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Aluminum side entrance doors: useful information and tips

Aluminum Side Entrance Doors

Aluminum side entrance doors – Timeless, elegant, and durable

Aluminum side entrance doors

Timeless, elegant, and durable – these are just some of the adjectives related to an aluminum side entrance door. The high-tech material offers numerous advantages that will make your daily life easier. It is highly resistant and shows little wear, even with frequent use. The stability allows generous facade constructions with full glazing, which gives the building a modern character and enables the valuable daylight to be used sustainably. Discover more advantages and design your aluminum side entrance door with us at Parlun!

Why buy aluminum side entrance doors? Advantages of the popular high-tech material

Aluminum is one of the premium materials on the window and door market and therefore has its price – so why should you invest more here? It’s simple – the high-tech material offers a wide range of advantages to make your everyday life easier. It is exceptionally durable and shows little wear even after a high frequency of use. This makes aluminum ideal for use in public and commercial buildings, where long service life is required for construction elements. In addition, compared to other materials, it does not require extensive maintenance, as is the case with wooden doors, for example. The aluminum profiles can be processed very well and are highly stable, despite very narrow frame constructions – a valuable property, especially for facade design. The aluminum side entrance door is also impressive in terms of design. The look is timeless and can be designed in countless colors. For this purpose, the complete RAL spectrum is available, as well as wood decors and anodized shades – no wishes remain unfulfilled!

advantages and disadvantages of aluminum side entrance doors

Advantages of aluminum side entrance doors

  • Stable material with strong static properties
  • Hard-wearing and resistant to wind, rain, and sun
  • Easy-care and low-maintenance
  • Ideal for large facade constructions
  • Versatile design in RAL colors and wood looks

Disadvantages of aluminum side entrance doors

  • Comparatively higher price
  • Manufacturing aluminum requires a lot of energy
  • Temperature fluctuations can cause changes in length

How much do aluminum side entrance doors cost?

the cost of aluminum side entrance doors

Aluminum side entrance doors are in the upper price segment and thus require a higher investment than plastic doors. However, the durable material has the advantage of being particularly robust and hard-wearing, which extends its service life enormously. Extensive maintenance is unnecessary because the velvety smooth surface is dirt-repellent and not so sensitive to external influences, which is reflected in fewer maintenance cycles, saving you money in the long term. You can also take advantage of the saving potential when equipping the aluminum side entrance door. Here, for example, compare different models with each other; the simpler the design, the cheaper it usually is. Other cost points concern access control systems and additional locks or ventilation systems. They increase the comfort immensely but are also reflected in the price. Therefore, you should carefully consider which accessories you need to focus on essential aspects, such as a reliable locking system. You can reduce the purchase price and still enjoy a high-quality aluminum side entrance door.

Customized aluminum side entrance doors

Just contact us to design and order your aluminum side entrance doors online at Parlun.

Parlun – competent manufacturer of aluminum side entrance door profiles

As a specialist in aluminum systems, Parlun offers comprehensive profile systems for windows, doors, roller shutters, and facade constructions. The range extends from the normal side entrance door to fire protection objects and professional office solutions. Our competent partner convinces its products’ excellent quality, always new ideas and innovative developments. The range extends from demand-oriented product solutions for the end-user to high-tech products for industrial facade constructions. The result is high-quality aluminum doors from China. Aluminum is not just processed here but created into something new.

What shapes, types, and variants of aluminum side entrance doors?

types of aluminum side entrance door

The aluminum door is as changeable as the material itself. It is available in many variations and can be perfectly tailored to your requirements. Commercial buildings, in particular, use full glazing to make the office atmosphere as bright and friendly as possible. Side entrance doors with a side panel often create a spacious glass front. Double-leaf doors are suitable for a little more space, allowing the entire entrance to be used as a transport area. High ceilings can be used optimally in old buildings by integrating a skylight above the side entrance door. Above all, this provides more daylight. If there is little space behind the door or in houses exposed to strong wind gusts, side entrance doors that open outwards are often installed. In this way, the interior space is available for free use. Discover all other variants right now with us!

  • Double-leaf entrance door
  • Entrance door side panel
  • Entrance door skylight
  • Opening to the outside

Ideal side entrance door dimensions for every construction situation

Customized and precise according to your specifications! A high-quality aluminum door is an investment that will last for many years, so it should also fit perfectly into your home. The correct dimensions that apply to your building situation are crucial. We recommend: you design your aluminum side entrance door with us!

You can give us the dimensions of the aluminum side door and determine the structure and equipment step by step. Particularly wide side entrances, for example, require an additional side panel or skylight. Then you will get professional advice about the planning together with a unique side entrance door.


Typical side entrance door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]














Color options for aluminum side entrance doors

Hardly any other material in our range offers such a large color plate as aluminum. You can choose from a large selection of the RAL color, and different wood looks applied to the frame using powder coating. This creates bright and matte colors that last for a long time. White, anthracite, brown, and moss green are particularly popular, and the wood decors are also becoming increasingly popular. You can try out, change and combine every single color at your leisure until you find the right tone for your home.

Side entrance door equipment: What should I pay attention to when buying an entrance door?

The equipment of an aluminum side entrance door completes the building element and gives it the final touch. It is essential to weigh up which accessories are necessary and where different options are available. It always depends on where the side entrance door is placed. Concealed basement entrances, for example, require particularly effective locking, while the side entrance to the guest room would benefit from full glazing for more daylight. You can try out and compare different combinations with us at Parlun.

the fittings of aluminum side entrance doors

Side entrance door lock

The locking of a side entrance door is important for burglary protection. A distinction is made between classic lock latches, hooks, or hook-bolt systems. Depending on the version, the door leaf is secured at one or more points and protected from being levered out. Investing in a 3-point or 5-point locking system is particularly worthwhile for concealed side entrance doors. It forms a strong barrier.

Side entrance door hinges

Aluminum entrance doors are usually used in buildings and are used frequently. The durable material is ideal for long-term use. A prerequisite for this is high-quality door hinges that enable the door leaves to move smoothly, even with heavy leaves. A distinction is made between roller hinges and front door hinges, consisting of two to three parts – depending on the size and weight of the aluminum side door.

Side entrance door glazing

Open, elegant, and bright are the attributes of a side entrance door made of aluminum with full glazing. In this way, a maximum proportion of natural daylight enters the building, creating a friendly atmosphere and sustainably saving energy. In particular, this is a cost factor in office buildings that should not be underestimated. Patterned or structured glass can be used where more privacy protection is required, but the light incidence should not be sacrificed. In this way, privacy is preserved.

Thermal insulation

Aluminum side entrance doors usually have lower thermal insulation than those made of plastic or wood. Therefore, it makes sense to look for elements with good energy efficiency when equipping them. This can be achieved, for example, by using insulating glass in combination with a warm edge. Other factors are the chamber and sealing system, the door threshold, and excellent fittings that provide optimal pressure, preventing thermal bridges.

Finally, about the aluminum side entrance doors

With the proper maintenance, you can enjoy your aluminum side entrance doors for a very long time.

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