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Customized side entrance door – complete buying guide

Customized Side Entrance Door

Away from the limelight and still a leading actor – this is the side entrance door. They are often found at basement entrances, garages, or back entrances, where they perform their services almost unnoticed. The quiet environment not only makes our everyday life easier but also attracts thieves. The side entrance doors, usually hidden, are a popular target for burglars and should be specially protected. Robust side entrance doors made of plastic, wood, or aluminum are equipped with different locking systems depending on your choice.

Configure and buy a side entrance door cheaply

Don’t settle for less! Instead, rely on the quality and high standards for your cheap side entrance door. Our plastic doors come with a chamber profile and an integrated steel reinforcement in the frame, making the door even more robust and durable.

You can configure your side entrance door to fulfill every one of your preferences. You decide the color, glazing, and of course, any safety equipment from the comfort of your own home! Just contact us and design your dream door now!

The price of the side entrance door is determined only by you. You decide which accessories are essential to you and where you would instead save. Only when all the doubts are cleared can you finally buy your new side entrance door.

side entrance door

Five steps to your new side entrance door – this is how it works

  1. Material & Profile

Plastic, wood, or aluminum – select one of the materials and then determine the desired profile.

  1. Type and dimensions

Adapt the side door size, shape, and opening direction to your home – whether it’s a classic rectangle or a unique shape.

  1. Colors and Glass

Set color accents in your home with framed decor. You can determine the living comfort based on the glazing.

  1. Door accessories

Extensive door accessories enable you to create an individual design, from rungs to roller shutters to security features.

  1. Order a side entrance door online

With secure payment terms and a transparent cost statement, you can plan your new side entrance door without hesitation. With Parlun, you can easily buy affordable and high-quality side entrance doors from China, and all orders are checked by our specialist staff.

Side entrance doors: guides, helpful information, and tips

Whether kindergarten, office building, private household, or workshop – the side entrance door has become indispensable in many areas and convinces with its diversity. Above all, essential properties such as burglary protection and thermal insulation must be considered carefully. Otherwise, wear and tear will quickly appear, especially with high-frequency use. You can customize the design and equipment according to your specific requirements. For example, a fully glazed double-leaf door provides a lot of daylight and creates a friendly living atmosphere, while a continuous door panel is ideal for small garage entrances to block the view inside. In this buying guide, you will find out which profile materials are available to you and some valuable tips and tricks!

Side Entrance Door Material: Which material should I choose for my side door?

Side entrance doors tend to play a subordinate role in individual families, but they are often used in office buildings and other trades. The profile material is crucial for essential door properties, such as thermal insulation, burglary protection, or stability. Below is a brief overview of the pros and cons of each available material to help you decide.

Plastic side entrance doors

Plastic side entrance doors

Plastic side entrance doors are imposing thanks to their great price-performance ratio. The popular material has a stable and thermally insulating multi-chamber system that meets current energy efficiency and safety requirements. The smooth surface resists dirt and requires little maintenance, making it ideal for use in secluded back entrances.

The equipment and design can be determined individually. Excellent security locks ensure functionality and burglary protection, while the insulating glazing with integrated safety glass protects against heat loss and injuries. The profile can be covered with various decorative films, creating exciting color effects. Natural wood tones and a deceptively real embossing are also available, which means that your plastic side entrance door provides cozy warmth while protecting the material simultaneously. Decide for the inexpensive plastic side entrance doors now, and contact us to order your dream door!

Advantages of plastic side entrance doors

  • Good thermal insulation thanks to multi-chamber profiles
  • Robust PVC with a long service life
  • Weather-resistant and stable
  • Easy to clean and dirt-resistant
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Disadvantages of plastic side entrance doors

  • Scratches are difficult to repair
  • No natural living feeling like with wood
  • Less stable and robust than aluminum doors

Wooden side entrance doors

Wooden side entrance doors

Wooden side entrance doors are the first choice for a natural living ambiance. The raw material impresses with its unique look due to the curved grain and warm wooden tones, which create a cozy warmth in the room. The design can be both traditional and modern so that you can determine the style of your house individually. Here you have a variety of glazes available with which you can achieve the desired effects. This is how you bring a piece of nature into your own four walls.

However, before buying a wooden door, the relatively higher price should be considered and more complex care than plastic or aluminum doors. Regular protective glazes are necessary to maintain the durability of the raw material. If the care instructions are observed, you will benefit from a beautiful wooden side entrance door with outstanding properties. In particular, the high energy efficiency of wooden side entrance doors is worth mentioning. In winter, they save valuable heating energy and keep the rooms pleasantly cool in summer. In addition, the natural material is very stable. Discover all the advantages from Parlun! 

Advantages of wooden side entrance doors

Renewable raw materials for sustainable production

Unique thermal insulation and well-being

The natural living ambiance and good indoor climate

Wonderful decorative moldings and rungs

Disadvantages of wooden side entrance doors

Increased maintenance and require regular glazing

Less weather-resistant than aluminum or plastic

Comparatively higher purchase price

Aluminum side entrance doors

Aluminum side entrance doors

Aluminum side entrance doors are considered the standard in public and commercial buildings. The robust material is extremely hard-wearing, making it particularly suitable for locations with a high frequency of use. This keeps wear and tear to a minimum and maximizes the service life. Minor scratches can be easily repaired. In addition, the material impresses with its solid properties despite its lightweight, which also makes large constructions and narrow profiles possible. The aluminum door effectively protects against burglary and reduces noise pollution in combination with security fittings. 

Compared to plastic, the purchase price is significantly higher, but the longer service life must be considered here. The surface is dirt-repellent and requires little care, which means that the aluminum side entrance door is very easy to care for – a real advantage over wood. The thermal insulation is lower, so special insulating inserts must be used here to increase energy efficiency. The modern design allows a variety of options. You can contact us to find out the entire color spectrum at Parlun until you find the right color!

Advantages of aluminum side entrance doors

High stability and resilience

Weather-resistant surface

Easy cleaning and little maintenance

Durable material for large constructions

Disadvantages of aluminum side entrance doors

Thermal insulation depends on the profile system

More expensive than plastic doors

Length changes with temperature fluctuations

Price comparison: Configure side entrance doors at low prices

Don’t settle for less! Buy the high quality and high standards affordable side entrance door from Parlun. The profiles are made of plastic, wood, or aluminum and impress with different properties in terms of energy efficiency, burglary protection, comfort, and stability. To meet your requirements for a quality product, you can easily configure the side entrance door online – from the comfort of your own home! Decide on your desired features such as color, glazing, safety equipment, and additional comfort extras, which determine the final price. In addition, you also need to decide which accessories are essential to you and where you would rather save them. Only when all doubts have been cleared can you finally buy your new side entrance door.

Customized side entrance doors

Contact us to configure and order side entrance doors made of plastic, wood, or aluminum online at Parlun.

Parlun – competent side entrance door manufacturer for sustainable quality

Consistently high quality, innovative products, and need-based solutions characterize a good manufacturer of side entrance doors. We pay attention to all the attributes in production to always be sure that you are buying a quality product that fully meets your requirements. Parlun has successfully established itself on the market and convinces with decades of success and stable production. 

What variants, types, and shapes of side entrance doors?

the types of side entrance door

Side entrance doors are available in different designs and can be individually adapted to your requirements. The single-leaf door that adorns narrow side entrances is very classic. On the other hand, Wider wall openings require double-leaf doors or a side entrance door with a side panel. This can be fixed or integrated as a movable element. In addition, the door panel can be designed to match the main leaf, or you can use full glazing that provides light.

A similar variant is the side entrance door with a skylight, allowing enough daylight to get into narrow corridors and creating an additional ventilation option. A round arch is a bit more unusual, which gives the entrance an imposing appearance and enables ventilation through a tilting function. Especially in coastal areas, residents must plan for local weather conditions. Therefore, in strong wind gusts, side entrance doors that open outwards are recommended. This presses the sash into the frame and protects the material. Discover all versions at Parlun!

Single-leaf side entrance door

The classic! The single-leaf side entrance door is usually the quick connection between the backyard and the house or the entrance to the hobby workshop. The design is quite inconspicuous so that it blends in perfectly with the environment. Simple door panels with few frills are suitable for this.

Double-leaf side entrance door

Wider side entrances, such as company buildings, often use double-leaf doors to make the most of the space. Both two “leaf” can also be opened if necessary so that bulky objects can fit through during transport. With full glazing, the entrance looks inviting and provides plenty of light.

The side entrance door opens outwards

Outward-opening side entrance doors are often used in areas with special weather conditions. The sash is pushed into the door frame in strong wind gusts instead of out. This increases the pressure and protects the material, which extends the door’s service life sustainably.

Side entrance door with side panel

As an alternative to the double-leaf variant, side entrance doors with a side panel are very attractive. They consist of a movable door leaf and a fixed side panel that you can design individually, with a matching door panel, glass inserts, or full glazing. In this way, valuable daylight can be captured, making the rooms appear brighter and friendlier.

Side entrance door with skylight

High ceilings are every homeowner’s dream, but they also pose challenges and special constructions for the doors. A side entrance door with a skylight is the ideal solution to use the height sensibly and, at the same time, provides light. The room can be optimally ventilated with a tilt and turn function to improve the indoor climate.

Side entrance door with round arch

A side entrance door with a round arch or segmental arch becomes the main actor with the right equipment. Investing in traditional design with modern elements is particularly worthwhile in old buildings. Other arch shapes and types are also possible. The rounded skylight provides plenty of daylight and also offers ventilation.

Ideal side entrance door dimensions for every construction situation

Don’t look for the perfect side entrance door – rather, design the door according to your ideas! Parlun makes it possible! Simply give us the dimensions of the side entrance door, and you’re good to go.

You determine the profile material, design, color, and equipment. For example, you can equip wide wall openings with a double-leaf door or use side panels, while high walls benefit from a skylight.

You can design the door panel according to your preferences and equip it with glazing—useful additions such as security fittings and multiple locking help increase burglary protection for remote house entrances.

Start with us and create your personal, customized side entrance door!

Typical side entrance door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]















Colors for your side entrance door

The color highlights the side entrance door or lets it blend in with its surroundings. No matter what effect you want, you are guaranteed to find the right color shade at Parlun! Depending on the profile material, you have an extensive spectrum available. Plastic doors are covered with decorative films in plain colors and wood tones, while wood and aluminum are painted or varnished. A color from the RAL palette is applied to the aluminum profile by means of a powder coating, which displays a glossy or matte finish. The wonderful wood grain is particularly effective with glazes, but opaque lacquers can also be used here. Feel free to try different options. The combination of two colors for outside and inside is also possible!

Side entrance door with glass or filling 

The door panel largely determines the design of the side entrance door. It consists of various components. The classic door filling for plastic and aluminum doors is a so-called sandwich panel. It consists of two insulating inner layers made of polyurethane foam, which enclose a stable aluminum sheet and are framed by two other solid plates. This ensures essential requirements for soundproofing, thermal insulation, and burglary protection.

In addition, glass inserts, pilaster strips, or metal applications can be used here in various patterns and sizes. Wood panels with insulating foam are usually used in wooden doors with a milled pattern or are kept in a cassette look. Full glazing with laminated glass, which catches every ray of sunshine, is ideal for a high light incidence. You can also equip the door panel with decorative glass for privacy protection. Discover the diverse possibilities at Parlun and create your door panel together with our expert team!

Customized side doors

Configure and order individual side entrance doors with transoms, glass, and panels online at Parlun.

Side entrance door equipment: What should I pay attention to when buying?

The right equipment for a side entrance door is the key of the building element. Important decisions are made regarding functionality, comfort, security, and energy efficiency. Even supposedly small components can make a significant difference long-term, such as high-quality door hinges and an excellent locking system. We would be happy to advise you about the desired equipment for a side entrance door.

Side entrance door locking

Side entrance door locking

Lock of the side entrances are often not obvious and difficult to see. Therefore, a reliable locking system is the key to effectively keeping thieves at a distance. In order to far away burglary, doors with a 3-fold or 5-fold locking system are recommended, which secure the door at several points and protect the sash from being levered out. A distinction is made between lock latches, hooks, or hook-bolt systems.

Side entrance door hinges

Door hinges are available in different versions – roller hinges or screw-on door hinges. Depending on the size and weight of the leaf, they are constructed in two or three parts and are attached to the frame and door leaf at certain intervals. The strong hinges thus ensure optimal functionality of the side entrance door. This includes smooth operation, protection against wear, and increased service life.

Side entrance door glazing

Side entrance doors often lead into a small room or hallway that receives little natural light. Therefore, it is worth investing in generous glazing to give the inside of the house a bright and friendly atmosphere. The use of laminated safety glass is recommended here. This protects against injuries when broken and the intrusion of uninvited guests alike. It can also be used with decorative glass to protect privacy.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is essential to sustainably save costs, which often increase due to incorrect heating or leaky/poorly insulated elements. How well a door protects can be seen from the U-value, the heat transfer coefficient. The lower, the better. Depending on the profile material, good parameters are achieved. Therefore, do not only compare the prices of the side door and the U-values to save money and protect the environment in the future.

Save energy everywhere – with the side entrance door

There are small and large thermal bridges drive up your energy costs around the house. For example, when entering the garage, high-quality side entrance doors can save energy in the long term.

If the door is not properly insulated, the cozy warmth escapes to the outside and warms your car or the lawnmower instead of you. Due to their unique profiles, wooden side entrance doors or multi-chamber systems made of plastic or aluminum have a heat-insulating effect. Additional sealing systems are used to ensure the necessary tightness.

Pay attention to the proper insulation, especially when filling the door or using glass inserts. There are many ways to insulate your home. You can easily realize your dream side entrance door at Parlun.

The side entrance door – no compromises when it comes to security

Side entrance doors are often neglected. At the end of the construction, the tight budget makes you decide on low quality because “Nobody sees that.” But this is exactly where the problem lies.

Concealed side entrance doors in basement staircases or behind the garage are a welcome invitation for burglars and should be given special protection.

Modern side entrance doors are available in plastic, wood, or aluminum, depending on the needs and design of the house. A stable and robust profile is the effective basis.

There are also locking systems with hook or bolt locks and durable hinges that offer long-lasting functionality. This protects the side entrance door against wear and tear.

Finally, about the side entrance doors

With the proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy your side entrance doors for a long time.

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