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Plastic side entrance doors: price and performance in harmony

Plastic Side Entrance Doors

Much more than just a supporting actor – side entrance doors made of plastic! Unnoticed at basement entrances, garages, or back entrances, they make our everyday life easier. But this hidden location also bears the risk of burglary. Equip your side entrance door with high-quality locking systems, pay attention to steel reinforcement of the plastic profile or use alarm systems – all options can be found at Parlun!

Plastic side entrance doors: advice, helpful information, and tips

Plastic side entrance doors

Thermal insulation, burglary protection, and functionality combined in one element! Side entrance doors made of plastic are the all-rounder with a fair price-performance ratio. The robust multi-chamber system has an insulating effect and is reinforced with steel reinforcement in the large profile chamber. This gives the frame necessary stability. Even with high usage frequencies, high-quality fittings ensure smooth operation and little wear and tear. Multiple locking is recommended for the necessary security. The more points the door leaf is secured, the higher the burglary protection, as the door is difficult to lever out – ideal for concealed side entrance doors. A particular highlight is the various decorative films you can design your side entrance door individually. These are available in both discreet and bright colors, or you can choose natural wood tones. In this way, the side entrance door fits perfectly into the environment. Particularly practical: the film also protects the plastic profile from the effects of the weather and thus increases its longevity.

Why buy plastic side entrance doors? Advantages of the popular material

Side entrance doors are made of plastic convince above all with their excellent price-performance ratio. They are much cheaper than wood or aluminum side entrance doors but still offer good thermal insulation and reliable burglary protection. This is the multi-chamber system, which builds up an insulating layer through the air cushions. Optimal U-values are connected with thermal insulation glass and an excellent sealing system. The large profile chamber is reinforced with steel reinforcement for the necessary stabilityA good locking system is essential, preferably with at least 3 points, to prevent the door leaf from being levered out – the investment is worthwhile here. Plastic is very easy to care for. The surface is dirt-resistant and easy to clean – ideal for places where dirt accumulates quickly, such as garages or stairwells. With the decorative films, you can replace the classic white with your desired color and give the side entrance door the attention it deserves. Contact us for professional advice to create your dream door now!

advantages and disadvantages of plastic side entrance doors

Advantages of plastic side entrance doors

  • Heat-insulating multi-chamber system
  • Stable profile with steel reinforcement
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Dirt-repellent and weather-resistant
  • Good price-performance ratio

Disadvantages of plastic side entrance doors

  • Artificial building material, not as natural as wood
  • Damage is difficult to repair
  • Static electricity attracts dust particles

How much do plastic side entrance doors cost?

the cost of plastic side entrance doors

A plastic side entrance door price is well below the aluminum or wood side entrance door cost. Here it is essential to distinguish between long-term and short-term savings. Short-term means, for example, choosing a simple model with few frills, no embellishments, and without elaborate patterns. They will Immediately reflect in the price, which also applies to accessories such as handles. Saving in the long term refers to permanent savings in energy costs, for example, through good insulation, which can be achieved with heat-insulating glass. You should also invest in a good locking system to protect against burglary. At Parlun, you can try out and compare different combinations. You will know immediately how much the additional cost is, where there is potential for savings, and where there may still be room for improvement. Our tip: Safety and sound insulation can be optimally combined with glazing! Feel free to ask our expert; we will help you!

Customized plastic side entrance doors

Configure and order individual plastic side entrance doors online at Parlun.

What shapes, types, and variants of plastic side entrance doors?

types of plastic side entrance doors

You can design the side entrance door individually according to your preferences or the building conditions – from the classic single-leaf door to side entrance doors with a side panel or skylight. Wide wall openings are suitable for double-leaf side entrance doors. One sash is usually fixed and can only be operated when the other is open. Alternatively, you can use a single-leaf door with a side panel. This can be completely glazed so that the back entrance resembles a balcony door. Several side panels can also be coupled together depending on the room – for a wonderful glass front. Skylights are often used to make effective use of high ceilings. They provide light and can also be used as a practical ventilation option. Houses near the coast are constantly exposed to strong gusts of wind, which must also be considered when planning the side entrance door. Outward-opening doors are recommended.

  • Double-leaf entrance door
  • Entrance door side panel
  • Entrance door skylight
  • Opening to the outside

Ideal side entrance door dimensions for every construction situation

Even if the focus of the side entrance door is often on the price, you don’t have to compromise on the design here. Thanks to modern technology and fully automated production facilities, individual elements can also be manufactured at a low cost. Simply give us the dimensions of the side entrance door, and you’re good to go.

Based on the dimensions, you can design your personal side entrance door step by step – with a fixed side panel, a skylight, or a double-leaf version. Feel free to try different combinations and compare the prices. In this way, you will receive a customized side entrance door that fully meets your expectations in terms of design and price – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Typical side entrance door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]

80 x 200

800 x 2000

90 x 200

900 x 2000

100 x 200

1000 x 2000

80 x 210

800 x 2100

90 x 210

900 x 2100

100 x 210

1000 x 2100


Various colors for plastic side entrance doors

Integrate your plastic side entrance door optimally into your design concept. It’s easy with the high-quality decorative films from Parlun! You can choose from many colors, such as classic white, anthracite, gray, or moss green. The film is applied directly to the plastic profile and forms a protective layer there. The warm wood tones of Golden Oak or an intense brown are ideal for a natural living atmosphere. These can also be provided with embossing that looks confusingly like natural wood grain – so you can imitate the wood look perfectly. Just determine your favorite color for the side entrance door with us!

Plastic side entrance door equipment: What should I pay attention to when buying an entrance door?

the fittings of plastic side entrance doors

As with many things, the details of the side entrance door matter. They make the difference. High-quality door hinges are crucial for smooth operation, while the locking system is essential for reliable burglary protection. As for thermal insulation, many interlocking factors play a role, such as thermal insulation glazing or high-quality door fittings that increase the pressure and thus avoid thermal bridges. All accessories for all-around equipment can be found at Parlun!

Plastic side entrance door locks

The locking system is particularly important for side entrance doors. They are often slightly hidden so that thieves can work on them undisturbed. In general, a distinction is made between latches, hooks, or hook-bolt systems that secure the door leaf at one or more points. A system with multiple locking is recommended to reliably prevent the door from being pried open and to make access more difficult for burglars.

Plastic side entrance doors hinges

The door hinges ensure a side entrance door’s optimal and lasting functionality. This means it can be operated easily at any time, does not drag over the floor, and the door leaf’s weight is reliably supported. This minimizes signs of wear and increases the service life of the side entrance door. A distinction is made between roller hinges and screw-on door hinges, which can be two-part or three-part, depending on the weight and size of the door.

Plastic side entrance doors glazing

The glazing of the side entrance door is often much more generous than that of the main entrance. The reason for this is usually the location. Side entrance doors are aligned towards the property so that no additional privacy screen is required. In addition, full glazing allows for excellent design options that can transform a conventional room into an art studio. The natural daylight ensures a bright and friendly living atmosphere.

Thermal insulation

Sufficient thermal insulation should also be ensured for side entrances so that valuable energy is not lost unnoticed. Side entrance doors made of plastic are ideal because the material is a poor heat conductor. The multi-chamber system forms insulating air cushions that keep the heat in the house. In addition, you can use insulating glass and provide it with a warm edge.

Finally, about the plastic side entrance doors

With the proper maintenance, you can enjoy your plastic side entrance doors for a very long time.

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