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PDC-006-Interior door set carbon grey RAL 7043 CPL with frame and handle

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00.

Complete set of RAL 7043 in carbon grey, including CPL inner door, frame, handles


Cheap set of doors consisting of inner doors, frames and door handles in carbon grey RAL 7043, you can be sure of quality at a low price.

The inner doors and frames have a CPL surface with various positive properties. These include a certain degree of elasticity and wear resistance. In addition, it is easy to take care of.

The basic version of the model is also made of stable tubular particleboard. You can also choose from a variety of configuration options, such as special sizes or edge designs.

The wooden wrap-around frame will be produced for you with the same trim and match. It also features a high-quality CPL surface. L-shaped lever handles with rounded rosette knots complete the set.

In addition to the rounded edges offered as standard, there is an option here to use exclusive edges. The difference is that the edge radius of the exclusive edge is smaller. The advantages of both variants are similar, as there are no dirty edges or color deviations at the fold.

Get your interior doors at a low price!

Proven professional trade quality
CPL-resistant surface in carbon grey RAL 7043
Doors with frame and lever handle in the set


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