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project from Maldives

The design of this kitchen is mainly white and gray, which is simple and stylish. The kitchen also has an island and a bar counter, which is very comfortable to eat and drink with family and friends. PARLUN is committed to making good furniture and cabinets to provide you with a refined quality of life.

A white kitchen makes the space look brighter and cleaner, giving it a modern look. The reserved windows also allow more natural light to come into the kitchen, which is good for the eyes, and the air will be very fresh, avoiding inhaling too much oil fumes and gas.

The island comes with lockers, which can not only put food and kitchen utensils on the countertop but also store more things below.

The wardrobe and TV cabinet in the bedroom are also white lacquer finish, which is all customized according to the size and layout of the room, making reasonable use of the space of the house, you can watch TV as you like in the bedroom.

The size of the bathroom cabinet is also customized according to the size of the bathroom so that the bathroom is not cramped.

PARLUN will customize different solutions according to customer needs to make everything perfect.

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