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project from Bahrain

This is a big villa, and guests like the natural color of the wood, so the cabinets, wardrobes, doors, etc. are all made of the wood grain.

The kitchen has a large space, so we made a U-shaped cabinet, which combines the classic gray and wood grain color to make the overall atmosphere elegant and natural, and there are many storage cabinets, which can put a lot of kitchen supplies.

The door of the wardrobe is made of white paint, combined with the wood grain color frame so that the overall style is very coordinated, and the white color will make the room very clean and bright.

The top of the wardrobe is raised to the ceiling. The locker at the top has a large space, which can store a lot of winter clothes or quilts and other big-volume items. There are also several drawers with small lattices in the wardrobe, which are convenient for storing socks and underwear, ties and belts, etc., to meet the storage needs of the family.

Because there is a small room on the second floor, the guest wanted to use it as a cloakroom. According to the size of his room, PARLUN customized a U-shaped cloakroom with a height up to the ceiling. The overall color is wood grain, which is very classic and durable.

Light strips are also installed in the cloakroom. When the wardrobe is opened, it is very bright and luxurious. With wood-grain color doors and floors, the whole room looks natural and retro.

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