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Double Swing Doors guide – Wide and spacious

Double Swing Doors

Large passageways require large door solutions. Double swing interior doors promise an impressive-feeling of welcome and, at the same time, exude harmony and exclusivity.

The eye-catcher on your four walls: A unique space experience and grand appearance are guaranteed with a double-wing door.

Double Swing Doors designs

Discover double-swing doors here!

Advantages of double swing doors

  • An optimal solution for large passages
  • Diverse application possibilities
  • Flexible use of the living space
  • An extraordinary spatial experience

The structure of double swing doors

The double swing door element consists of an active wing and a fixed wing. The active wing is always used first and equipped with a lock and a door handle. The fixed-wing is fixed and can be opened as required by turning a bolt.

structure of double swing doors

Therefore, the two wings have different opening directions (DIN right and DIN left). Double-wing doors usually have a reverse fold: where they meet, the fixed wing’s crease joins with the active wing’s crease.

Diverse application possibilities

glass double wing doors

The various possible uses of double swing doors are self-evident. Double swing doors are used particularly often for the entrance to the living room. They invite you and your visitors to linger. But they are also excellent for connecting the kitchen and dining room. Thanks to the generous space when the double wings are open, nothing stands in the way of cooking evenings together! A double swing door is also recommended as a passage to the garage or for office buildings. Large objects can be transported through the door in a relaxed manner, and there is no lack of space when there is a lot of visitor traffic.


Flexibility comes first

Double doors are efficient because they can be used in many ways. They promise the ideal merging of two rooms; when closed, they offer a perfect retreat. The connection to the adjacent living space makes the room look bigger.


Double swing doors – eye-catching

Double-wing doors are unusual because they are not found in all properties. They guarantee a second look and their comprehensive look ensures an eye-catching room.

Double swing doors Multiple designs

CPL Double swing doors

Double swing doors have almost unlimited design possibilities. Many different materials and surfaces can be realized with them. Made of solid wood, double swing doors promise unique elegance and a living environment close to nature. A CPL surface or natural wood veneered surface is exceptionally hard-wearing and comfortable, and white varnish makes your double swing doors shine. With all-glass doors or a glass section, you can be sure of an open and transparent living atmosphere.

The matching frame

Many frames are available in special sizes and are suitable for double swing doors. The matching frame is often included when buying a double swing door to avoid dimensional errors.

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