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Wooden Front doors – a natural feeling

Wooden Front doors

The business card of your house with full character – a wooden front door! A softwood grain’s warm and cozy feeling has always influenced our well-being. So it is not surprising that front doors made of wood are still in vogue. A large selection of wood types, door panels, wood grains, and varnishes allows you to implement an individual design that reflects your personality. Wood has natural thermal insulation, so wooden front doors are ideal for houses with good thermal insulation.

Wooden front doors: Guide, useful information, and tips

Wooden front doors

Would you like a front door with character? Then the wood is suitable for you! It is one of the oldest building materials and thus has a historical feeling. The natural grain creates pleasant patterns and warmth that immerses your home in a cozy atmosphere. The wood types used are pine, larch, or meranti wood. They are subjected to a special drying process and glued in multiple layers. This creates a robust and stable construction. In addition, the wood has natural thermal insulation, which ensures good values in energy efficiency. This prevents heat loss and saves valuable heating energy. You can design your wooden front door with shapely millings, decorative strips, and a protective glaze.

Why buy wooden front doors? Advantages of the natural building material wood

Wooden front doors have a unique natural charm inherent. Its graceful curves and unique details promise an exceptional living ambiance. Wood is still excellent and optimal protection for your home. The wood is treated with impregnating agents and protective glazes for reliable weather protection. With regular care, wooden front doors can use many years and provide an incredible sight.

Wood is a naturally solid insulator, making it the perfect building material for windows and doors. The material exudes a cozy warmth that fills the entire house. It ensures a pleasant atmosphere, and it is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The purchase price for wooden doors is higher than plastic doors, and the maintenance effort should also be considered before buying. Nevertheless, the investment is worthwhile to enjoy a natural living ambiance over the long term. Discover all the advantages of wooden front doors at Parlun!

advantages and disadvantages of wooden front doors

Advantages of wooden front doors

  • The natural living atmosphere and pleasant indoor climate
  • With good care, they have a long service life
  • Renewable raw materials for a good ecological balance
  • Good natural thermal insulation
  • Wonderful decorative strips and profiles

Disadvantages of wooden front doors

  • High demand for maintenance effort
  • Limited weather resistance
  • Higher costs than plastic

Advantages of wooden front doors at a glance:

Individual design

The front door styles range from classic to modern to rustic. The wood’s lively character is highlighted by glazes with a clearly visible wood structure. In addition, it is possible to paint the wooden doors with opaque colors according to the RAL color palette.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Wooden front doors stand for renewable and energy-efficient building elements. The high level of thermal insulation can be improved with triple insulating glazing or a “warm edge” spacer.

Durable material

High-quality three-layer glued wooden profiles with 68mm depth in the frame and sash provide the basis for extended durability and the best quality of workmanship.

High level of security

Wooden doors are durable and offer a high level of burglary protection. It can also upgrade by a safety lock and can be equipped with modern locking systems.

Additional equipment for more functionality

Large selection of handle sets, interchangeable sets, and external handles. For more convenience, an intelligent locking system can be installed via finger scan.

How much do wooden front doors cost?

Wooden front doors are the epitome of natural living. It is naturally heat-insulating and thus prevents increased energy consumption, which in turn has a positive effect on your wallet. So it is worth buying a wooden front door.

To ensure that all your requirements are met, contact our expert to order your customized wooden front door. To do this, decide the desired height and width and the profile, and we will guide you about the individual design and equipment.

The significant advantage of Parlun: You have the budget firmly under control and decide for yourself which accessories are essential. If the premium equipment goes beyond the scope, you fall back on the standard. With Parlun You can easily buy high quality wooden front doors at an affordable price!


Customized wooden front doors

Contact us to design and order customized wooden front doors at Parlun.

High-quality wooden front doors at reasonable prices

Wooden front doors are the ornament of a house wall. The lively and unmistakable character of the natural wood emphasizes itself even more.

The door models can also be additionally equipped with cassette applications, profiles, and glass frames for a stylish atmosphere. For door models with a glass section, you can choose from a large selection of decorative glass and front door clear glass.

Our front doors meet the high requirements of sustainable and energy-efficient living. Contact us to design your dream door according to your needs and get the prices for the respective configuration with desired equipment.

In addition, the complex impregnation glaze is helpful to protect the surface from the weather’s influence. Look forward to a distinctive atmosphere and order your wooden front door right now at Parlun.

Comparison of wooden front door profiles: Characteristics of the Softline profile

Wooden door Softline

  • System made of pine or meranti wood
  • Three-layer glued wooden profile
  • Construction depth 68 mm
  • Insulating glazing up to triple glazing
  • Glazes with a clear wood structure
  • Optional: surface colors according to the RAL color palette
  • Aluminum strip to protect the wood from UV rays and pane water

Which wood is the right one for wooden front doors? Comparison of wood types

wood types of wooden front doors

When choosing the wood type, you should first pay attention to sustainable forestry. For this situation, you have the choice between deciduous, coniferous, and tropical woods with different properties. Solid wood, which is not sensitive to the weather effect, is suitable for a front door. The maintenance effort is reduced by regular glazes. Another point is the color of the natural wood. They vary from light yellow to reddish-brown. But you can create your desired color with glazes. Tropical woods have a slight surface grain, while coniferous wood tends to have smooth surfaces that create exciting effects.

Wooden front doors made of pine wood

Pine wood is one of the fast-growing softwoods and is often used in the construction and furniture industry due to its fast growth and optimal processing options. Thanks to the light color and smooth grain, the pine wood allows a variety of individual designs. The medium density of the wood ensures stable construction and a solid appearance of the front door.

Wooden front doors made of meranti wood

Meranti wood is a tropical hardwood ideal for the construction and furniture industry due to its knot-free growth characteristics. Depending on the density, it has a similarly high level of strength as oak and thus offers the front door excellent stability. The reddish-brown heartwood is not only a real eye-catcher but also has properties against fungal and insect infestation. With the proper care, meranti wood will last for a long time.

Wooden front doors made of larch wood

Larch wood is one of the heaviest and hardest softwoods in the world and is therefore ideal for the construction industry and furniture production. Its reddish-brown color and smooth grain give the wood a noble effect with wonderful possibilities. Particularly noteworthy is the weather resistance of larch wood, which makes the front door durable and requires less care.

What shapes, types, and variants of wooden front doors?

A front door design is an essential part of the subsequent effect. In many cases, it can be adapted to the existing building conditions or is determined by themselves. In particular, for wooden front doors, attention is often paid to a traditional design that emphasizes the features of the raw material. These include front doors with a round arch or a skylight equipped with filigree bars. You will get an impressive appearance, and the entrance will become the eye-catcher of the house. You can fit wide wall openings with a double-leaf front door or a side panel. This can be designed as a continuous door panel or serve as a light source with glass inserts. It can be useful to use an outward-opening wooden front door in narrow corridors. So the interior can be used freely. For burglary protection, pay attention to related back hinge security.

The ideal wooden front door dimensions for every building situation

Don’t build your house by choosing any standard front door. Instead, customize your wooden front door to your home’s unique design. At Parlun, you just need simply give us the dimensions of your front door, and our experts will help you plan with millimeter precision. It is an affordable customized product thanks to automated production processes and buying from China.

In addition, you can decide on the design of the wooden front door. Models with skylights or arches are ideal for high ceilings, while wide house entrances are staged with double-leaf doors or doors with side panels. Discover the options and try out different designs until you find the right one for you.

Typical front door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]














Popular front door dimensions and sizes

Front door 90×200 cm

Front door 100×200 cm

Front door 100×210 cm

Front door 110×210 cm

Wooden front door colors

Wooden front doors are characterized above all by their liveliness. The soft structures and fine grain spread a cozy warmth that makes you feel good. To protect this valuable feature, the wood is first impregnated and primed so that it can be embellished with the desired glaze or varnish. This protects your front door from pests and fungal infestation and makes it more resistant to the weather. You can highlight the unique color characteristics of the wood with glazes and opaque RAL paints, which create the popular shades of white, anthracite, golden oak, walnut, mahogany, teak, brown, or moss green. At Parlun, you can refine your design with a wide variety of colors and compare them with each other. Start now!

Front door equipment – you have to pay attention to these details

the fittings of wooden front doors

You will give your wooden front door a very individual touch with the equipment. Here you determine some valuable details to make your everyday life easier and improve functionality and energy efficiency. For example, electronic door locks with automatic locking or integrated ventilation systems. We also have various decorative strips, applications, glass inserts, and door handles to meet your expectations fully. Start designing and equipping your wooden front door right away!

Front Door locking system

Increase the security of your wooden front door with a reliable locking system. A distinction is made between latches, hooks, or hook-bolt systems, which secure the door leaf at three or five points. The more, the higher the burglary protection of the front door. This prevents the door leaf from being levered out and, at the same time, increases the pressure. You can also integrate an automatic lock.

Front Door Hinges

The hinges of a front door are crucial for the long-term functionality and protection of the material. They ensure optimal force transmission to operate even heavy sashes smoothly. The number of hinges is determined by the weight of the door leaf and the properties of the door hinge itself. There are two or three-link versions and models for screwing on or roller hinges.

Front door filling

A front door panel with a glass insert allows a natural light incidence, illuminating the hallway and reducing the use of electric light. There are different options for color design, or you can use structured glass for additional privacy protection. Laminated safety glass is best suited for burglary protection.

Thermal insulation

The U-value for front doors describes the heat transfer coefficient of a building. Wood inherently has thermo-insulating properties, which means that this area can achieve excellent values. To intensify the effect, use effective sealing systems, insulating glazing, and high-quality door fittings to keep the pressure evenly strong.

Tips for setting front doors

With the proper maintenance, you can enjoy your front doors for a very long time.

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