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18+ Gray Brick Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Give The Gray Brick A Shot

In this industrial kitchen, all you can get is an airy and spacious feel. The giant geometric wallpaper in white adds texture to the exposed main wall and counterbalances the heavy metal decor and structure. Rather than the more common red brick, the light gray concrete brick backsplash with white grout relieves the heaviness of iron and steel. And it pairs nicely with the natural wood cabinets and countertops, and these wood accents with grains lighten the thickness of the kitchen, too. Also in a light tone, the oversized cement flooring anchors the space. The kitchen has a sense of opening and warmth thanks to the large, full-view window design. 

Imbue A Rustic Yet Chic Feeling

A stunning silver travertine floor in a Versailles pattern spruces up the space and brings in natural stone textures. The creamy white cabinets with exquisite metal pulls and knobs and the bleached silvery wood of the island complement the flooring and the beige granite countertops. And the visually pleasing palette continues on the stainless steel appliances, as well as on the porcelain backsplash tiles made to look like rusted or aged brick and stone, creating a glamorous vibe. Looking like they date from a bygone era, the farmhouse sink and faucet give the kitchen a sense of permanence and a connection to the past. The special round stools highlight the tasteful space.

About Gray Brick Backsplash

Brick backsplash is the perfect material that provides durability, style, and easy maintenance. The beautiful, rough texture gives it a distinct personality that others lack. If you want to make the backsplash stand out in the kitchen, we have some design tips and tricks for a gray brick backsplash, which is different from the traditional red brick backsplash. With the brick decor, it will bring an industrial feel to the kitchen and other styles. No matter what style you want, a brick backsplash always has a timeless and nostalgic appeal.

Let The Backsplashes Speak For Themselves

There are two different backsplashes: the simple, mild yet a little bold brick backsplash painted in white and the low gray subway tile backsplash beneath the windows. The lighting of the stainless steel vent hood accentuates the silhouette of the brick backsplash. With the upper cabinets in the kitchen removed, the open wood shelves pair well with the brick backsplash. White shaker cabinets along with gray stone slab worktops set the kitchen’s tone. The island base painted in custom gray contrasts with the white cabinets, and there are sleek black round stools in front of it. The pendant lights with large glass shades give the kitchen a charming flair, while the gray ceramic flooring with a frosted effect adds a sense of nostalgia.

Create A Timeless Cooking Space

The combo of black and white is played well here. White shaker cabinets pair with black tall cabinets and black granite worktops, and a honed white marble countertop pairs with black island cabinets, while the dark wood exposed beams contrast with the white ceiling. The oversized black cabinets conceal the appliances with finished wood panels, and the curved design on the top makes it eye-catching and distinctive. The gray brick backsplash—a wall of natural veneer stone with a custom floating ventilation system—is the main focal point, and they complement each other well. Hanging from the beams, the polished stainless steel pendant lights make the kitchen look more sophisticated, as do the patterned fabric counter stools on the hand-scraped flooring.

Sophisticated And Nostalgic

The kitchen radiates rustic charm from the inside out. The classic white shaker cabinets with black knobs and pulls pair with black granite worktops, and the exposed brick backsplash among them stands out and gives the kitchen a rustic feel. Wooden wall shelves enhance the charm of a brick backsplash. The island features a white granite countertop and a reclaimed wood base in two tones. At its perimeter, round wooden stools and industrial-style dome pendants fit well with the island. With an old-world vibe, the travertine flooring makes the kitchen textured and nostalgic.

Commit To Natural Materials

Timber and stone contribute to a gorgeous and timeless kitchen here. Natural wood cabinets complement the rustic exposed stone backsplash and the granite countertops. The textures from the wood cabinets are tranquil; a bit wild from the stone backsplash; and highly captivating from the countertops; they create quite a layered kitchen. Hanging from the unadorned exposed wood beams, the glass pendant lights have a vintage touch. The rattan stools with high backrests on the reclaimed wooden flooring add an idyllic vibe. White-framed windows lend a beautiful view and plenty of light to the enthralling kitchen.

Lend More Drama With Gray Brick

You don’t live in the city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look of exposed brick. Using a gray brick backsplash in the kitchen can provide a seamless transition among various styles, such as classic, country, and industrial. And when a dark gray brick backsplash is paired with fresh white cabinets, natural wood accents, or countertops, it can offer striking contrast and create a balanced, bright, and dramatic look.

Juxtapose Two-tone Cabinets

Here, the kitchen contrasts upper and lower kitchen cabinets—navy and white—which makes the palette of the kitchen rich and layered. The cabinetry’s delicate gold knobs and pulls are the finishing touch, evoking their glam. The pale gray brick backsplash complements its surroundings, such as the wood vent hood and the open shelving. The blown glass pendant lights over the captivating navy and white island spruce up the kitchen and ingeniously echo the glass vase on the white quartz countertop. In front of the island, the sleek counter stools add a pop of color and character. Natural wood flooring makes the mainly white kitchen relaxing and warm.

Create A Flow From Space To Space

Without bells and whistles, this kitchen is the hub for family gatherings, and its open-plan layout is conducive to entertaining. Character cherry cabinetry, tiger wood hardwood flooring, and a dry stack running bond slate backsplash make bold statements in the kitchen. The brushed black ash granite countertops in the kitchen create a beautiful contrast against the wooden cabinetry. With split-face slate, the gray brick backsplash really makes a beautiful statement! The island’s counter is made of Brazilian cherry. Between the base of the island and the cherry top, which is extended 12 inches away from the base to allow for knee space, creating a cozy and inviting place.

Celebrate A Farmhouse Look

The focal point of this modern farmhouse house is a large island with a gray stone slab countertop. The white cabinets around the perimeter complement the black soapstone countertops, and all the cabinets have black metal pulls, which is chic and neat. Between the floating cabinets and black countertops, the gray brick backsplash makes a statement and adds some textures to the space. Stainless steel appliances such as the slick vent hood and refrigerator highlight the modernity of the kitchen. The windows above the cabinets make the space airier and fresher. The pendant lights here are the centerpieces and emphasize the bright space, and they bring a linear beauty and enhance the dimension in the kitchen. Ceiling details add to the custom allure. The natural wood flooring connects the kitchen seamlessly with the rest of the home.

Full Of Textures And Sophistication

In a raised panel style, the white cabinets look elegant and gorgeous. With a mottled touch, the brick backsplash and granite countertops infuse textures and veins of the natural stone into the white cabinets. Under the chic pendant fixtures, the granite countertops continue on the top of the wood island, along with the natural wood accents, giving it an enthralling appearance. And the unadorned wood flooring enhances the glamorous space. Soft lighting envelops the open kitchen and makes it inviting and welcoming.

How To Clean A Brick Backsplash

Sealing a brick backsplash is essential because it can affect future maintenance and service life. On its own, a brick is a highly porous material, prone to getting moisture, splatters, and dirt, which can cause stains and marks on it.
To begin with, a deep and thorough cleaning is necessary. You can scrub the brick backsplash with a masonry brush and household cleaners or detergents. After that, rinse it out and ensure it dries completely. Then apply a sealant application. Allow the sealant to absorb for a few minutes, or follow the instructions, before wiping the excess off. During the process, being careful and patient can help you do more with less.

Step Into The Enchanted Forest

With a vintage touch, the grayish brown wall cabinets differ from the pinkish blue island cabinets. And they both pair with white marble countertops, which have natural stone veins. The light gray brick tile backsplash varies in shades and looks captivating lit by the soft lighting, as well as making the wood open shelves stand out. On the island, there is a live-edge wood counter, which pairs with the retro, slick stools and the copper pendant lights to create a tasteful and relaxing bar. On the wall, a beautiful decoration of flowers and plants as well as the gorgeous vine pendant fixture above the dining table add a magic forest charm to the kitchen.

Bring The Sophisticated Kitchen To The Next Level

The drool-worthy kitchen uses a pastel palette, looking spellbinding and visually pleasing, so it can be said that it is the dream kitchen for many people. The light green wall cabinets pair with white quartz countertops and complement the rustic gray brick backsplash. Against the gray brick backsplash, the white frame window and wooden floating shelves, as well as the old-world wood range hood, have been shown off. The wood island has a beige granite countertop, and its base is refined with beadboard insets and other delicate details. The blown glass pendant lighting and the shiny metal stools enhance the glam of the kitchen island. The hardwood flooring, with its natural aesthetic, creates a seamless connection between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Not far, above the dining table, the enthralling chandelier spruces up the entire space greatly.

Dark Gray Brick Backsplash Complements The White Kitchen

Clean lines, few frills—the white kitchen makes a statement. A wall of dark gray brick backsplash stands against the white space, giving it layers and textures and providing balance and proportion to the kitchen’s palette. Yellow accents add a pop of color and style to this white space, giving it impressive character. Enough windows and doors allow plenty of natural light to brighten the kitchen, which makes it airy and spacious and softens the subdued wood floors.

Incorporate Rustic Brick Into A Black And White Kitchen

Both the black and white shaker cabinets have a smooth surface, which contrasts strikingly with the rough, rustic, and bold brick backsplash. And the brick backsplash stacks in two ways: subway tile style and the chevron pattern, giving it dimension and texture. Aside from the contrast between black and white—black soapstone countertops and white cabinets, and black island cabinets and white quartzite countertops—the upper glass front cabinets are a nice trick for displaying the exquisite tableware. Sleek black pendant fixtures above the island are the statement pieces as well, adding style to the personalized kitchen. The textured wood flooring anchors the kitchen and complements the tawny fabric rug.

About Cleaning The Brick Backsplash

When cleaning the brick backsplash, a basic stone and tile cleaner is enough. Apply the cleaner all over the brick backsplash and, using a masonry brush, scrub the entire surface. If the backsplash in your kitchen is old and has been there for a long time, you may need a heavier-duty cleaning product to do a thorough clean before you seal it. Notice the product you use is not the acid-based ones, which can damage the surface of your brick backsplash inevitably. Read the product description before using it, and a neutral-pH heavy-duty detergent is advisable.

Lean Towards Pastel Blue And Gray

To create a nice twist and effect, choose different tones for the kitchen cabinets. Cabinets on the wall in a light gray pair with a rustic, mottled brick backsplash, giving the kitchen a dynamic and static feel. A glass side of the doors of the tall cabinets makes the space feel larger by revealing what’s inside and adds more interest. The white quartz countertops continue on the blue island, and they match well with both the gray and blue cabinets. In front of the island, the dark wood stools provide a stark contrast in the kitchen. With an antique touch, the black and white pendant lighting with satin brass accents is eye-catching, highlighting the captivating cooking space.

Splurge Gray In A White Kitchen

In this kitchen, both the perimeter white cabinets and middle island in a classic shaker style have refined crown molding and pedestal details, pairing with black granite countertops with subtle textures. Among the white cabinets, the pale gray brick backsplash brings patterns and textures to the white backdrop surrounding it and gives it a bit of a twist. The reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling accent it. Over the beautiful island, the oversized glass pendant lighting is the statement piece and enhances the kitchen’s glamour. The personalized counter stools stand out against the white island. Every nook and cranny in the kitchen is full of details: beige fabric window blinds, a vintage black wall sconce, and the glass-fronted, tiny upper cabinets. The salvaged wood floors make the space warmer.

Grab A Green Paintbrush

It is reminiscent of the forest in summer when the green shaker cabinets pair with the natural wood ceiling—the kitchen always arouses our feelings about mother nature and makes us feel at ease. The light gray brick backsplash and the gray stone slab countertops go well with the green cabinets—a nice combination of lighter and darker hues. A high-arched black faucet looks stunning against the backsplash. The red brick flooring, of course, anchors the rustic kitchen and gives it dimension and interest, as does the brick backsplash. The kitchen also evokes another feeling—nostalgic. Have you remembered your carefree childhood?

Create An Exclusive Art Space

It is not merely a kitchen anymore. The sublime silver island is illuminated by the surrounding lighting, showing off its unique dynamic and flowing aesthetic—definitely the showstopper in the cooking space. The island is not only brimming with beauty but also versatile, with a two-layer design: the higher part is for preparing meals, and the lower part serves as a stylish eat-in bar. There is also an open shelf for wines and glasses. It has to be said that the pendant lights in the kitchen are just like the dancing butterflies, and they have decorative details as thin as a cicada’s wings, which is awesome and marvelous. A wide black frame window against the dark gray brick backsplash makes it seem like they two took a photo for the outside view. The T-shaped range hood and the decorative plants on the white quartz countertops are both stunning and give the space more vigor and dimension. It won’t go wrong combining the gray flat-panel cabinets with the white countertops, which look crisp and neat. The lustrous beige terrazzo flooring anchors the captivating space. 

Gray Brick Makes A Bold Statement

Today, a backsplash does a lot more than protect the walls. It adds color, character, pattern, and texture to help create a personalized kitchen that can showcase the owner’s style. Not to mention the options for all backsplashes, just the brick backsplash has a vast variety of types: solid brick, brick tile, red brick, faux brick, etc. It’s true that it is part of a major design trend in kitchens for floors and walls. A brick backsplash can warm the atmosphere in the kitchen like nothing else, bringing a feeling of “the heart and hearth of the home.” It is becoming more popular in many homes as people seek something more unique with a sense of history in their living spaces. 

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