Project from United Kingdom

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Kitchen Cabinet (168 Units), Wardrobes, Beds, Dinner Tables, Computer Desks
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free 3d renderings, Logistics and transportation, Installation guide
project from United Kingdom

This project is a high-end single apartment, all furniture materials are good grade. PARLUN provides customers with matching furniture including wardrobes, beds, computer desks, dining tables, kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity etc. The overall effect looks very good, customers don’t have to worry about matching furniture styles.

Small space but fully functional

Each room of the apartment is equipped with a bed, sofa, work area, kitchen, dining table, bathroom, wardrobe, etc., giving you a comfortable living and working environment, everyone enjoys having such a home.

A very user-friendly feature of this apartment is that the beds are foldable. When some people do not need to use the bed, they can fold the bed and put it in the cabinet, making the small room very spacious.

 The work area and dining table are linked together by an L-shaped table, which is a beautiful and functional design.

All structures are very rational use the space of the house, this idea took a lot of thought from the designers.

The wardrobe is made of wood grain surface, same as other furniture, it is simple and atmospheric. Using the simplest furniture to create a very warm home, I believe it will make people very happy.

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