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21+ Black Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Scandinavian-inspired Kitchen, Sleek Black And White Space

The simple off-white cabinets do not have any handles. They look like cuboid cartons of different sizes, full of beautiful lines. The backsplash made of black hexagonal tiles is stunning. It blends perfectly with the quartz worktop, the stainless steel vent hood, and the cabinets. The long island is covered with a quartz countertop, which has black faucets coupled with an undermount sink. Three black and white globe pendant lights hanging over the island are the stunning finishing touch in the kitchen. Several eye-catching metallic stools add a touch of character. The light wood floor has a warm beige tone, creating a cozy space.

An Impressive Cooking Nook

You can believe that a backsplash made of gorgeously patterned black hexagonal tiles would look fantastic in this primarily white room. It is true, in fact. It’s like cracking open its own style in a white world while also infusing the surroundings with a sense of style. With some ingenious tricks, the black hexagonal tile backsplash can create a splendid effect. Other accents, such as wood, complement the trendy black and white space. The front of the peninsula has wood grain, which matches well with its white waterfall countertop, and at the same time, it is connected with the warm-toned wooden floor, and the overall design is harmonious. Above the peninsula hang two stylish black pendants for style. The two bar chairs are also very distinctive.


It is reminiscent of when bees make honeycombs. Yes, this interesting hexagonal shape is inspired by nature itself. Then, for the busy bees in the kitchen, maybe a hexagonal tile backsplash is a great idea because it can withstand wear and tear without compromising beauty. There are varying shapes and sizes of hexagon tiles, so you’ll be able to make your backsplash the focal point of your kitchen. Even more appealing is the black hexagonal tile backsplash. Black and dark-toned hexagon tiles can make a statement in a neutral or warm-wood kitchen.

Transitional White Kitchen With Black Hexagon Backsplash

In a vertically stretched form, the black hexagon tile backsplash is eye-catching and goes perfectly with the white shaker cabinets. And it also highlights the dark wood shelves on the walls. Gold accents add a lot of color to the kitchen, such as the matte brass knobs and handles on the cabinet doors and the polished gold wide arch faucet paired with a farmhouse sink on the white quartz countertops. A full-view, black-framed window makes the kitchen brighter. The warm wood parquet gives the kitchen a more cozy feel.

Slab Style Cabinets And Hexagon Backsplash And Contemporary Kitchen

If you want a range hood that works well with the hexagonal tile backsplash, the stainless steel pyramid hood is an ideal choice. Because it highlights the range hood itself as well as the geometric beauty of the hexagonal tiles. The dark butcher block worktops pair nicely with the black hexagon tile backsplash and the white lacquered flat-panel cabinets. Tall cabinets in a soft off-white color exude elegance and warmth. A pure white quartz countertop covers the island, which has black slab-style cabinets. The black high-arch faucet combination and black undermount sink look stunning on the white countertop. Three black wood and metallic stools are stylish and match well with the island. The medium-toned hardwood flooring brings a different, rustic feel to the kitchen.

A Textured Black, White, And Grey Cooking Space

This kitchen has a good grasp of the palette of cool tones and the aesthetic quality of each detail. Though black, white, and grey are cool tones, you’re still able to feel soft and warm. The grey solid wood cabinets have minimalist interior decor and chic pulls, which have non-symmetrical openings in different directions. The captivating backsplash is made out of granite hexagon tiles with a variable texture and polished finish. The whitewashed wide-plank European oak flooring adds a touch of warmth. The grey quartz countertop continues as a waterfall design finish on both sides of the island, making it look like a perfect cube on both sides. The other decor, such as the high-arch stainless steel faucet, disc pendants, and sleek white stools, enhance the stylish feel.

A Homey And Welcoming Cooking Nook

The enclosed kitchen features white recessed-panel cabinets and a black, elongated hexagon tile backsplash. The wood shelves, white-framed casement window, and white marble countertops match well with the black backsplash. The polished gold faucets paired with a farmhouse sink look stunning. A cooktop set on the peninsula, plus several leather-upholstered stools and sleek glass pendant lights, create a little barbecue space for family and friends, which is also a relaxing place. The door is designed in the same style as the window, and they work well with the warm wood floors to create a cohesive kitchen. 

Rejuvenate An Insipid-looking Kitchen

Black hexagonal tile adds geometry to walls, and as a neutral color, it blends well with many room styles. To create a solid-colored look and a complete patterned design, you will get a dramatic and daring space and find extra dimension and interest that you never knew existed before.

When A Light Wood Tone Meets A Black Tone

The large modern kitchen has flat-panel cabinets in two different tones: one is a light wood tone with subtle grains, and the other is a dark gray with matte finishes. On the right, the huge floor-to-ceiling pantry includes black built-in stainless steel appliances and provides a lot of space for storing kitchen items. The stylish black ceiling lights and pendant light, as well as the super modern black cylindrical range hood on the ceiling, contrast sharply with the light wood ceiling. The black hexagon tile backsplash between the upper and base cabinets adds geometric beauty to the space. It also pairs well with the black stone slab countertop, which has slight white veins. The black countertop continues on the peninsula in the form of a waterfall and two layers. One of its ends extends to the window, resulting in a four-person dining table. The beige travertine ceramic floors warm up the kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen With 3D Black Hexagonal Backsplash

The black 3D hexagon tile with white grout is full of character and captivating. It contrasts with the white shaker cabinets, quartz worktops, and wide vertical sliding window and pairs well with them at the same time. The pinkish-orange wall makes a statement in the kitchen. It works with the unadorned wood shelves and vent hood, white windows, and cabinets, giving the kitchen a pop of color. Despite its rustic appearance, the curved wood range hood is elegant. Continue with the white quartz countertop and wood details on the island design to create a cohesive kitchen. The beige terracotta floors have a more old-world feel.

Eat-in Kitchen With Wood Cabinets And A Black Hexagon Backsplash

Here, all you can feel is a comfortable sophistication. The black hexagonal tile backsplash looks glossy in different lighting, like the white canned spotlights on the ceiling, the glass globe chandeliers, etc. And it works well with the light brown flat-panel cabinets and off-white quartzite countertops. What’s more, the cylindrical stainless steel vent hood looks even more stunning against the black backdrop. The exposed dark wood beams on the ceiling are special additions to the kitchen. The black dining table set with three chairs is in line with the style of the sophisticated cooking space.

Put A New Spin On Hexagon Tile Backsplash

To complement the artistic beauty of the hexagon tile, multiple finishes come in different colors, shapes, and patterns. Allow your imagination to run wild and let a hexagonal tile backsplash add visual depth and dimension to the space. Eventually, they literally jump right out of the wall at you.

Captivating Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash And Medium Tone Wood Cabinets

This contemporary kitchen has medium-tone flat-panel wood cabinets with natural grains. And between the wood cabinets, a backsplash made of black hexagonal stone tile is definitely the centerpiece in the kitchen. It also has a slight luster in natural light, and the three-dimensional effect is full. As mentioned above, it goes beyond the walls and brings a new dimension and experience. At the same time, the black marble countertop becomes increasingly deep and charming against the backsplash, making it impossible to take your eyes off it. This one-of-a-kind kitchen is enhanced by sleek white pendant lights, black bar stools, and dark wood floors.

Custom Contemporary Kitchen, Chic, And Compact

Under the flat wood vent hood, the black hexagon tile backsplash with white grout adds pops of color and character to the kitchen, which is showstopping. With their delicate black handles, the white flat-panel cabinets are stylish, matching the stainless steel appliances. On the island, which has a white quartz countertop, there is a two-bowl sink. At the perimeter of the island, the trendy black pendant lights and bar stools contrast with the white backdrop in the kitchen. A tray ceiling installed with surrounding luminous equipment would bring more interest. The flooring of the kitchen is a warm wood tone, making it distinctive and inviting.

An Impressive Farmhouse Kitchen And Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash

The eclectic farmhouse kitchen features grey shaker cabinets and a black hexagon mosaic tile backsplash, which has white grout details. The eye-catching backsplash complements the white quartz worktops and grey laminated cabinets. Primarily in a white tone, plenty of natural light comes through the white frame windows, brightening up the entire kitchen. A butcher block island is right in the middle, providing a place to put items when preparing meals. Several pendant lights hanging over are special, adding a pop of character. A dining nook in the kitchen looks chic and welcoming. With natural wood grains, the wood parquet brings more vigor to the kitchen.

Ideal For Entertaining—Custom Designed And Built Kitchen

The chic, open kitchen is highlighted by black flat-panel cabinets, pine, grained posts, and a large, hexagonal black tile with white grout. The posh black backsplash runs behind the stainless steel hood fan and between the pine-colored floating shelves, creating a one-of-a-kind cooking space. With white quartz countertops, an undermount sink, and a waterfall butcher block, this large island takes center stage. There are many other fashion pieces, such as high-end appliances, white stools, etc. The light hardwood floors make the kitchen warm and harmonious.

Bonus Tip For Caring Backsplash

You can ask your tile installer to seal the tile if necessary. Some tiles must be sealed both before and after installation, while others must only be sealed after installation. Furthermore, some tiles do not need sealing at all. You can also ask your tile installer to use a grout that is pre-sealed for durability to extend the life of the backsplash.

Every Nook And Cranny Is Exquisite

The splendid cooking space is reminiscent of a wine cellar with style. The kitchen is enclosed by black flat-panel base cabinets. And, meanwhile, the upper cabinets have an open design, which is ideal for displaying favorite wines and storing other kitchenware. Under the soft light, the black-framed wood shelves go well with the elongated black hexagon tile backsplash, which has white grout. The black backsplash makes a statement in the kitchen and adds more character. The noble white marble countertops also do a good job here, contrasting strikingly with the black accents. Thanks to the full-view window, the kitchen is now brighter and more spacious. With attractive grains, the medium-tone hardwood floor is the finishing touch.

Art Space-like Kitchen

The seemingly unpredictable and highly distinctive multicolored hexagonal tiled backsplash is undoubtedly the most distinguishing feature of this kitchen. It matches well with the dark grey flat-panel wood cabinets and the black soapstone countertops. And the floating shelf also plays an irreplaceable role in adorning the kitchen. The hexagonal tile backsplash looks more mysterious under the ceiling light. On the opposite side of the cabinets, there is a chalkboard wall where you can draw some interesting graffiti, making the kitchen outstanding and impressive. The vinyl floors in a warm wood tone have a natural and welcoming feel.

Impressive Transitional Kitchen Dotted With Black And White Backsplash

Under two long wood slabs, the black and white hexagonal tile backsplash is really stylish and eye-catching, giving the kitchen more vigor and making it smart. There is also a very clever trick. If you look very closely, the floating shelves on the right are shallower than the shelf on the left. The vent is concealed behind the drywall, which requires making the shelves shorter and venting it directly to the outside. The white quartz worktops complement the black flat-panel cabinets. In front of the white frame window, which has beautiful valances, there is an elegant faucet combination and a stainless steel farmhouse sink. The island is excellent as well and pairs with stools in a walnut and grey wool fabric.

Black-and-white Modern Kitchen

Aside from the large black and white color block, nothing shines brighter than the eye-catching glossy black hexagonal tile backsplash. It gives the kitchen more layers and enriches its style and character. The tall cabinets and modern appliances are all black, looking mysterious and captivating. And the white base cabinets with quartz countertops. A high-arch faucet and a two-bowl sink, both in black, are stunning on the white worktops. Black and white accents are properly used in the kitchen. The white island is surrounded by sleek black stools, and hanging over it are black and white globe-like pendants. The beige ceramic floors enhance the kitchen’s style.

Subway Tile Isn’t The Only Option

Truth be told, there are tons of other styles and colors that can be used to get a timeless look. It might seem that the only option that feels timeless is the subway tiles, but that simply isn’t the case. Like hexagon tiles, penny tiles, picket tiles, etc., all of these are classics and can stand the test of time. You’ll love them for years to come.

Magnificent Contemporary Kitchen And Black Solid Surface Island

Both the worktops and the backsplash are surrounded by black flat-panel cabinets. The metal hexagonal tile backsplash, with its three-dimensional embossed elements, enhances the kitchen’s character. It is true that black and gold can always create a fantastic and impressive effect. The black marble worktops continue on the island in the form of a solid surface. There are charming white veins on the island’s surface, giving it a mysterious and noble look. The high-arch gold faucet paired with the two-bowl gold sink on it is stunning. A slender niche carved on the front side of the island adds character while also providing additional places to display exquisite tableware. The eye-catching pendant lights on the shiplap ceiling highlight the kitchen style.

Contemporary Kitchen And White Cabinets And Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Featuring white recessed panel cabinets and a black elongated hexagon tile backsplash with white grout, the kitchen is captivating and impressive. The black backsplash stands out against the white cabinets and quartz worktops, giving the space a geometric feel. The large island, which is covered with a quartz countertop either way, has a wood base in a light tone with recessed panel details. And the overhang provides a place for tucking bar stools. What’s over it are two black pendant lights, which look extremely stunning in this white kitchen. The white cabinets blend with the ceiling while the light wood island mixes with the flooring, creating a cozy, harmonious kitchen.

Eclectic Galley Has Multi Styles

The galley is colorful, like the yellow recessed panel cabinets with black knobs, the large flat panel pantry with a white surface, the medium-tone wood frame window, the black hexagon tile backsplash, etc. These different colors make the kitchen more visually pleasing. The white quartz countertops pair well with both the black backsplash and yellow cabinets, which embody a collaboration between cool and warm tones. Not only can various colors expand the kitchen’s character, but so can the texture and grains—for example, the natural knots and grains on the light wood pantry surface. The exposed dark wood beams and kaleidoscope-like ceramic flooring add a lot of character to the kitchen. 

Chic Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash kitchen

Modern White Space With Chic Black Hexagon Tile Backsplash

The sleek white flat-panel cabinets with invisible handles give the kitchen a modern feel, creating a bright, crisp cooking space. The stainless steel appliances, black faucet, and grey zinc countertops that extend to the peninsula in a waterfall design all contribute to the kitchen’s futuristic feel. The special, black hexagonal tile backsplash with different textures against the white cabinets takes centre stage and leaves a deep impression with its changeable glaze and texture. In a warm beige, the limestone flooring highlights the airy and comfy kitchen.

Choose The Backsplash Early On

Many clients tend to select backsplash in the final hour. Because the backsplash is one of the most visually heavy elements of the kitchen. With it being such an important piece of the design, let the backsplash be the star of the show and allow the other design elements to complement it. If you decide on the backsplash at the very beginning, it will help you determine the style of cabinet color, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and plumbing.

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