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You can hardly do without them: neither inside the house nor outside the garden. Yes, exactly: the seating. These can be chairs, armchairs, or even stools. Furniture for sitting simply belongs – in addition to the outdoor tables – to every complete garden set-up. How else are you going to relax? In stand? Certainly not. In addition, whether in the conservatory, on the terrace, or the balcony – outdoor chairs are now available in such a variety that you can find the right seating furniture to meet your needs. And this is how you can give your oasis in the countryside its very own character.

You decide how comfortable you are and how you want to enjoy your time in the open air fully. Design your feel-good area in the fresh air. The outdoor chairs are usually offered with an outdoor table as a complete outdoor dining table set. However, you also have the option of buying individual copies from us. Whether you want to put together your own set or simply add to it, it is up to you. But first, take a look at what you can discover and buy from us.

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You can also sit on comfortable outdoor chairs and armchairs in the outdoor living room

Read newspaper. Do office work. Enjoy dining. Talk to the neighbors. Enjoy a barbecue evening. Bathe in the sun. There are many reasons to settle in your garden. The main thing: you sit or lie and relax comfortably.

We think this should be just as easy to do outdoors as in the living room at home. And that’s no longer a dream. Today, many outdoor armchairs and chairs are just as comfortable as classic living room furniture. You can sit as comfortably on the outdoor furniture as on the armchair or sofa in front of the television. This gives you the freedom to decide, according to your taste, which seating furniture suits you best: whether it’s a folding armchair, a stacking chair, or an outdoor stool. Each seat has its advantages. Comfort and weather resistance are, of course, natural prerequisites.

Are you sitting comfortably: a space-saving outdoor chair for the balcony or a relaxation chair for the garden?

The product range of outdoor seating furniture is very extensive. The category of chairs alone, with which you can sit comfortably at an outdoor table, can be divided into low, medium, and high-backed chairs – depending on the size of the backrest. Some chairs also offer an adjustable backrest as a practical extra. In this way, you can set the most comfortable seating position for you in no time at all. In addition to high-backed and low-backed chairs, you can also choose between stacking chairs or folding chairs. Both are space-saving – so you have the freedom to choose when purchasing.

Another category is the armchairs, which are also partially foldable and available with a footrest or hanging chair. But regardless of whether it is a folding chair or a stacking chair: the seat is usually lower and, at the same time, a little wider. So you can take a seat on it exceptionally comfortable and even more relaxed. This is usually ensured by the additional padding and the comfortable armrests. However, not all seating furniture needs armrests to be helpful.

The most petite and by far the most versatile “outdoor chairs“: the stool

Don’t forget the outdoor stool. Stools are more than “just” seating furniture for the additional surprise guest. You can comfortably put your feet up on a footstool. Or you can use your outdoor stool as a practical side table to secure extra storage space. You can also save a lot of space with a stacking stool.

You see: Hardly any other piece of furniture can be used as flexibly as the outdoor stool. In addition, the taller bar stools are also stools. These outdoor stools are particularly suitable for integrating a bar in your garden for exuberant barbecues or garden parties.

Improve the seating comfort of your outdoor chairs with the right upholstery

If you want to increase the seating comfort on outdoor chairs, outdoor armchairs, and outdoor stools, even more, you have the opportunity to do so with the matching chair pads and seat cushions. However, you should make sure that the upholstery – in contrast to all pieces of furniture for outdoor use – is better kept dry. Otherwise, there is a risk of mold developing.

Practical support boxes are ideal here, which are also available from us. In any case, you can protect your upholstery and cushions in the long term.

Which materials are particularly suitable for outdoor chairs?

Chairs, armchairs, and stools have different shapes and differ in terms of materials. Of course, it is fundamental that the seating furniture is well prepared for the different weather conditions outdoors (such as rain, snow, sunshine, or significant temperature differences). Nevertheless, there are differences that we now want to uncover.

Poly rattan outdoor chairs: the weave that’s better than its original

One of the currently most popular materials is poly rattan. However, the plastic mesh, which was modeled on the wood of the rattan palm, is significantly more weatherproof. Nevertheless, this mesh is visually similar to natural rattan or seems confusingly identical to the mesh. However, unlike rattan, the plastic mesh is also moisture-repellent and easy to clean. This makes the care of the outdoor chairs very easy, which is another significant advantage.

That is why plastic outdoor chairs are so easy to store

All outdoor furniture made of plastic is also easy to clean. Outdoor chairs made of this material are just as light as the lounge chairs made of poly rattan. Plastic furniture is generally convinced with very similar advantages and high weather resistance. Outdoor furniture should not be left outside when there is frost, as it could become brittle in the cold. However, since most seating furniture made of plastic is light and can be easily stacked, the outdoor chairs can be stored indoors relatively easily and in a space-saving manner in winter.

Outdoor chairs and armchairs made of wood – a long service life even with minimal care

There is also no way around wood as a material for outdoor furniture, as it is a natural raw material and fits in with any outdoor furniture. In addition, wood generally has a pleasant and warm effect. Types of wood such as oak, acacia, eucalyptus, and teak are prevalent. Outdoor chairs made of this material have the reputation of being solid and weatherproof and therefore last for many years. This is particularly true for teak, which can last up to 50 years even without care and at most turns gray – the much-appreciated “patina look,” which has no negative impact on the quality of teak furniture. Most manufacturers also use special paints and glazes to extend the life of wooden outdoor chairs.

Almost every outdoor armchairs or outdoor chairs contain aluminum and stainless steel

In the list of materials for outdoor furniture – and therefore also for outdoor chairs – metal should not be missing. Aluminum and stainless steel are used frequently for metal seating furniture, with aluminum being most noticeable due to its low weight. Depending on the design, the metal seating can have a classic to romantic style (if they are a bit ornate or have curved shapes). The frame of most outdoor armchairs or chairs is made of metal. As a result, a great deal of outdoor furniture consists at least in part of this weatherproof material.

The proper care ooutdoor chairs, outdoor armchairs, and outdoor stools 

Fortunately, outdoor furniture already has very weatherproof properties. As a result, it is very easy to care for. Outdoor chairs made of plastic and poly rattan take the least amount of time because they only have to be cleaned when getting dirty. This can be removed relatively easily with a garden hose, damp cloth, and cleaning agent.

Outdoor chairs, outdoor stools, and outdoor armchairs made of aluminum and stainless steel, on the other hand, can remain outside all year round because they do not rust, thanks to their coating. Cleaning is just as easy here as with poly rattan and plastic. You have to pay attention to a few things (except teak wood) since some types of wood are better stored indoors in winter or at least covered with a protective cover. However, if these are sufficiently ventilated, mold formation is not an issue, and the wood retains its original character. This makes protecting your outdoor furniture and taking care of it very easy.

You can’t say “no” to this outdoor furniture

In our catalog, you will find a large selection of outdoor armchairs, chairs, and stools from direct Chinese manufacturers with high quality and low prices. Thanks to this extensive range, you can choose from multiple colors: brown, anthracite, black, silver, or white. All timeless colors and designs can be easily integrated into any ambiance.

Feel free to look around in our outdoor furniture catalog and discover outdoor benches, outdoor tables, or outdoor loungers in our range. We ensure that you can set up a wonderful feel-good area in the garden for your terrace or balcony.

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