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Aluminum front doors – modern and pure stability

Aluminum Front Doors

Meet every requirement – aluminum front doors! Aluminum front doors are among the premium products in house construction. The durable material is ideal for large buildings and is exceptionally light and stable. The material aluminum is also considered easy to care for: the surface is dirt-repellent and requires no additional care. Combined with a high-quality locking system and proven door hinges, you get a high level of functionality with adequate burglary protection. A large number of door panels in different styles are available at Parlun.

Aluminum front doors: Guide, useful information, and tips

Aluminum front doors

Pure elegance combined with stability and ease of care – that’s what aluminum front doors stand for! The velvety matte surface in a noble metal look is a real eye-catcher to display a modern and timeless design. This makes aluminum perfect for long-term use, for example, in public or commercial buildings. The stable material is particularly impressive due to its durability since there is little wear and tear even with a high frequency of use. In addition, aluminum has proven to be highly robust against external weather influences and signs of wear, so it will remain in its glory even after many years. In private households, aluminum front doors are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because of the high level of burglary protection. The robust construction combined with multiple locking means excellent protection against burglary.

Why buy aluminum front doors – advantages of the popular high-tech material

advantages and disadvantages of aluminum front doors

Aluminum is one of the finest and most robust materials in the window and door industry. It is impossible to imagine modern architecture without aluminum. It allows a wide range of designs and variants and is extremely hard-wearing and durable. In particular, the strong resistance combined with the lightweight convinces many owners of an aluminum front door. These are precisely the properties necessary for private house construction and commercial and public buildings. Compared to other materials, aluminum front doors are usually more expensive, durable, and low-maintenance. The stable material enables narrow frame constructions with unusual designs. These can also be designed in a large selection of RAL colors.

Are you already convinced? Then you can order your aluminum front door directly from Parlun, or you can configure various models made of wood, plastic, and aluminum. Our team will be happy to advise you on individual questions and give you tips for the best online purchase of your aluminum front door.

Advantages of aluminum front doors

  • High stability even with narrow constructions
  • Resistant to wind, rain, and sun
  • Ideal for generous facade designs
  • Incredible color variety, even in wood look
  • Compared to the other materials, it is low-maintenance and easy to care for

Disadvantages of aluminum front doors

  • Expensive
  • High energy consumption in the production of aluminum
  • Changes in length with temperature fluctuations

Advantages of aluminum front doors at a glance:

Excellent energy efficiency

The use of particular thermal separating elements and innovative seals contributes to the optimum thermal insulation of aluminum front doors. This can be seen in the low heat transfer coefficient.

Variable and functional

Various construction types and opening variants give you maximum freedom to adapt the door to your building situation. Optional equipment such as electronic locks offers even more functionality and comfort.

Exquisite design

The elegant, smooth surface of the aluminum looks particularly well-shaped and aesthetic. The slim aluminum profile is filigree and stylish. Thanks to comprehensive RAL colors, individual styles can be set.

Carefree security

The outstanding robustness of the aluminum and the use of top-class security fittings ensure comprehensive burglary protection. In addition, special security locks can be attached.

Easy care

The flat surface is effortless to care for and clean. The aluminum material is naturally dirt-repellent and highly weather-resistant. You can enjoy it for a long time without much effort.

How much do aluminum front doors cost?

Aluminum front doors are relatively more expensive than plastic doors. This is due to the energy-intensive production of the material. However, aluminum is very hard-wearing, and aluminum front doors are impressive for their longevity, exceeding other materials. Regular and time-consuming maintenance cycles, such as with wood, are not required, saving costs in the long term. In addition, the aluminum surface is dirt-repellent, which makes care particularly easy and ensures a radiant look. Thanks to the timeless elegance of the modern design, you are always trendy with the aluminum front door. You can adapt the interior and facade design as desired without replacing the front door – perfect for long-term planning with new ideas. Contact us now and discover all the potential savings!


Customized aluminum front doors

Contact us and order individual front doors made of aluminum at Parlun.

Unique design for your aluminum front door! 

Don’t satisfy the standard – an elegant aluminum front door should be well thought out and designed to the smallest detail. Only this way can it meet all your requirements and become a lasting companion.

At Parlun, you can customize your aluminum front door easily. And best of all: You determine the price! With a clever combination of features and accessories, you can purchase high-quality aluminum front doors at a reasonable price.

In particular, the variety of colors and door panels will convince you. There are various possible combinations with which you can express your style.

Noble customized solution for aluminum front doors

Front doors made of aluminum promise uncompromising aesthetics and outstanding stability. Every facade and every house realize an absolute eye-catcher with this decorative element. The aluminum is highly versatile and can be tailored to any need. Additional front door side panels for an increased light incidence can be ordered at a reasonable price.

Our products meet the highest quality standards – only selected materials are processed to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Aluminum doors are an elegant and excellent solution for optimal security. See for yourself.

Parlun – Competent manufacturer of aluminum front doors that you can trust

As specialists in aluminum door systems, we offer comprehensive profile systems for windows, doors, roller shutters, and facade constructions. The range extends from the standard front door to fire protection objects and professional office solutions. We have many years of experience from which both customers and employees benefit. Tradition and innovative spirit are combined to create up-to-date solutions. The result is high quality aluminum front doors from China that go one step further and meet more than just customers’ current demands. Here the proven material aluminum is reinvented every day!

Styles for front doors made of aluminum – from classic to modern

the styles of aluminum front doors

No other material is as versatile as aluminum! It can be optimally processed and enables a wide range of design variants. Especially in terms of color, no ideas remain unfulfilled. With powder coating, all colors of the RAL palette can be used, and even wood looks. Or you can highlight the metallic look with anodized tones. The straight-lined structures are timeless but allow for fancy applications and glass inserts, which can also work in narrow constructions thanks to the material’s high stability. Discover our most popular aluminum front door designs or create your very own pattern – we’re happy to help you.

Classic aluminum front doors

It should be classic and timeless – no problem with aluminum front doors! The design convinces by its simplicity. Especially popular are continuous door panels and individual glass inserts, which provide additional light incidence. For the aluminum front doors, less is more, and symmetry should be preserved. The color spectrum can be freely selected from the entire RAL palette, but the tendency is towards natural aluminum or dark gray tones and classic white.

Modern aluminum front doors

Modern aluminum front doors are real eye-catchers due to their unique door panels. Unusual designs and colors combined with metal applications and glass inserts are often used here. In particular, the interplay of bright colors and asymmetrical shapes shows a unique effect. The look is supported by exclusive door handles that give the design a finishing touch. Be inspired by our modern aluminum front door catalog.

Country aluminum style front doors

The modern material can also replicate the traditional look without sacrificing the stable and durable feature. In addition to the classic RAL tones, the powder coating can also have a wood look that reproduces the typical grain and thus creates a warm atmosphere. Glass inserts with decorative bars complete the overall picture – it’s so easy to get a modern aluminum front door in a charming country house style.

What shapes, types, and variants of aluminum front doors?

You can adapt the design of your aluminum front door individually to your building situation or according to your preference.You have the choice between single or double-leaf doors, or you can equip the house entrance with a side panel or skylight. High entrances are ideal for the installation of a skylight. Not only can the aluminum front door remain in a stable, affordable format, but you can also benefit from a lot of natural daylight, giving the hallway an extraordinary atmosphere. Depending on the construction situation, the skylight can be classically rectangular, or you can use semicircular formats to decorate with a sunbeam pattern made of rungs.

Front doors with side panels, mainly used for wide house entrances, have a similar effect. They are coupled directly to the actual front door and can be designed as door panels, decorative glass inserts, or even full glazing. This makes the room brighter and more open – even narrow corridors appear larger. In special cases, a front door opening outwards is required. All options are available for you here. Let our expert team advise you!

Customized – your aluminum front door for every building situation

Do you want a front door that exactly meets your expectations? Then design it yourself!

Due to modern technology and a fully automatic production process, this is also affordable for a tight budget. Simply choose the profile material and required dimensions at Parlun. Then step by step, decide on the implementation. How about a front door with a side panel or skylight? In this way, you can tailor the front door precisely to your building situation.

In the next step, determine essential details about functionality and design. Various locking systems are available here, from simple bolts to multiple hook locking—practical accessories such as a ventilation system and color design complete the overall picture.

Typical aluminum front door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]














Colors for aluminum doors – bring more color into play

The front door is the center of the building and attracts special attention. It is quite reasonable to put the treasure properly in the scene. This can be done with a careful selection of colors. Aluminum front doors are usually colored with a powder coating from the broad color spectrum of the RAL palette, and the natural wood look can also be realized. Those who prefer technical and precise can find the metallic look in various anodized colors. Try out different combinations at Parlun and get inspired by our catalog.

Planned down to the last detail – equipment for aluminum front doors

the fittings of aluminum front doors

Would you like more comfort? Simply select your front door equipment with us and set individual styles! With a proven multiple locking system and back hinge security, you increase the burglary protection of your front door and ensure optimal pressure. In addition, glass inserts can help reduce electricity consumption since additional daylight equals less electrical lighting. In particular, the long-term functionality of the front door should be ensured. High-quality door fittings and door hinges are the key points here. They ensure smooth operation even with a high frequency of use. It increases the comfort and durability of your front door.

Front door locking

The locking system of a front door is the key to burglary protection. A distinction is made between lock latches, hooks, or hook-and-bolt systems; each locks the door leaf once or several times. The more points are secured, the more difficult it is to lever out the leaf and the higher the burglary protection of the front door. Automatic locking systems are efficient and activated as soon as the door closes.

Front Door Hinges

Despite the comparatively low weight, aluminum doors also require the right hinges since the frequency of use is very high, especially in the commercial sector. High-quality front door hinges ensure that the door leaf can permanently be moved smoothly and effortlessly. Depending on the size and weight, a distinction is made between the number of hinges and two- or three-link hinges.

Front door panel

A front door panel with a glass insert fulfills several purposes: it provides natural daylight and thermal insulation. In addition, it also has a design benefit. Fully glazed aluminum doors are considered particularly elegant and timeless, but small glass inserts create a pleasant ambiance. To avoid thermal bridges, make sure to use multi-pane insulating glass. This can also be combined with a laminated safety glass pane to increase safety.

Thermal insulation

As with windows, the U-value of front doors is also decisive for the later energy efficiency of the house. This is the so-called heat transfer coefficient, i.e., how much heat energy escapes through the door to the outside. Aluminum is usually higher than plastic or wood, so special insulating inserts should be added to increase thermal insulation. Full-surface glazing equipped with a warm edge is also effective.

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