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26+ Black Peel And Stick Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

26+ Black Peel And Stick Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Wooden Kitchen With A Luxe Touch

Under the white shiplap ceiling with exposed beams, the kitchen features medium tone natural wood cabinets, which have beautiful grains and are applied in a slab style. From the black soapstone worktops to the bottom of the upper cabinets, the glossy black peel and stick subway backsplash stands out from the wooden cabinetry, making a statement in this spacious kitchen. The brushed brass pot filler on the backsplash is stunning and echoes the faucet on the large waterfall island. It is hard to go wrong when you combine black accents with wood materials. And the wood flooring has various shades that accentuate the gorgeous kitchen.

Black Herringbone Peel And Stick Backsplash And Glazed Window Backsplash

The open kitchen is impressive. Black and wood are tried-and-true hues for personality-packed impact. Under the upper wood cabinets, the horizontal grains contrast with the black peel and stick tile backsplash in a herringbone pattern. A large window, especially when the sun is shining, makes the kitchen look more spacious and airy. The kitchen island consists of two parts: one covered with white quartz stone countertops and having a black base, equipped with several rattan stools; the other with hollowed out wooden cantilever countertops. The composition of the island matches the design style of the kitchen and makes the showpiece kitchen much more harmonious.

About Peel And Stick Backsplash

Peel and stick backsplashes are trouble-free. There’s no need to worry about dealing with grout, mortar, or other messy substances required for a traditional backsplash. What’s more, for a renter or a commitment-phobe, these accents can also be removed as easily as they’re installed, saving a lot of unnecessary trouble in the follow-up.

They are durable, easy to wipe, and heat, humidity, and water-resistant, making them suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

A peel and stick backsplash is smart and also comes in many colors and styles, so you can certainly get the perfect pattern for your renovation.

Multi-Textured Backsplash

Crafting a space with multiple colors calls for style and texture. This kitchen has more than just white flat panel cabinets. A textured, peel and stick blue hexagon backsplash in various shades accentuates and frames out the window. The blue and white island, which includes a bookshelf and sleek bar stools, adds color and character. The globe glass pendant lights are a beautiful addition to the joyful cooking space. Accents like wood and green plants bring the kitchen to the next stage. The warm wood flooring provides more image and vibe.

Go Bold On Kitchen Palette

The matcha green color scheme and the combination of black and white come together to make this kitchen alluring. Under the chic floating matcha green cabinets, the black mosaic peel and stick tile backsplash looks posh and blends with the soapstone countertop. The base cabinets are a relatively lighter tone than the floating cabinets and the pantry and are closer to the color of the walls. The classic black and white checkerboard ceramic flooring pairs perfectly with this sophisticated green kitchen. A dark green leather chair and the black and white chandelier with gold details highlight the one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Dark Gray Herringbone Peel And Stick Backsplash—A Gorgeous Addition

The one-wall kitchen features white shaker cabinets, soapstone worktops, a large cooktop, and a dining island. The white frame window against the black peel and stick backsplash provides beautiful views in the kitchen. Stacking in a herringbone pattern, the captivating backsplash adds a textured aesthetic. The island cabinets in a dark wood tone, the chic stools, and the hardwood flooring show the charming wood grains, which make the kitchen layered and tasteful. The stunning globe glass pendant lights further brighten the place.

A Chic And Elegant Cooking Space

Beige laminated flat panel cabinets that go from floor to ceiling exude elegance and grandeur and match well with the sage green wall. The ceiling has beautiful crown molding details and a crystal ceiling light. The black checkered peel and stick backsplash stands out and complements the solid surface countertop. It has a row of colorful cups on it, together with the backsplash, adding pops of color and style to the kitchen. The black waterfall peninsula contrasts with the light tone cabinetry and subway ceramic flooring.

Black And White Peel And Stick Kitchen Backsplash

There are many motifs, such as faux metallic, Gothic, hexagonal, mermaid, subway, etc., for black and white peel and stick backsplashes. They are beautiful and perfect for creating a timeless look while also creating a bold and unforgettable look in the kitchen.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen With White Cabinets And Black And Patterned Backsplash

The black and white kitchen has a stunning look. Its floating white recessed panel cabinets contrast with the black peel and stick subway tile backsplash, especially with the eye-catching section below the tall range hood, which is in a black and white coin-like motif. The range hood extends to the vaulted ceiling, looking distinctive. An off-white marble countertop covers the beige base cabinets, which have black pulls, the same as the upper ones. Sleek globe pendant lights with a black finish hanging over the island are the showpieces. Black woven stools around the island are chic and personalized.

Small Kitchen Embraces An Open Layout

The cohesive galley features blue cabinetry and butcher block countertops, giving it a refreshing look. What’s more, the black and white peel and stick backsplash in a graphic pattern is showstopping and pairs perfectly with the white frame window. It is hard to say no to the sophisticated cooking space. The industrial-inspired black handles on the shiplap wall are the ingenious additions that make the kitchen connect smoothly with the second floor. The light hardwood flooring exudes warmth and highlights the airy and bright kitchen.

Black Backsplash With White Grout

The black and white peel and stick backsplash in a hexagon pattern takes center stage in the stylish kitchen. It is designed in a style with white grout, making it look chic and lively while also bringing graphic and textured elements. Apart from the white flat panel cabinets and black slab style pantry, the milk tea color terrazzo flooring also gives the kitchen another texture and balances the monochromatic black and white scheme. A full-view black frame window, a hollow-out wooden bar peninsula pairing with sleek stools, and a sputnik pendant light accentuate the character of this airy and spacious kitchen.

Fancy Black And White Cooking Space

Black and white, plus gold accents, create a captivating transitional kitchen. The black and white geometric peel and stick backsplash takes center stage under the crisp white vent hood and between the black frame windows. It is made in a style with gold grout, adding a luxe touch and echoing the gold decors such as the globe wall sconces, cabinet door handles, a high arch faucet, backless stools, and black pendants. The white shaker cabinets pair well with the quartzite countertops and contrast strikingly with the dark hardwood flooring at the same time. The black, thick frame glass doors with grids connect the kitchen with the yard outside, making it spacious.

Types Of Peel And Stick Tiles

  • Glass. They are glossy and offer a more dashing look.
  • Stone. You have no need to deal with messy grout or mortar, and you can get a real stone appearance for your backsplash.
  • Vinyl. They are usually the cheapest on the market, most likely due to the use of foam and plastic backing.
  • Metal. Generally, they are made of real or lightweight metal, for example, aluminum, which has a sticky adhesive.
  • Gel. Made from 3D gel materials, such as faux ceramic and glass tiles.

Black And White Mosaic Peel And Stick Backsplash, Add Some Pizzazz

The dotted black and white mosaic peel and stick backsplash gives life to the kitchen and makes it dazzle. Long wooden shelves across the backsplash camouflage the vent hood, providing more space and minimizing clutter on the white quartz counter, which contrasts with the black flat panel cabinets. The black island covered with a butcher block countertop, which is in a warm wood tone, differentiates from the hardwood flooring. The gray upholstered chairs look cozy and reassuring. A sumptuous crystal ceiling light gives the kitchen a touch of exquisiteness.

Clever Mosaic Black Vinyl Herringbone Tile Backsplash

Between the white flat panel cabinets, the black peel and stick backsplash in a mosaic herringbone pattern with white grout style, it’s a statement piece in the posh kitchen. Under the soft light, it looks more glamorous and adds graphic beauty. With a bookshelf, the large island covered with a quartz slab is also a centerpiece. At its perimeter, there are the sleek, transparent stools with black metal frames and the classic yet personalized pendant lights hanging over. The black ceiling contrasts with the medium tone hardwood flooring, which has natural grains and knots.

Mix Of Luxury And Elegance

The splendid kitchen is absolutely showstopping. Traveling across the white shaker cabinetry and white frame windows, the black and white peel and stick mosaic tile backsplash adds a geometric aesthetic and matches perfectly with the surrounding white decor and the black wall sconces. It is a case in point that shows white kitchens are not bland at all. The light color of the cabinets is soft and warm. There are subtle veins on the white quartz countertops, giving them a charming look. A hidden cabinetry can house the microwave and large appliances and keep the countertops clutter free. On the island, pendants are bright and distinctive. The use of panel ready appliances with large matte black hardware gave this a crisp and sophisticated look. And the details, such as the trim on the top of the door and the natural wood flooring, contribute to a breathtaking kitchen.

A Soft Kitchen With A Dazzling Black Mosaic Tile Backsplash

The Scandinavian kitchen‘s palette and design style are muted. The light wood cabinets, with their blunt, raised panels and rounded metal handles, exude warmth. Even with the stainless steel countertop, it does not feel cold at all. The countertop includes a double-bowl sink and a faucet. The colorful black mosaic-style peel and stick backsplash is edgy and stylish, but it’s not at all obtrusive, and it blends well with the light wood cabinets. The wall around the upper cabinets has a light twig texture, giving the kitchen a different style.

Matte Black Peel And Stick Backsplash

Matte black can be naturally seen as modern, but it works well as a transitional finish too. It is a good choice to spruce up the space with a little bit of black. The unpolished matte black peel and stick backsplash can make a big statement in the kitchen while also adding an unexpected avant-garde twist to everyday meal preparation.

Trendy Black And White Gray Palette

The sky’s the limit with the gray and white hexagon stickable tiles. The matte peel and stick backsplash offers the space a tactile, 3D vibe and accentuates the stylish kitchen. The white cabinets in a flat panel style look crisp and pair wonderfully with the high-end appliances, posh backsplash, and black stone slab countertops. The dining table combination, which has a white top and a crossover support frame and come with gray leather chairs, is an ideal partner to the kitchen. And it also serves as an excellent medium between the kitchen and the living room. Stacking in a herringbone pattern, the soft, beige ceramic flooring with veins adds a textured aesthetic.

Perfect Space For Cooking And Family And Friend Gatherings

Though it has a clean line, the matte black range hood is a statement. The artful play on shapes and vision gives the geometric peel and stick backsplash an alluring appearance. As natural light falls on the backsplash, it flickers on and off. The cube pattern is contemporary and quirky without being overly dramatic. The 3D texture of this backsplash adds depth. It pairs well with the slab style natural wood cabinets and the light tone shiplap cabinets outside the door, as well as the black stone slab countertops. The two-section kitchen is ideal for being a place where friends and family could meet to chat while cooking meals or to sit and have a glass of wine.

Chic Open Kitchen Perfect For Entertaining

The cabinetry in tri-tone gives the kitchen a gorgeous look. Floor-to-ceiling dark blue cabinets paired with slender metal handles exude grandeur, and the fridge is completely concealed. A walnut-looking wine stack separates the pantry from the fridge. The embossed matte black peel and stick backsplash beneath the glossy white laminated upper cabinets brings geometric pattern and texture, adding pizzazz to the kitchen. With ultra-matte black doors, the base cabinets also match well with the white quartzite worktops, which are the same material as the large waterfall island. There is toe kick lighting installed under the wooden island base, elevating the modern feel and makes the light wood floors warmer.

Go For Simple, Yet With A Bit Of Drama

The minimalist kitchen features a matte black peel and stick tile backsplash in a square pattern with a slight white grout style and light wood cabinetry with natural grains. The black backsplash goes from the black soapstone countertops to the upper cabinets, pairing well with the wooden cabinets and white painting wall. The base cabinets, also in a flat panel design, blend seamlessly with the white wall, which makes the black backsplash and countertops look like a separating line between the cabinets. The sleek round bar stools around the peninsula add a pop of color. The dark wood flooring anchors the chic kitchen space.

Black Subway Peel And Stick Tile Backsplash

Generally speaking, laying subway tiles requires care because grouting is required. If you are distracted, it is easy to go wrong. The subway-style peel and stick tile saves a lot of time and effort. These tiles have an adhesive backing that sticks to a variety of surfaces, ensuring a quick and effective floor update or backsplash installation. If you choose black subway peel and stick tile, it is often styled with white grout, which makes its lines distinct, gives it a unique appearance, and makes it look real.

Contemporary Kitchen And Gray Subway Peel And Stick Tile Backsplash And Gray Cabinetry

This kitchen features large areas of gray subway peel and stick tile with white grout, which adds a bit of lightness to the kitchen, especially with the contrasting monochrome gray cabinets. Various modern appliances are housed in the large cabinets, making the kitchen crisp and simple. Light wood wall shelves stand out against the gray backsplash, further brightening the kitchen. The large island is covered with white quartz countertops and also has bookshelves, equipped with several round wood stools that are very delicate. A few very modern, industrial-style pendant lights above the island are also statement pieces. Full-view movable doors and light-colored wooden floors give the kitchen a bright and open feel.

Enjoy Every Meal Prep And Get Closer To Nature

The timeless combination of black and wood never fails to impress. The black subway peel and stick tile backsplash, although in black grout style, is layered and three-dimensional and adds geometric beauty. The upper cabinets covering the vent hood have a matte black finish, echoing the black island cabinets, which pair well with the soapstone countertops. What flanks the backsplash are tall cabinets with medium tone wood cabinet doors, which, together with the base cabinets and island bar, give the kitchen an aesthetic of natural wood. A large skylight and the full view floor-to-ceiling windows shine on the gray porcelain flooring and the whole kitchen.

Opt For Something Blue And Black Subway Tile Backsplash

Make the cabinets and kitchen island powder blue and give the kitchen a breath of fresh air. The floor-to-ceiling white pantry is an ideal place to house the stainless steel appliances. The black subway tile peel and stick backsplash with white grout style makes a statement in the pure tone kitchen beneath the off-white upper cabinets and vent hood. The large island has enough seating for four, and it pairs with chic wooden stools, adding a touch of natural vibe. In a warm tone, the travertine floors soften the kitchen.

A Chic U-shaped Contemporary Kitchen

The lacquered black subway tile peel and stick backsplash against the white flat panel upper cabinets is the centerpiece and works well with the butcher block countertops, which cover the light blue slab cabinets with a veneer tile finish. Over the bar, light gray pendant lights are sleek and stunning, highlighting the kitchen. And the bar also comes with simple yet chic wooden stools. The high arch faucet with a touch of old-world vibe matches nicely with the wooden countertops. The sliding glass doors connect the kitchen with the yard outside, making the kitchen bright and spacious.

Black Hexagon Peel And Stick Backsplash

Consider installing a geometric, modern-looking hexagon tile backsplash in your kitchen. There are a variety of sizes, materials, and styles. They are often simple updates and can make a huge impact. Despite being made of a peel and stick material, they can be easily matched to various design styles—bohemian, classic, farmhouse, minimalist, modern, traditional, and so on. They create beautiful lines and allow them to repeat easily in a tile pattern that is more interesting and less harsh than 90° angles. They offer visual precision in their design, cheering up your kitchen.

A Black and White, Gray Cooking Space That Will Astound You 

The hexagon peel and stick backsplash in shades of black and gray creates beautiful lines, commands attention, and shows the personality of the kitchen. Thanks to the ingenious palette, though primarily in a gray tone, the kitchen has a visually pleasing look. The light gray cabinets with black pulls against the relatively dark gray backsplash match the white quartz countertops. The waterfall island has a gray base and boasts a recessed bottom that houses a trio of stools perfectly. Besides, you can achieve a dramatic and impressive effect by adding some vibrant color decor, such as a red lacquered kettle and a natural wood knife rest.

Personalized Cooking Nook Livened Up By Hexagon Tile

It shows that hexagon tiles can be used in any area of the house for a standout update. Against the flat panel laminated gray cabinets with slender silver pulls, the lacquered black hexagon tile peel and stick backsplash takes center stage, especially under the gold lighting. It matches well with the butcher block countertops, which have a high arch gold finish faucet. The cooking nook has a multicolored hexagon ceramic floor, distinguishing the kitchen from the living room and livening itself up.

Try It Out As A Backsplash Tile

The Scandinavian inspired kitchen features off-white flat panel cabinets, white quartz countertops, and a black hexagon tile peel and stick backsplash with white grout style. Against the white backdrop of the kitchen, the black hexagon backsplash makes a statement, giving the kitchen captivating lines and a dramatic feel. Hanging over the island, the black and white globe-like pendants are also eye-catching and add character to the kitchen. Stylish wire-woven bar stools, which have leather cushions, add a splash of color to the otherwise white kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen With Black Hexagon Backsplash And Slab Style Cabinets

The black hexagon tile peel and stick backsplash serves as an excellent backdrop in the kitchen, which features flat panel cabinetry in lacquered white, greige, and matte black. Cutting two windows in the backsplash and flanking the stainless steel pyramid chimney range hood helped to avoid the dark-toned backsplash’s overly gloomy feeling and let in much more natural light giving the kitchen an airy and spacious feel. Choosing a natural wood countertop and medium tone hardwood flooring can also give life to the sleek kitchen.

Prepare The Surface Before Applying Peel And Stick Backsplash

It’s imperative to make sure the wall and floor are properly prepared. To sand or scrape away any clutter on the walls, such as old adhesive or protrusions, to ensure the new tile lays flat and adheres tightly. Peel and stick tiles can be applied over painted drywall, existing linoleum, concrete, and many other common wall and floor materials. You can also fill the grout lines with grout before installing new tiles, which will prevent mold from growing later and causing the tiles to fall off.

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