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project from Australia

The kitchen cabinets of this project use two design schemes, one is white lacquer with walnut wood grain, and the other is black lacquer with ash wood grain.

These two models are simple styles, without any lines and textures, easy to clean, simple and natural but also elegant.

The cabinet is I-shaped and does not take up space. It is very suitable for small apartments. The cabinet contains various household appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, cooker hoods, etc. The kitchen is small but has everything.

The bedroom wardrobe is white lacquer finish, looks simple and clean, the structure inside the wardrobe is shelves, drawers and hanging rods, can stack clothes, hang long skirts or trousers, drawers can store socks or underwear, very functional.

There is also a large storage space at the top of the wardrobe, which is very suitable for quilts.

The bathroom vanity uses two classic designs of white and black, the walls and floors are made of rustic tiles.

Rustic tiles are very resistant to dirt and wear, and the waterproof effect is good. It not only gives the bathroom a classical and elegant style but also makes you feel relaxed and happy when you are brushing and bathing.

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