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project from America

When the guest finds us, the villa has already been built, just need to do the cabinets and wardrobes and some decorations, we provide the guests with cabinets, wardrobes, carpets, bar chairs, kitchen appliances, and some decorative ornaments.

From large furniture to small ornaments, PARLUN provides a one-stop service for guests.

The kitchen cabinet door, body, and countertop are composed of melamine board, particleboard, and quartz stone, which can meet the general household kitchen cabinet use.

The kitchen has made hanging cabinets and floor cabinets, making full use of all the space. There is also made a small bar for resting while cooking, drinking and dining. It is a very comfortable design.

For the cloakroom, since customers like cabinets with many layers, we design the wardrobe according to the customer’s preference. The area for stacking clothes and the area for trousers are separated, which is very convenient to find clothes, it is also an excellent design.

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