape and smooth surface while the wall-mounted shelves and the glass-fronted cabinets offer a boost to the industrial atmosphere.

Grey Ceramic Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Ceramic kitchen backsplash is a classic and affordable option for every style of kitchen. The ceramic surface is resistant to moisture, stains, bacteria, and odors, which makes it ideal for backsplash. And ceramic tiles have matte and glazed surfaces. Grey matte ceramic tiles look sophisticated and serene and are resistant to scratching and marking while the grey glazed tiles give a glossy and porcelain-like look to present a luxurious and modern feeling on the backsplash. The subway tile pattern with white grout on the backsplash can provide a visual center for kitchens and the subway tile pattern with grey grout could be an economic alternative for a marble slab, offering a favorable backdrop to the interior design.

Contemporary Kitchen with Light Green Cabinets and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

This is a stylish, uplifting, and refreshing kitchen. It borrows a good amount of light from the large windows across the room. The light green flat-panel cabinets are complemented by a white solid surface countertop and chrome pulls to achieve a refreshed and enlivened lightness. Wood floating shelves offer a more open feeling and utilize the space of the corner organically. The grey slate subway tile backsplash appears flat and forms a versatile backdrop with different shades of grey slate tiles while the slate tile flooring echoes the backsplash, providing a calm and serene keynote for the interior design details. The dome pendant lights with grainy coating cast warm light on the island to offer a balmy atmosphere for dining, warming up this space.

Oak Wood Cabinets with Grey Ceramic Backsplash and Black Granite Countertop

The rustic and warm oak wood cabinets fill this eat-in kitchen. The recessed-panel oak cabinets and the natural grain patterns complement each other, creating a cohesive and captivating appeal. The patterns of the oak bring a dynamic look and create a rustic view while the grey ceramic backsplash with glossy and curved surfaces and white grout neutralizes the conspicuous hue of the cabinets, harmonizing the culinary space. Besides, the black granite countertop topping the cabinets provides a sophisticated and tranquil feeling to calm down the cabinets and it also responds to the grey backsplash, which makes this kitchen integral.

Dark Green Cabinets with Wood Countertop and Grey Backsplash

This rustic kitchen has such a beautiful harmony with the dark green hue and dark wood elements. The butcher block countertop on the cabinets matches perfectly with the dark green flat panels, creating a classic and tranquil vibe for this kitchen. And the grey subway tile backsplash provides a harmonious backdrop for the cabinets, the shelves, and the hood. The combination of wood open shelves and wood cabinets prevents the kitchen from being too heavy and dark and also diversifies the functional areas of the kitchen while the black thick hardware stands out in the balmy yet somber atmosphere created by the dark hues and dim yellow lights. Moreover, the exposed beam runs across the kitchen and the massive ceiling light occupied the central point of the ceiling, intensifying the warmth of the space.

Transitional Kitchen with Laurel Green Cabinetry and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

This well-curated kitchen welcomes its users with an outdoor view peeking out behind the picture windows. And this captivating scene finds translation within the kitchen through full-height green raised-panel cabinets, grey subway tile backsplash, and wood floors. The forest green cabinetry matches perfectly with the grey backsplash with white grouts to create a peaceful and harmonious vibe for this kitchen. Besides, the dark engineered quartz countertops provide depth and weight to the cabinets and the island while the black caged pendant lights in wrought iron, along with the black stools, boost the sophisticated tone further to a higher level. Moreover, users won’t feel depressed but relaxed thanks to the warm yet fresh wood floors.

Contemporary Kitchen with Light Green Cabinets and Grey Subway Tile Backsplash

This is a stylish, uplifting, and refreshing kitchen. It borrows a good amount of light from the large windows across the room. The light green flat-panel cabinets are complemented by a white solid surface countertop and chrome pulls to achieve a refreshed and enlivened lightness. Wood floating shelves offer a more open feeling and utilize the space of the corner organically. The grey slate subway tile backsplash appears flat and forms a versatile backdrop with different shades of grey slate tiles while the slate tile flooring echoes the backsplash, providing a calm and serene keynote for the interior design details. The dome pendant lights with grainy coating cast warm light on the island to offer a balmy atmosphere for dining, warming up this space.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinets and Grey Backsplash

What a bright and characteristic kitchen it is! The open-plan layout of this kitchen looks bright and airy with a high ceiling and three French windows and the mix of navy blue and grey produces a pleasant feeling of serenity. The navy blue beaded inset cabinets produce a profound and captivating look with the support of the grey marble countertop. The grey subway tile backsplash makes itself a focal point to attract people’s attention and the stainless steel hood adds a layer of glossy texture to the backsplash, diversifying the space. Much to the surprise, the designer adopted brownish-red floors with a distressed finish and metal trims, adding a striking antique feeling to the space. Other wood elements are the feet of tender stools and the coffered ceiling above, both of which strengthen the pastoral beauty of this kitchen.

Grey Porcelain Subway Tile Backsplash

Actually, porcelain tiles are one type of ceramic tile. But porcelain tiles require higher temperatures to fire, which gives porcelain tiles a harder, denser, more durable, and less porous texture compared to ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles won’t warp when wet and will keep their vibrant colors for a long time. Although more expensive than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are still cheaper than marble ones and they share a familiar gloss with the marble ones. Having various options on patterns and colors allows the porcelain subway tile backsplash to pair with every style of kitchen and grey porcelain subway tile backsplash is one of the most attractive among others.

Off-white Kitchen with Grey Backsplash and Dark Wood Flooring

In this transitional kitchen, a pleasant and gentle vibe pervades. Looking like cream, the off-white finish of the cabinetry provides an elegant and soft atmosphere for the interior, which is different from a pure white one. And the combination of knots and pulls divides the upper cabinets from the base cabinets and adds a touch of vibrancy with a contrast of black and off-white. Introducing grey is a grey idea for this kitchen because the glossy backsplash with subway tile patterns, the grey rug, and the grey seat on the wood frames serve as neutralizers to balance the various colors and materials in this space. Furthermore, the glossy surface of the backsplash brings a touch of luxury to the kitchen.

Mid-century Kitchen with Blue Cabinetry and Grey Porcelain Subway Tile Backsplash

A serene vibe spreads through this kitchen with the help of blue and grey hues. The sky blue and pastel blue cabinet finishes on the flat paneling cast a slightly contrasting yet peaceful feeling to this kitchen while the wood coating for the cabinets adds a touch of warmth and glamour to the cabinets, making the cabinetry more attractive and classic. Contrary to the matte surface of the cabinets, these porcelain subway tiles in grey present a glossy and sleek look, which increases the value of this kitchen and forms a harmonious feeling with the stainless steel appliances. The travertine tile flooring makes for a homey atmosphere with the colors and patterns while the brass and chrome hardware provides different sparkles to this space.

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets, Blue Island and Grey Backsplash

This transitional kitchen borrows from coastal designs, which is the most evident in the ocean-colored island. The white raised-panel cabinets keep this kitchen light and bright and also contrast with the blue island and the dark linoleum floor while the beige laminate countertop mediates the contrast and makes the cabinetry harmonious. In addition, the glossy grey backsplash is supported by the grey porcelain tiles and the white grout and casts a sleek look to this space. The luxurious pendant lights ooze a fervent traditional and sumptuous feeling, adding classic and delicate touches to the kitchen.

White Kitchen with Grey Subway Tile Backsplash and Yellow Appliance

The soothing ambiance of this kitchen is welcoming and alluring. The flat white cabinets and the edge pulls create an elegant match while the black solid surface countertop with starry patterns add a feeling of luxury to this kitchen. Besides, the light grey reflects light from every angle and brightens this kitchen. The light grey subway tile backsplash has a texture of seashell and looks classic and delicate, which plays a friendly backdrop for the white cabinetry while the yellow appliance and the stainless steel range hood stand out by their distinctive hue and texture. The linear chandelier with round lights above the peninsula gives a unique yet charming look and softens the tough vibe in this kitchen. Finally, the limestone flooring contrasts itself with the white cabinets by its patterned surface, bringing vitality to this space.

Grey Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Glass subway tiles have their classic visual appeal and timeless charms as well due to their durability and practicality. Thanks to their versatility, a glass subway tile backsplash is one of the most common design details in various kitchens. The glass subway tile backsplash is easy to clean and hard to chip or fade and the gray glass backsplash could easily hide oil and stains, which could reduce the frequency of housework.

White Shaker Cabinets with Gray Glass Backsplash and Quartz Waterfall Island

In this contemporary kitchen, a clean and delicate vibe pervades. The white shaker cabinets fill this space and the glass-fronted upper cabinets add a subtle linear break between the cabinets and the ceiling, diversifying the cabinet composition. Modern appliances are inserted perfectly into the cabinetry and their places are arranged thoughtfully after considering the work triangle of the kitchen. The gray glass tiles on the backsplash provide a vertical effect to this horizontal room while the gray quartz waterfall on the island extends the space visually to enlarge the kitchen. The travertine tile flooring, however, provides a modest yet class keynote to this modern kitchen, which creates a harmonious look with the trio of pendant lights.

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Gray Glass Backsplash

In this spacious kitchen, the all-white recessed-panel cabinetry creates an airy and clean feeling while the compound pulls and chrome hardware adds energetic vitality with their contrasting hues with the white finishes. Brown color runs through the space, including the butcher block countertop, the chairs, and the flooring, strengthening the classic and traditional feeling of the kitchen. Working as a transitional element, the gray glass backsplash provides a calming yet crystal backdrop for the cabinetry and also forms a contrasting look with the large white window, the white marble countertop, and the white cabinets. The three mini pendant lights cast warm lights on the island to enhance the homey ambiance of the dining place.

Craftsman Style Kitchen with Glass Subway Tile Backsplash and White Raised-Panel Cabinetry

Embodying an ultimate form of high craftsmanship, this eat-in kitchen showcases a typical open-plan layout. And what it presents is the eye-catching combination of white raised-panel cabinets, walnut glass cabinets, and walnut trims of the cabinets, which necessitates the rattan window shade, creating an antique and classic atmosphere. The grey glass backsplash looks crystal and glossy while the dim yellow lights under the cabinets bless the backsplash with a feeling of warmth and loveliness. In the middle of this kitchen stands a rustic yet antique island topped with a granite countertop, which drew organically the cabinets together and intensified the traditional ambiance of this kitchen. Moreover, the light wood flooring, along with stainless steel appliances, gives touches of modernity while dots of greenery adds natural vitality with the natural light shedding from the large window.

Two-tone Cabinetry with Bluish gray Glass Backsplash 

One way to energize a kitchen with white recessed-paneled cabinets is to introduce pops of colors as in this kitchen. This traditional design, for example, employs wood panels on the island to make a soft contrast with the white ones of the cabinets while the white quartz countertops tell the integrity between the cabinets and the island. The bluish-gray glass backsplash creates a crystal and delicate backdrop for the cabinets and its bluish-gray hue adds a soothing tone to this kitchen. The chrome knots and pulls and the glass pendant lights coordinate with the two-tone cabinetry to harmonize this space. The wood floors also radiate warmth and echo the island finish.

Grey Brick Subway Tile Backsplash

Installing a brick backsplash is getting increasingly popular because the brick backsplash is timeless, functional and visually captivating. Brick backsplash has two colors, red and gray, and gray brick backsplash wins people’s preference for its calming and low-key tones. Gray brick subway tile backsplash can be pure colored or mottled and they have difference visual effects for the kitchen. Normally, pure-colored brick backsplash could give a slate look with dynamic vitality while mottled brick backsplash seems more rustic and rough, which is suitable for farmhouse style or industrial kitchens.

Stainless Steel Cabinets with Gray Brick Backsplash

With its glossy and textural details, this eat-in industrial kitchen serves a joyful appeal! All the cabinets, the countertop, the range hood, and the open shelves are made of stainless steel, forming an cold yet attractive appearance. The gray brick backsplash behind the stainless steel shelves outlines a modest and rustic background, which produces a contrast of matte and glossy with the stainless steel surfaces. Besides, the wood countertop of the island, the wood wine rack, and the wood flooring add touches of softness and warmth to this kitchen, which creates a contrasting charm with the stainless steel fixtures. The exposed pipe of the range hood matches well with the high space and intensifies the industrial feeling of this kitchen. And the stainless steel bar countertop is also an ideal kitchen design and users would relax there sitting on the antique stools.

Mid-century Kitchen with Laminate Cabinets and Brick Backsplash

Look what a special kitchen it is! Large picture windows invites enough lights to this kitchen to create a welcoming vibe for users and the wood-colored laminate cabinets with flat-paneling looks even brighter and warmer in daylight. Talking to the cabinets, the wall-mounted base cabinets give  a modern look to the kitchen and the space under the cabinets make it easy to clean, harmonizing the bulky outfit of the one-wall cabinets on the other side. Meanwhile, the gray brick backsplash is the focal point for this kitchen and cooprates with the gray wall to produce a calming and sophisticated vibe. Moreover, replacing an island with a dining table is a great idea to maximize the space utilization and the dinning table with metal frames and a glass top offers a modern charm with the the elegant chairs, beautifying this mid-century kitchen.

Duplex House with Wood kitchen Cabinets, Brick Subway Tile Backsplash, and brick Island

Not too bold, not too boring. This kitchen shows a good example of a kitchen in a duplex house. Wood colored laminate cabinets with flat paneling create a focal point in the first flooring while matching perfectly with the gray brick patterns to form a balmy vibe. And the custom design layout makes the best of the small space to offer a cooking place with enough storage spaces and a smooth working path. The light gray brick subway tile backsplash bounces limited light from the window, saving the first flooring from being too gloomy and dark, and it also intensifies the industrial characteristics of this kitchen with its raw rick patterns. Another design highlight is the island consisting of brick body and plywood countertop and the black stools paired with island stand out for its contrasting in color and texture with the island.

Industrial Kitchen with Two-tone Cabinetry and Distressed gray Backsplash

In this industrial kitchen, various types of materials play an impressive ensemble! In the background, gray brick subway tile backsplash reach the ceiling, peeking behind the dark brown timber floating shelves and creating a magnificent picture for this kitchen. And the simple white cabinets turn out the perfect pair for the mottled background while the black engineered countertop and the black farmhouse sink soften the contrast between the backsplash and the cabinet body. Another typical corner in this kitchen that shows a strong industrial feeling is the island zone. The distressed black island matched with a trio of ancient torn chairs have an antique charm of roughness while the Montana bridge chandelier above the island exhibits a sense of delicacy and specialty. Moreover, the bulky exposed beam also intensifies the beauty of an industrial kitchen.

Grey Natural Stone Subway Tile Backsplash

With the growing trend of bringing nature and natural materials into the home in 2022, natural stones are becoming popular materials for backsplashes. There are many natural stones suitable for backsplash, including marble, slate, granite, travertine, and quartzite, and their durability, unique patterns and affordable cost make themselves prior to other materials. However, keep in mind that natural stone backsplash is not quite easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, do remember to seal the natural stones to prevent moisture and stains of oil and water.

Tropical Kitchen with Water Blue Cabinets and Grey Marble Backsplash  -marble

Thanks to the four white framed windows, streaming lights bath this tropical kitchen in natural light and allow users to witness the interplay of light and shadow on the wall and fixtures. Grey marble subway tile backsplash in different shades looks icy and crystal with a contrast of grey backsplash with the water blue cabinets while the white solid surface countertop connects the backsplash with the shaker cabinets. A colorful and stunning picture cladding the island works perfectly with the orange stools to form a striking contrast with the water blue hues and to bring glowing warmth to this space, demonstrating the typical characteristics of the tropical kitchen style.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Grey Marble Backsplash and Copper Hood

This friendly and soothing kitchen design has a relaxed color scheme with deliberate features. The grey marble subway tiles laid in a running bond style come with natural mottled patterns for extra interest. The white shaker cabinets adorned by black pulls add a modern touch to this balmy space while the copper range hood stands out due to its captivating hue and distressed finish, which matches well with the island linear light spreading dim yellow lights. Under the pendant lights sits a brown island topped with an off-white marble countertop, bringing weight to this bright and light kitchen. And the light wood flooring strengthens the warmth of this space.

Matte Green Cabinets with Light Grey Granite Backsplash and Gold Accents

Nature welcomes you to this lovely kitchen! The matte green shaker cabinets adorned with gold hardware bring sophistication and modest luxury to the kitchen while the white solid surface countertops create a fresh contrast. A chromatic transition from deep grey to white takes place in the corner of cooking with the light grey granite backsplash connecting and the light wood open shelves add natural vitality to the space. The wood legs of the island look harmonious with the matte green body and they also echo organically the wood flooring, integrating the cabinetry with the flooring.

Monochrome Design Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Slate Backsplash

Different shades of grey interplay in this kitchen, forming an enchanting picture of sophistication and a rustic charm. The deep grey base cabinets with natural wood patterns, along with the full-height cabinets on the both sides, provide a calming and tranquil tone for the kitchen while the light grey upper cabinets offer lights with a conspicuous contrast with the base cabinets. The slate backsplash in various shades of grey serves as a bridge integrating the upper cabinets with the base cabinets. Besides, in front of the cabinetry stands a dark grey island surrounded by four grey metallic stools, bringing depth and weight to this grey kitchen. The grey ceramic tile flooring looks harmonious in this space while the win rack against the wall adds flavour to the plain white wall.

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