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Lacquer doors in all colors – for every style

Lacquer Doors

Lacquered, glossy, or satin-matte door surfaces are in vogue. Whether colored or in classic white: lacquered doors impress their unique look and robust surface.

Lacquer Doors designs

Discover lacquered doors here!

Advantages of lacquered doors

Lacquered doors are characterized by their durable surface. The doors are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stress thanks to multiple coating and UV-hardened coating as a protective layer.

Different lacquerdoors designs

The lacquered surface is easy to care for. Since it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and standard cleaning agents, the lacquered surface is trendy in households with children or on frequently used doors.

After each painting process, the door leaf is checked optically. This always gives you a uniform look. The choice of paint colors is almost unlimited, so there are various design options. Lacquered doors are available in almost all RAL colors and therefore set no limits to individual design.

  • All colors available
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable surface
  • Style and design doors
  • Many models

RAL colors

What are RAL colors?

RAL color

RAL colors are standardized colors that are created and managed by RAL gGmbH. This is a series of color systems and color catalogs used worldwide, including a palette of standardized colors. Because each color is assigned a unique number, paint and varnish colors can be accurately communicated without passing a color sample.

RAL colors for lacquered doors

Lacquered doors are available in many different colors. Some RAL colors are trendy.

pure white lacquer door

White lacquer doors are among the classic lacquered doors. They are timeless and elegant and give the room a modern look. The most popular RAL color for white doors is pure white RAL 9010. Doors in the trendy color anthracite gray RAL 7016 are also popular.

Striking colors are also becoming more and more popular. In bright red and royal blue: colored lacquered doors are a great highlight in your living space.

Design options of lacquered doors

Lacquered doors impress with their wide range of colors and the wide range of design options for the door surface.

lacquer door with glass inserts

A simple, smooth surface is suitable for bright colors. Elegant panels or glass inserts can highlight the stylish character of a lacquered door. They are combining a modern, matte surface with the charm of the country house style results in a unique design element.

Conclusion on lacquered doors

Doors with a lacquered surface are available in all colors, and numerous designs allow them to be combined with any style.

Thanks to the large variety of colors and different models of lacquered doors, there is something for every taste. They not only impress with their conspicuous shades but also act as eye-catchers in simple colors with differently configured surfaces. All lacquers are uniform and blend harmoniously into any living space.

Lacquered doors are highly hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant due to multiple, uniform coatings.

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