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project from united kingdom

The kitchen cabinets of this project are designed with vermilion wood grain as a whole, with a white tile floor, which looks elegant and not dull, and this color is very stain-resistant, and it is still new even after a long time. White non-slip floor tiles complement the color of the cabinet countertops, making the kitchen look brighter.

The sofa in the living room is off-white matched with blue color, which makes the living room clean, bright, fresh, tidy, it makes people feel happy. When you get home from a day’s work, you can relax your mind by sitting on the comfortable sofa, drinking coffee, and watching TV.

The most important thing in the home is the bedroom. Good sleep is inseparable from a good bed, good sleep can make you full of energy throughout the day. PARLUN carefully selects beds for customers, and various styles meet the preferences of different customers. The bed in this project is a modern style with a grey high-end rug that makes the room spacious and stylish.

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