Project from Saudi Arabia

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Kitchen Cabinet (32 Units), Wall panel, Wall tiles
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free 3d renderings, Logistics and transportation, Installation guide
project from Saudi Arabia

The materials of the kitchen cabinet are melamine with oak grain surface, which can make the cost lower but looks upscale, This program is suitable for customers with a small budget.

The wall tiles are matte antique tiles, which are very stain-resistant and good-looking, and the kitchen will not look old after a long time.

The design of this kitchen is U-shaped, which provides a lot of cooking space. The countertop can put a lot of things, and there are many cabinets to store kitchen utensils. Everyone wants to have such a large kitchen!

The walls are decorated with antique wood grain wall panels, which makes people feel as if they are in nature and feel relaxed and happy when cooking in the kitchen.

The biggest advantage of this U-shaped kitchen is that it has a window. When cooking, not only is the view comfortable and bright, but the air is also very fresh, so it will not inhale too much oil smoke and gas smell, and even washing dishes is no longer a chore.

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