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22+ Grey Marble Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Transitional Kitchen With Rose-red Cabinets And Grey Marble Backsplash

In light grey, the marble backsplash with subtle veining goes from the worktops straight up to the ceiling, looking tailored and charming when it pairs with a bold color. The custom cabinets in a special rose-red color, coming with satin brass pulls, make a statement in the kitchen. The farmhouse sink comes with a gold gooseneck faucet placed under the wide white frame windows. The island is topped with a marble countertop, which is the same as the backsplash. You can really feel the refined statement of the kitchen in some details, such as the exquisite brass wall sconces with black finishes and the antique lantern pendant lights hanging over the island, etc. The classic stools, made of dark wood with a beige cushion, add a splash of style to the kitchen. The floor under the island is grey-white marble ceramic, which is distinguished from its surrounding wood floors.

White Recessed-panel Cabinets, Black Island, And Grey Marble Backsplash

The transitional kitchen features white recessed-panel cabinets, which have black knobs and pulls. Under the white vent hood, the grey marble slab backsplash with natural veining, like a piece of art, is glossy and showstopping. And it complements the zinc worktops and white cabinets. The black island with a waterfall soapstone countertop stands out against the light-colored decor. Two large white dome pendant lights on the coffered ceiling are stunning. Light purple velvet and matte metallic stools around the island add a lot of style to the kitchen. The light hardwood floors make the kitchen warm and inviting.

About Grey Marble Backsplash

In order to incorporate a luxury feel, designers often gravitate towards marble tiles. Marble is a great statement-making material for a backsplash. And grey can always bring out the unique style of marble, a precious stone, as a neutral color without being too understated, heavy, or luxurious. One of the best things about marble is that it instantly elevates any space it is used in. There is nothing more elegant and timeless than this.

Contemporary Kitchen Play Monochrome Grey Nicely

Various grey tones exude glamour in the kitchen. The beaded inset laminated slabs are dark grey, enhancing the aesthetic of the layer and design. In a flat panel style, the cabinets are a relatively shallow grey, matching well with the coveted grey marble backsplash and countertops. In particular, the grey marble backsplash and countertop look more alluring under the soft lighting. The waterfall island, which comes with sleek black stools, is made of solid-surface marble material, which is the same as the backsplash and countertops. Hanging over the centre of the artistic space, the crystal column pendants, together with the warm wood floors, created a dreamy and spellbinding kitchen.

Chic And Posh Kitchen With Grey-white Marble Shelves And Mirrored Island

The light, the fluidity of the spaces, the large openings towards the terrace, the game of reflections, and the charming colors give life to the eye-popping kitchen. The monumental marble shelf and the pinkish mirrored island definitely take center stage, around which the living space revolves. The grey and white marble shelf looks like a giant, splendid painting in the kitchen. On the island, the marble countertop pairs effortlessly with the glossy pink mirrored cabinets. The two glass bubble-like pendants bring a more stylish vibe. With the light wood flooring, an airy, serene, and sensory interior is done right.

A Perfect Showpiece Kitchen

The large contemporary kitchen shows a symmetrical aesthetic. It seems that the backsplash and worktops are carved into the front of the white flat-panel cabinets. Trimmed with the grey marble at the perimeter of the niche, the grey marble backsplash and worktops as well as the metallic vent hood look like a fantastic painting that will rock and surprise you. The grey marble with natural stone veining continues on the island top, and there is an integrated butcher block and a wide galley sink, which come with two high arch faucets. The grey upholstered bar stools go well with the island wood base, which has rustic grains. The medium-tone hardwood flooring, combined with the other wood accents, makes the kitchen more harmonious.

Grey Marble Backsplash And Countertops Meet Bold Colors

The stunning dark green kitchen pairs wonderfully with the grey marble backsplash, which has subtle texture. The eye-catching grey marble backsplash goes from the worktops to the range hood, which is like a beautiful ribbon sprucing up the kitchen. And it blends well with the creamy wall, which has delicate dark wood shelves and wall sconces. The green shaker cabinets with satin gold knobs and pulls make a statement. There is a stainless steel faucet and undermount sink on the island, and what’s hung over the island is a captivating, luxury crystal chandelier, which brightens up the kitchen. Three baby blue stools in a tulip style add pops of color and style to this cooking space. The dark wood flooring with natural grains completes the charming art space.

What Backsplash Goes With Marble Countertops

We love marble countertops. When selecting a backsplash to complement a marble countertop, it is necessary to consider the style and budget. The following are our five favourite backsplashes that will match almost any marble countertop.

  • Marble backsplash. Though marble slabs are expensive, they are worth considering for the reason that they can create a seamless design between the upper and lower cabinets, which is helpful to achieve a harmonious kitchen.
  • Geometric design. Made from tiles, the geometric pattern will serve as a focal point and make a strong visual impact in the kitchen.
  • Hexagonal tile. It helps to create an airy and open kitchen and, meanwhile, doesn’t steal the show from the marble countertops.
  • Marble tile. It is a much cheaper option than marble slabs, and it gives the space stronger visual variation.
  • Glass tile. Like subway glass tiles, which are able to create visual interest subtly or dramatically in a neutral or bold color.

Mid-century Modern Kitchen With Dark Grey Cabinets And Marble Slabs Backsplash

The grey marble backsplash, which almost goes from the white quartz countertops to the ceiling with distinctive veins, contrasts with the dark grey flat-panel cabinets, looking like a beautiful painting and giving the space an aesthetic texture. The light wood floating shelves add a pop of color to the grey backsplash. Plenty of natural light comes through the wide, black-framed sliding window, contributing to a bright kitchen. A black faucet combination comes with a two-bowl sink set on the island. The white quartz countertops that cover the island in a waterfall style are sleek. At its perimeter, brown leather-woven and wood-framed stools are in style. The warm wood floors and the wood beaded inset wall, along with the other wood accents, give the kitchen a natural, rustic vibe, creating a cozy eat-in space.

A Contemporary Kitchen With A Touch Of Zen

The one-of-a-kind kitchen comes into people’s view to leave them with a lasting impression. Under the black flat-panel upper cabinets covered with a vent hood, the grey marble slab backsplash with slight, subtle, natural stone textures looks like a captivating wash painting, giving the space a profound feel. The white flat panel cabinets have no handles and are crisp and sleek, pairing well with both the white quartz worktops and the light grey waterfall countertops, which are the same as the marble backsplash. The black faucets that come with an undermount sink are stunning on the island. Half of the island is hollow, paired with blue and red wooden stools, providing a marvellous eating place. A slender niche carved on the front of the island is used to display tableware. The utensils in this kitchen are the shining pieces. In particular, the light grey glass vase with decorating branches accentuates the aesthetic grey marble backsplash. They collaborate wonderfully to bring a touch of zen to the kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Has White Cabinets And Grey Marble Backsplash And Countertops

The open kitchen is stunning, with glossy white flat-panel cabinets, a grey marble backsplash and worktops. Among them, the grey marble backsplash, which has attractive, ink-painting veins, provides visual interest as well as a profound vibe. With grey flat-panel cabinets and a cantilevered wooden bar counter, which is paired with grey leather swivel bar stools, the grey marble waterfall island is magnificent and versatile. The charming crystal glass pendant light over the island expresses the kitchen’s style. In a dark wood tone, the hardwood floors connect the open kitchen with other areas in the home.

A Welcoming Transitional White Kitchen

Natural light comes through the window with grids and brightens up the kitchen. The white flat-panel cabinets with delicate black handles pair well with the stainless steel appliances. And it seems that they blend with the white grout ceiling with exposed beams. The integrated light grey marble backsplash and worktops add pops of aesthetic texture. A huge black vent hood on top of the grey marble backsplash is stunning, contrasting strikingly with the almost all-white background. The wooden island has raised panel cabinets and a black soapstone countertop, where there is a faucet and a two-bowl sink. With a black lamp holder, the lovely white pendant lights make a statement. In a relatively dark wood tone, the light blue upholstered stools add a splash of color to the kitchen. The light hardwood floors give the kitchen more warmth.

Different Types Of Marble Backsplash

When it comes to the types of marble backsplashes, they include marble tile, part-slab, and full-slab. And according to the finishes of the marble, there are tumbled marble backsplashes, honed marble backsplashes, polished marble backsplashes, etc. All of them work with various styles and designs.

Grey Marble Backsplash And Countertops And Light Wood Pantry

The modern kitchen features a light grey marble backsplash, countertops, and island, as well as a large light wood pantry that is in a slab style. With unique veins, the grey marble is spellbinding, which gives the kitchen aesthetic texture and layer. The white flat-panel cabinets are crisp and sleek, with no handles. The black column range hood is stunning, echoing the other black elements, such as the faucet and drop-in sink on the island, two round stools, and the black details on the pantry doors. On the long wood shelf, there are green plant decorations in front of the window, giving life to the kitchen. The solid grey marble island features toe-kicking lighting and an enclosed butcher block bar, emphasising the island’s and the entire kitchen’s futuristic modern design. White marble ceramic floors contribute to a bright, harmonious cooking space.

Grey-white Marble Backsplash And Countertops And White Cabinets In A Transitional Kitchen

The veins on the grey and white marble backsplash and countertops make them look like a personalized abstract painting, adding a lot of interest and taste to the kitchen. The gold faucet paired with a farmhouse sink and the black stove against the white cabinets are both stunning. With delicate gold knobs and pulls, the white shaker cabinets blend with the white slanted shiplap ceiling, which has three classic lantern pendant lights. A skylight makes the kitchen brighter. The grey shaker cabinets also pair well with the beautiful marble countertops. The special bamboo stools around speak of their style. In a light tone, the beige limestone floors complement a warm kitchen.

Dark-toned Kitchen, Yet Bright And Inviting

The kitchen, which is primarily black with its shades, is not too gloomy thanks to the large windows on the left, through which natural light shines into the space. The light grey marble backsplash beneath the rustic dark wood upper cabinets and shelves looks warm and charming against the dark tone cabinets and worktops. The black and dark grey cabinets, which are in a flat panel style, pair nicely with the black appliances. Over the island, the modern range hood in light grey is a showpiece. The countertop of the island is a thick black marble slab with subtle white textures, different from the light grey marble backsplash. However, both of these two marble materials contribute to a captivating kitchen.

Large Kitchen With Light Grey Marble Backsplash And Vaulted Ceiling

Extending from the worktops to the white vent hood, the light grey marble backsplash is a showpiece, adding an aesthetic of natural veining flanked by two black frame windows. The beige cabinets with black pulls go well with the light grey marble worktops. The marble slabs cover the island top in a waterfall style, pairing nicely with the dark wood flat panel cabinets, which have rustic grains on the surface. There are polished stainless steel faucets and an undermount sink on the island. The ginger bar stools with black frames add a pop of color to the kitchen and spruce up the island. The dark wood exposed beams on the vaulted ceiling highlight the style of the kitchen, which contrasts with the light wood vinyl floors.

Marble Backsplash: Pros And Cons


  • Captivating, luxurious and rich look
  • Long lifespan
  • Excellent property, heat-resistant
  • Flexible design
  • Various forms
  • As time passes, the value grows


  • Require regular care
  • Frequent sealing required
  • Porous, easy to stain
  • Easy etching, scorching, and scratching
  • High installation requirements
  • Expensive

White Vertical Stripe Cabinets And Grey Marble Tile Backsplash

In light tones, the kitchen features a light grey subway marble tile backsplash and white vertical sunken stripe cabinets. Under the soft light, the off-white marble subway backsplash shows the beauty of light and shadow, which is fascinating. And it also pairs well with the light grey marble slab worktops, where there is a white farmhouse sink. The island countertop is a white quartz slab with subtle veins, matching the white island. There are beaded insets and crossover elements on the island, giving it a distinctive look. The chic white dome pendant lights alternate with the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. With a touch of vintage style, the stools around the island look elegant. The light hardwood flooring with natural grains and knots gives the kitchen a cozy, warm vibe.

Dreamy Blue Beaded Inset Cabinets And Grey Marble Backsplash And Countertops

The beaded inset cabinets in baby blue with black knobs and pulls give the kitchen a refreshing vibe. The light grey marble backsplash and countertops blend perfectly with the cabinets, creating an impressive and stunning kitchen. Black appliances and black frame window are striking, too. The warm wood shelves on the wall add a pop of color. The island is the beautiful epitome of the kitchen palette—a grey marble countertop and blue island base, paired with lovely round stools. The medium-toned hardwood floors provide another tone and complement a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Black And White Kitchen With Light Grey Marble Tile Backsplash And Wood Ceiling Beams

To emphasise their style, the cabinets come in different colours and are equipped with various handles. The curved range hood stands out against the white cabinets. The grey and white marble subway tile backsplash extending from the white quartz worktops to the ceiling adds a delicate and moving texture to this black and white palette, making the whole space more individual and attractive. The black kitchen island features a white quartz countertop, which has black faucets and an undermount sink. Six elegant white stools provide enough seating. Two black lantern pendant lights with gold details make a statement. The vinyl flooring with natural grains looks like wood, contributing to a harmonious and welcoming entertaining space.

Farmhouse Kitchen With A Touch Of Vintage Feel

The rustic yet elegant wooden bell curve range hood is stunning in the light-tone kitchen, which is in a similar tone with the dark wood floors. A grand grey and white marble backsplash with charming veins complements the wooden range hood, creating a showstopping piece for the kitchen. The grey and white marble waterfall countertops cover the island, pairing well with the white island cabinets. There are various knobs and pulls on the white recessed panel cabinet doors, which show the exquisiteness of the cabinets. The white subway tile backsplash matches with the warm wood shelves, polished wall sconces, and black soapstone worktops. The exposed wood beams stand out against the ceiling. On the island, two unique lantern pendant lights are sleek and eye-catching. The yellow velvet bar stools add extra character to the kitchen.

Notes About Installing Marble Wall Tiles

It’s important to use a suitable trowel to spread the adhesive according to the size of the tiles. By doing so, you can achieve full, even coverage. For an ideal effect, there should be no voids beneath the tiles because this can lead to water masks from condensation; otherwise, there will be a weak spot, which is susceptible to damage to the entire wall as time goes by.

A Transitional Kitchen Features Grey Marble Slab Backsplash And Light Grey Shaker Cabinets

A light grey takes over the space in the best way in the kitchen. The disruption of the grey and white colour scheme comes into play courtesy of the brushed brass accents—the handles of the cabinet doors, the legs of the island, and the frames of the transparent bar stools. The contemporary twist on monochromatic spaces is lovely. Over the polished nickel gooseneck faucet are two glass and brass hand-blown pendants. A white and grey marble slab backsplash runs through the steel-framed picture windows. A white range hood fixer over the stainless steel range is clean-lined. The pure white marble countertop accents the island perfectly. The warm hardwood floors adorn the bright, spacious kitchen.

Cohesive, Compact, And Welcoming Kitchen

The show-stopping kitchen may be small, but it does not skimp on style. Unexpectedly, the combination of gray marble and light green flat panel cabinets will bring such surprising results. The light gray marble backsplash and countertops have subtle texture. The faucet in rose gold is very conspicuous. The laminated wall shelves, also in gray, are a nice addition, providing extra places to put kitchen items. The cute peninsula is complemented by two black bar chairs. This small kitchen is cleverly connected with the bedroom and living room, but each of them is organized and stylish. It is a beautiful showpiece about utilizing the space ingeniously.

Grey Marble Backsplash And White Clean-Lined Cabinets

Create an upgraded mid-century vibe in the kitchen with natural wood cabinetry paired with a rich grey marble backsplash. Both the white and sawn oak cabinets are in a flat panel style, accentuating the minimalist feel. And the grey marble backslash and countertops with lighter veins pair well with both the two different tones of cabinets and work beautifully to add some texture and visual intrigue. The sleek milky white glass pendants over the waterfall island add to the kitchen’s style. Plenty of natural light comes through the mirror sash windows, further brightening up the cooking space. Details such as the sliding ladder, wood shelves, and rattan chairs help to complete a harmonious kitchen. Most importantly, the walls, which are painted a greyish pink, are one of the shining points in the kitchen. The engineered wood flooring exudes warmth.

Scandinavian Kitchen With Navy Blue Cabinets And Grey Marble Backsplash And Countertops

With a touch of moody masculine, the kitchen features navy blue flat panel cabinets and grey marble backsplash and countertops, which give the kitchen aesthetic textures. The blue base cabinets match nicely with the grey marble slabs, and they contrast and complement each other. The modern stainless steel appliances like the refrigerator, touch cooktop, and range hood accentuate the kitchen style. The black wall shelves are chic and stunning. A large white raised-panel pantry with details completes the kitchen’s look. Black floors beautifully balance this dashing kitchen in white.

Tips Of Caring Marble

Begin by applying a good-quality sealant to a dry, clean marble, then wiping it off and allowing it to dry. At least once a year, the sealant should be applied. If staining or etching is caused by things like acidic juice, red wine, or tomato sauce on the marble surface, it is recommended to use a non-abrasive cleaner at first. If this doesn’t work, you may need an abrasive cleaner or even fine-grit sandpaper. And remember to reseal the area after using the abrasive cleaner.

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