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10 practical tips for buying kitchen cabinets

Tips For Buying Kitchen Cabinets

It’s difficult to say how much a kitchen will ultimately cost in advance. Too many individual factors affect the price you, the customer, pay for a new kitchen. In addition, a kitchen usually consists of many very different components that have to fit together. We will tell you how you can still get the best price for the best kitchen cabinets to offer in our ten tips.

Buying a kitchen is often a complex matter. With the following ten tips, we want to give you a brief guide that will help you avoid the worst mistakes in kitchen planning.

Just take advantage of the possibilities that we offer to you. You would find that you could save money and get closer to the perfect idea of ​​your dream kitchen cabinet more quickly.

TIP 1: Start planning the kitchen cabinets early

Start thinking about your new fitted kitchen cabinet as early as possible and make plans before purchasing.

  • A more extended planning phase
  • Long delivery times
  • Delivery delays
  • Possible complaints

kitchen cabinets video meeting

In general, it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks from the decision on planning to the realization of the kitchen. For kitchens in new buildings, where the room layout and the distribution of the connections are not yet specific, you have to allow even more time.

DON’T FORGET: Given that the lifespan of a kitchen, which averages 15 to 20 years, it pays to act early and carefully.

TIP 2: Research into fitted kitchens is the be-all and end-all

Bad kitchen salespeople fear well-informed customers, while professional kitchen salespeople love customers who know what they want. These are two good reasons to find out more information online: planning topics, materials, differences in quality, kitchen manufacturers, kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, trends, etc.

good ergonomics in the kitchen

In any case, you should carry out a needs analysis and deal with ergonomic issues first. What is the ideal working height? How should you arrange the kitchen cabinets? How do you create storage space? What is necessary in the kitchen? 

TIP 3: Make your kitchen cabinet planning attempts

Most manufacturers would always be more accurate and thoughtful when planning a newly fitted kitchen than you. Nevertheless, it would be helpful if you got to know the floor plan of your kitchen and be clear about the possibilities in your kitchen.

floor plan of your kitchen

The easiest way is to contact our expert for further discussion. Since the kitchen’s look can be fully design by your mind, you could get an idea of ​​how you would like to design your kitchen and which kitchen style is your favorite.

TIP 4: Take the reviews into account when choosing a kitchen cabinets seller

If you are unsure which kitchen cabinet sellers are best for you, there is a simple way: Browse the reviews that customers have given after purchasing.

The reviews of sellers performance often provide an excellent orientation – mainly because the reviews are only given after the kitchen cabinet has been completed, and aspects such as service and installation are therefore included.

TIP 5: Check sample kitchen cabinet offers as an alternative

If you’re running out of time and can’t wait for kitchen cabinet, long delivery times from kitchen manufacturers can be easily avoided: with model kitchen cabinets.

sample kitchen cabinet from China

Display kitchens, usually called exhibition kitchens, are significantly cheaper and immediately available. The more precisely the floor plan of the model kitchen matches the your kitchen is better.

TIP 6: Compare the planning service of the kitchen cabinets sellers

Above all, compare the planning competence of the kitchen sellers. Does the seller have his professional ideas? Does the seller understand your kitchen’s unique requirements and get a precise picture of the situation? Or just want to complete the planning as quickly as possible?

TIP 7: Don’t over-tighten your budget for the new kitchen cabinets

Firstly, think about what you value in your new fitted kitchen. Of course, depending on your situation, a hard budget limit may be necessary. Besides, this also means that you have to be prepared to make some compromises on the way to your dream kitchen.

If you stay flexible with the budget, the probability increases that special requests can also be implemented. Incidentally, to get a feeling for the price of a kitchen, it is worth taking a look at our free catalog and quotation.

Parlun Building is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and also has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers specializing in matching kitchen furniture sets.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Moreover, since China is one of “the world’s factories,” with the advantage of low labor costs, robust business ecosystem, low taxes and duties, and competitive currency practices, we consistently offer our customers good service and a convincing price-performance ratio. You can buy satisfactory kitchen cabinets of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. Numerous chic kitchen furniture at bargain prices is waiting for a new home.

TIP 8: Be careful with discount advertising

Discount is the stock-in-trade in the furniture industry – including in kitchens. It would help if you were careful with sellers who prefer to draw customers’ attention to themselves with a low price rather than a promise of performance.

The supposedly cheap discount price often has a trap – for example, there are special restrictions on the kitchen offer but inconspicuously in the small print.

TIP 9: Pay attention to kitchens calculated by a unit, such as those calculated by block or meter

Do not buy kitchens calculated by meter, and consider carefully whether kitchens calculated by block are really in your favor.

To explain: In the case of kitchens calculated by the meter, a flat rate is set for one meter of a kitchen – regardless of what is planned within this meter. However, after careful calculation and consideration, such kitchens are often uneconomical.

As for kitchens calculated by block, the retailer offers a fully-planned, complete kitchen, often a simple kitchenette, at a fixed price. It becomes expensive if you remodel the kitchen, i.e., change it, discard it.

TIP 10: Compare kitchen cabinet offers clearly

Comparing offers in advance is part of rational buying behavior. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to do with kitchens. As a rule, the kitchen plans vary significantly among different sellers. That means you might run the risk of comparing apples to oranges. However, the probability of an accurate comparison increases if you compare offers as similar as possible.

For example, compare different lacquered front and different granite countertop. Compare kitchens with the same number of drawers and doors. Count the number of kitchen cabinets offered. And make sure that the kitchen plans you want to compare are equipped with the same kitchen appliances.

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