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20+ Black Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

Table of Contents

Mountain-inspired Kitchen With Black Backsplash And Dark Wood Cabinets

The eclectic kitchen combines rustic and industrial styles, giving it a catchy look. In a shaker style, the rustic-textured dark wood cabinets pair well with the black concrete backsplash and countertops. In addition, the iron-wrapped hood in a warm tone creates a striking contrast with its surroundings while also adding a splash of color to the kitchen. The black backsplash and countertops are in line with the black walls, and natural wood accents travel across them. There is a brushed brass faucet on the island, plus the milk globe pendant lights, which are eye-catching. Wrapped wood beams extend from the floors to the slanted, unadorned wooden ceiling. An oversized wall tapestry is attractive. And a large window with wood details lets in more natural light, softens the wood floor, and enhances the grand kitchen.

Minimalist Black and White Contemporary Modern Kitchen 

The custom snow-white cabinets in a high-gloss lacquer with no handles and railings, which are covering paneled stainless appliances and the refrigerator, steal the show in the kitchen. With fascinating veining, the black granite backsplash and countertops are the statement pieces, and they contrast strikingly with the white backdrop, making the kitchen much more impressive. There are posh black lamp light fixtures and sleek bar stools to accentuate the character of the island, which is in a waterfall style. The light-toned hardwood floors give the kitchen a natural vibe.

about black tile kitchen backsplash

There are a lot of types of black tile that you can choose to create the backsplash of your dream kitchen, such as black subway tiles, herringbone tiles, mosaic tiles, hexagonal tiles, and other black tiles. A black tile backsplash, as a basic element in kitchen design, really gives a dramatic and bold look. Brimming with depth and elegance, black can keep things from feeling boring and monotonous in the kitchen. When you embrace black, it will not just give you a beautiful look; it will also be practical and easy to do some cleaning because there will be far fewer cracks and crevices for food and liquid to find.

Contemporary Kitchen Mixes Black And White Hue

The black herringbone tile backsplash looks striking. It seems that it is surrounded by white flat-panel cabinets and blends well with the black natural stone countertop. On the white island, there is a black high-arch faucet as well as a black undermount sink, which is stunning. These black accents bring a different character to the kitchen. The three sleek white finish and gold interior pendant lights show an aesthetic of line. At the perimeter of the island, there is a recessed space for tucking the grey stools, which have black metallic frames. The light wood floors connect this open kitchen with other areas in the home, giving it a bright and spacious vibe.

Black Tile Backsplash And White Cabinets In A Contemporary Galley

This chic and cohesive kitchen counterbalances black and white in just the right way. With a glossy lacquer, the white flat-panel cabinets look crisp and modern. And the high-gloss black subway tile backsplash is eye-catching and complements the white cabinets. Together, they contribute a bold, impressive cooking space. The backsplash is not the only black accent; the worktops, the recessed refrigerator, and the stainless steel appliances are all black. The island has a waterfall marble countertop, and its island base is black, too. The bar stools are chosen in the same way. It is believed that you can feel black and white blending nicely here. With their natural grains, the light wood floors bring a rustic feeling to the stylish kitchen, which enhances its style.

Consider A Dark Kitchen Backsplash

A moody kitchen can be achieved with some dark tones, such as black, deep green, and navy. These dark backsplashes can bring a touch of sophistication to a bright space. Try and discover different, elegant kitchens by incorporating a dark-toned backsplash.

Black Soapstone Countertops And Backsplash In A Scandinavian Kitchen

The aesthetics of black and white and minimalism are both vividly embodied here. It seems seamless between the white cabinets for the reason that they are in a flat-panel style. Although the minimalist design concept is used here, it does not mean that the details are ignored. For example, the black soapstone backsplash and countertops have subtle white veins. And there are a lot of details where the cabinets meet the floor and ceiling—the delicate crown moldings. The black arched faucet and sink blend in with the black kitchen island. Over the island, the black finish and white interior bell-like pendant light accentuate the kitchen style. The wooden stools and the light wood flooring give the kitchen a natural, rustic feel.

Stylish Black Backsplash And Two-Toned Cabinets In A Slanted-Ceiling Kitchen

This horizontally stretched black hexagonal tile backsplash looks textured. In natural light, it appears flickering, with a sense of mystery that makes it difficult to take your gaze away from it. At the same time, it also looks like the dividing line between light wood cabinets and white cabinets and sets off the two kinds of cabinets well. Different cabinets in different colors have different metal pulls in different colors. The stainless steel appliances, such as the stove and refrigerator, are the fashion pieces. In particular, the black pyramid chimney hood goes well with the black backsplash. There is an overhanging design on the island, giving it a stylish look and providing extra space for placing stools. With its natural grains, the light wood flooring warms up the cooking nook.

black and white tile kitchen backsplash

There is something about black-and-white backsplashes that is definitely captivating. Black and white are always a classic combination, no matter in what aspect. Soft and warm contrasts with sharp and cool black and white designs can beautifully personalize a modern kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Has Black And White Patterned Backsplash And Wood Countertops

In this cooking nook, you can feel its simple yet chic characters. There are only white base cabinets in flat panel style, which have medium-tone wood countertops. The sides of the cabinets are covered with a wooden board, the same as the countertops, which gives them a waterfall style. The floating wood shelves on the wall are a nice addition. The black and white tile backsplash has attractive motifs, making the kitchen more charming. The pyramid range hood looks more stylish under the embellishment of the backsplash. At the corner, there are vertical sliding white frame windows, creating a brighter space. And in front of it, there is a white ceramic farmhouse sink, coupled with a high arch faucet. On one side of the peninsula, there are sleek round wood stools, providing a relaxing place.

Midcentury Kitchen Is Rustic, With A Touch Of Modern Industrial Flair

The airy, bright kitchen features recessed stainless steel appliances and medium-tone flat-panel wood cabinets. Atop the wood cabinets are the white porcelain countertops. The glossy black tile backsplash stacked orderly accentuates the stylish character of the kitchen. The wood shelves connecting with the range hood are a nice addition and provide extra space for placing items. The sliding glass doors connect the kitchen to the outdoor space, making it spacious. And the black frames of the doors echo the black supporting beam and the exposed beam on the shiplap ceiling. In a waterfall style, the island looks crisp and clean, and the two black stools around it are posh, too. The dark-toned hardwood floors help create a harmonious, relaxing environment.

Stylish Black And White Transitional Kitchen

It is open and full of fashion here. Without any handles, the white base cabinets in a flat-panel design look crisp and chic. There is an undermount sink on the white stone slab countertops, coupled with a black wide arch faucet. The black and white hexagonal tile backsplash makes the kitchen more captivating. On the right, there is a large black pantry and a built-in refrigerator, which is splendid and modern. And on the left, it is an open-window design with an overhanging countertop and several sleek round wood stools outside. Go back to the interior; the hollow waterfall peninsula paired with two posh bar stools, together with the sputnik pendant light, adds a pop of color.

A Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchen

The modern Mediterranean-inspired kitchen uses gold accents ingeniously. The gorgeous gold shelves on the black subway tile backsplash are attractive and pair well with the black and white background. The white marble has slight gray veins in the middle, which match the stainless steel pyramid chimney hood, giving the backsplash the appearance of alternating black and white in three parts. The elements of gold and silver match nicely with each other. The black high-arch faucet on the waterfall island is striking. The front side of the island is tiled with beautiful ceramic in charming motifs. The gold stools go nicely with the island. And the two large gold pendants add a lot of glamour to the kitchen.

matte black tile kitchen backsplash

A matte finish can often soften the harsh black appearance and give black a warmer, more charming look. When applying matte black accents in the kitchen, they are able to counterbalance and absorb the gloss and shine of the stainless steel and glass. It seems that the matte black tile backsplash has magic, bringing its surroundings more depth and taste.

Contemporary And Minimalist Kitchen

The trendy kitchen features a high ceiling, which means that it is a large, spacious kitchen. Flat paneling is thoroughly carried out, such as in the cabinets, pantry, and built-in appliances. White and lines undoubtedly contribute to a clean, modern look. Under the large white box, the matte black cement backsplash gives a stark contrast. And it blends with the brown wood cabinets, which have a black stone slab worktop. The white waterfall quartzite countertops on the kitchen island are eye-catching. There is a black high-arch faucet and a versatile undermount sink on the island. Hanging high over the island, three stylish black pendant lights highlight the one-of-a-kind kitchen. The two sleek metallic stools add more character.

A Different Scandinavian Style In The Kitchen

Featuring black and white tones, the contemporary kitchen is impressive. Two primary tones are balanced just right. The white cabinets are in a flat-panel style, giving them a clean, simple look. They pair well with the black polished stainless steel appliances, the matte black cement backsplash, and the black soapstone countertops. On the black backsplash, there are stone slab shelves, making the space more three-dimensional and layered. The polished black high-arch faucet is striking, coupled with an undermount sink. The kitchen island with a roll-out mechanism brings more convenience as well as a modern look. Sitting atop the dark hardwood floors, the white patterned rug brings pops of color to this cooking space.

Matte Black Accents And Modern Kitchen

The black accents of this kitchen are different from each other and full of layers. The grand black flat-panel cabinets have a matte black laminated finish, and their handles are in a matte metal finish. Carve a wide niche on the cabinets to create a captivating cooking space, which has a soapstone worktop. The matte black concrete backsplash is more glamorous with the warm luminous sources around. Over the large, black waterfall island, there are two glossy sputnik pendants, making the kitchen show-stopping. The high arch faucet combination and the undermount sink are both black, matching the island. Several fancy black stools with gray cushions bring unique style to the kitchen. The light wood-toned floor balances the cool and dark tones and adds warmth to the room.

Transitional Kitchen Has Cabinets With A One-of-a-kind Painting Finish

The cabinets in a custom greyish blue finish are distinctive and impressive. They work well with the rustic matte black soapstone backsplash and worktops, making the backsplash look like black reefs on a deep blue sea. The black backsplash covers only half of the wall, creating two distinct areas of black and white. The kitchen has a more stylish feel. And the stainless steel hardware, like the pot filler and high arch faucet, looks strikingly good against the black background. The black casement windows are the fashion items. Yet simple, the white range hood is special and eye-catching. The versatile peninsula has a butcher block countertop, adding a pop of color to the kitchen. Dark wood floors round out this kitchen that makes good use of dark and light tones.

Black And Grey In A Scandinavian Kitchen

The modern kitchen comprises flat-panel cabinets in a soft gray tint, a matte black stone slab backsplash, and fingerprint-resistant laminate worktops. And the cabinets have smart storage and pull-outs, which are clean and convenient. Black details such as handles and shelves add to the stylish vibe. Despite being black, the backsplashes are distinct from one another, adding layers. The stainless steel appliances and hardware are actually the statement pieces. A sleek white bell-like pendant hangs over the dining table combination, which is made of beige wood and black metallic. Sitting atop the warm wood floors, which are stacked in a herringbone pattern, the multicolored rug gives the eat-in kitchen a rustic feel. The large window on the left with white floor-to-ceiling drapery lets in more natural light and brightens the kitchen.

A Chic Flat Kitchen

In this galley, there are white flat-panel cabinets paired perfectly with medium-tone wood countertops and open wood cabinets. The matte black tile backsplash contrasts strikingly with the light-tone cabinets, adding more charm to the kitchen. There is a sleek faucet and a drop-in sink on the countertops. With stylish globe-like glass pendant lights hanging over, the hollow wooden peninsula coupled with two interesting stools gives the kitchen a minimalist yet chic vibe. The warm wood flooring is the perfect finishing touch.

black glass tile kitchen backsplash

Glass tiles can be more aesthetically pleasing, less expensive, and easier to clean than their counterparts. There are many possibilities for glass tile, from sparkling, clear styles to frosted, colored, or textured glass. A black glass tile backsplash is extremely shiny and attractive. It is an ideal way to add glamour and visual interest to your kitchen.

Grey Cabinets And Black Glass Tile Backsplash In A Transitional Kitchen

The cooking nook features grey cabinets with gold cup pulls in a flat panel style. Between the grey cabinets, the black glass tile backsplash with a high-gloss finish is distinctive and highlights the cabinets and even the entire kitchen. Furthermore, the white quartzite countertop contrasts strikingly with the black backsplash and dark-tone cabinets. There is a high-arch gold faucet coupled with an undermount sink on the white countertop, which is stunning as well. The rustic brick wall, the art paintings, and the beautiful mosaic rug atop the dark hardwood floors are all fascinating additions to the open kitchen.

Midcentury Kitchen And White Cabinets And Black Backsplash

The chic kitchen features white flat-panel cabinets and a captivating black subway tile backsplash. There are exquisite gold knobs and pulls on the cabinet doors, which are pretty additions to the cabinets. The collaboration between the black backsplash and white cabinets creates a fabulous effect. And the oak butcher block countertop is eye-catching as well. There is a matte metallic faucet and an undermount sink on the countertop, which are in front of the full-view wood frame window. There are beautiful glass details at the lower part of the window, together with the canned sconces and hanging plant, creating an airy, cohesive cooking space.

Modern Kitchen With Two-tone Cabinets And Black Backsplash

In the modern kitchen, a large area of warm and cool tones clash and blend with each other. The wall cabinets are in a light wood tone, while the island cabinets are army green. All of them are flat panel designs, and the refined pulls and handles add a pop of color and character. The glossy black glass tile backsplash complemented the warm wood cabinets and white quartz worktop. The large peninsula has a white quartzite countertop, and there is a gold faucet coupled with an undermount sink. The recessed design on the island is perfect for placing two sleek metallic stools. The bulb pendants and the grey cement flooring give the kitchen a trendy industrial feel.

Slanted Ceiling Modern White Kitchen

How do you create a modern, stylish kitchen in spaces under sloping ceilings? Here is a case in point. The white cabinets have a pure flat panel style, which means that the beauty of the lines is more emphasized. The whole space is full of the beauty of lines, which makes it look more modern. And they also match well with the gleaming black glass tile backsplash and matte black stone slab countertop. The island has a black waterfall countertop, and its base is white, which is another combination of black and white. There is a stainless steel faucet and a black undermount sink on the island top. The two chic stools around the island add a lot of character to the kitchen. A great deal of natural light comes through the large skylight, brightening the entire kitchen. With their natural grains, the medium-tone hardwood floors connect the kitchen with other spaces in the home, giving it an open feel.

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