Project from Kenya

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Kitchen Cabinet (186 Units), Floor tiles
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free 3d renderings, Logistics and transportation, Installation guide
project from Kenya

The material of this kitchen cabinet project is made of a melamine finish.

Beige and brown make the kitchen look particularly warm. This apartment has a lot of space and is suitable for family life, very comfortable and enjoyable.

The floors are polished non-slip light gray tiles, and the walls are blue antique bricks, making the house spacious and rustic. No one can refuse such an environment

The cabinet is inlaid with a disinfection cupboard and a gas stove, which makes the structure very beautiful. The U-shaped design of the kitchen has a large space. When cooking, it will not feel cramped, it will make the mood much better, and the food will be more delicious.

Here are some photos of the assembly, each step will be carefully guided until a successful installation. PARLUN will provide you with the best quality products and services.

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