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project from Australia

The cabinet size for this project is relatively large, so we have to be careful when packing to prevent the cabinets and countertops from being damaged during shipping. Fortunately, the goods arrived safely.

The installed kitchen looks clean, bright, and modern.

This is a large villa with an open kitchen and an island connected to the dining room.

The kitchen cabinets and dining table are made of three colors black, white, and gray, which are very elegant color combinations.

Since the guests have children, when we recommend the dining table to the guests, we choose an oval shape without sharp edges and corners, which is more child-friendly.

The I-shaped bathroom cabinet can store a lot of bathroom supplies and make the bathroom look tidier.

The double vanity is also convenient for family members to use together without crowding and delaying time, and the big size mirror also gives the person a feeling of rich space.

The owner of this villa is very busy, he wants us to help him match all the furniture, so our purchasing department selected a lot of styles for him, and he also chose some very satisfactory styles, the sofa and bed look so comfortable.

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