Project from Canada

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project from Canada

Dark gray for cabinets and white for countertops are classic color combinations.

Because the kitchen of this villa is special-shaped, it is specially customized for the customer according to the shape and size, including the location of the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances that are well arranged.

The first floor of the villa is relatively large, and a multi-functional island is specially made for customers as a leisure area, where you can make a party with family or friends, also can drink, cook and so on.

The spiral staircase leading to the second floor is also custom-made by PARLUN, a very fashionable style, which makes the whole house look luxurious.

There is a small kitchen on the second floor, which is made of white painted cabinets, making the room brighter and cleaner.

When you wake up at night and don’t want to go downstairs, it is very convenient to make late-night snacks or drink water in this small kitchen.

In order to be consistent with the overall decoration style of the house, PARLUN also customized TV cabinets for customers, and provided sofa and carpet in the same color, saving a lot of time and energy for customers.

Everything PARLUN does is to give customers the best products and services.

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