Project from South Africa

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project from South Africa

These is the installation photos of the site. When the customer encounters obstacles during the installation, our engineer will make a video call with the customer to guide the installation.

The doors of this cabinet are made of wood grain high-gloss board, which looks gorgeous and easy to maintain.

The first floor of the villa is relatively large, and a multi-functional island is specially made for customers as a leisure area, where you can make a party with family or friends, also can drink, cook and so on.

The spiral staircase leading to the second floor is also custom-made by PARLUN, a very fashionable style, which makes the whole house look luxurious.

The second kitchen cabinet is made of oak and brown lacquer so that the kitchen will not look very monotonous. This kitchen uses a lot of shelves, which are convenient for kitchen accessories.

 The rustic floor tiles on the ground are also provided by PARLUN. Its advantages are non-slip, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant, and it keeps longer than regular floor tiles.

Built-in wardrobes make the bedroom look very spacious, and the white high-gloss lacquered door panels also make the room brighter and tidier.

The wardrobe style built into the wall is very popular now, and more and more people like to do this style.

The cloakroom is made of wood grain structure and glass doors. Lightbars are installed in the cabinet, which looks very luxurious when the wardrobe is opened.

A quality life is inseparable from a practical and luxurious cloakroom. PARLUN will design and customize exclusive wardrobes according to customer requirements.

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