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2022 Lighting From China Buying Guide

lighting from China

Why buy lighting in China?

When it comes to interior design, it is important that the decorative elements are in harmony with each other. If you want to change the style of your interior or if you are designing a new home, we recommend that you unify your interior style.

types of lights from China

If you want ethnic-style interiors, you can choose lamps with the feeling of ethnicity. If you want a Scandinavian atmosphere, just choose a lamp with a Scandinavian style. There are different styles, types, and materials of lighting in China. You can buy high quality lighting from China at competitive prices.

1. Get high-quality lighting on a budget

Undoubtedly, the main reason that attracts you to purchase lamps from China is the price.

lighting showroom from Parlun
lighting showroom from Parlun

China is the world’s largest exporter of lighting every year, and with the rapid growth of the lighting industry, lighting from high-quality manufacturers in China are above international standards. Whether you are a designer, builder, commercial wholesaler, or for personal use, contact us and you can easily buy high-quality lighting within your budget.

2. One-Stop Supporting Needs

As a major building material producer, in addition to lamps, China also has a great price advantage for other products such as kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, floor tiles, and more. If you need a one-stop home furnishing package, you can choose to buy all the products from China, which will greatly reduce your cost.

building materials from China

Parlun has been focusing on building materials export for many years, we have a rich experience of foreign trade team and quality control team, which can make it easy and simple for you to buy your favorite and high-quality building materials.

The main types of indoor lighting in China

The development of electric lighting has significantly improved our quality of life. After dark, you can simply press a button and the interior light will illuminate the entire room, which can allow us to live normally even after sunset. At Parlun, you can find a wide range of indoor lighting from China, from ceiling lighting to wall lamps. If you are interested, just contact our experts and you can easily buy cheap and high-quality interior lighting from direct manufacturers in China!

indoor lighting in China

Indoor lighting can be divided into several subcategories. Depending on where they are located, how they work, or how they look, they can be divided into ceiling lighting suspended from the ceiling, floor lamps on the floor, table lamps on tables, or wall lamps attached to the wall. There are also lighting for special rooms, such as the children’s room and bathroom fixtures. They are as differentiated as pendant lamps, curved lamps, clip-on lamps, and built-in or surface-mounted spotlighting. In this section, we will introduce you to the main types of indoor lighting in China.

1. Ceiling lighting from China

Ceiling lighting are essential in your living area. Ceiling lighting distribute the light from the ceiling to ensure comfortable basic lighting.

Ceiling lighting are very popular in China, and basically, every home is equipped with ceiling lighting. If you want any information, you can consult the experts at Parlun and we will give you the most professional advice. We can give you advise, for example, to understand how to use the different types of lamps properly in each of your rooms, such as ceiling spotlighting and ceiling lighting.

Ceiling lighting from China

Unlike floor or wall lamps, which usually illuminate only certain parts of a room, ceiling lighting, ceiling spotlighting, recessed spotlighting or ceiling lighting such as LED or halogen strips provide plenty of light throughout a room. That’s why ceiling lighting that include light sources such as LEDs or halogens are an essential part of every home. The most important thing is that spotlighting, pendant lighting, beams, and ceiling spotlighting are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. Contact the light experts at Parlun and you can get professional advice on buying lighting from China. Then you can purchase affordable, high-quality ceiling lighting that are perfect for you.

2. Pendant lighting from China

Do you want your home to shine and stand out? Then the pendant light is just right for you. And there are a variety of styles to choose from in China.

Pendant lighting from China

Whether it’s a classic style or a modern one, pendant lighting in the shape of a chandelier have a lot of charm. At Parlun, you can find out what types of pendant lighting are available and what to consider when buying pendant lighting.

3. Table lamps from China

If you want more brightness in your workspace or are just looking for a decorative element for your dressing table? A table lamp is your best option. It has a number of advantages. The first is that table lamps can be used as reading lamps, desk lamps, bedside lamps, or decorative elements to bring focused light or a pleasant ambiance The second is that although table lamps are functional lamps, they can also be used as artwork to accentuate the style of your furniture through the choice of materials, design, and lampshade.

Table lamps from China

In addition to this, light sources are available in the form of halogen table lamps, LED table lamps and energy-saving lamps.

In order to create a comfortable overall concept, we recommend that you choose several lamps of different brightness and colors. Due to their easy installation, table lamps can be used very quickly in a variety of settings and provide perfectly suitable lighting for your home.Whatever your needs are, there are suitable table lamps from China in different shapes and styles. Contact our experts and you can learn how to find the table lamp for your requirement, the right light source, and what to consider when buying a table lamp from China.

4. Wall lights from China

Generally speaking, lighting play a central role in the design of an apartment. This is because not only do lighting beautify a room, but pleasant light sources also have a direct impact on our mood. Today there are many designers of wall lights in China that can make even a plain wall become eye-catching.

Wall lights from China

Using the right light source can make you feel happy when you come home. Wall lights are very popular and are a good alternative to pendant lighting. Wall sconces have many advantages. On the one hand, the indirect light is very soft. On the other hand, they are space-saving and easy to install. There are also no more annoying cables.

The choice of wall lights range from simple models with a focus on practical use to lighting whose design is reminiscent of art. Which wall light is suitable for your home depends on where it will be used. You can find out from us what different models of wall lights are available in China and what are the advantages of wall lights.

5. Floor lamps from China

Floor lamps from China

When dusk comes, lamps illuminate the room and our minds. Floor lamps will provide a pleasant illumination. Do you prefer a classic floor lamp with a traditional shade or a modern arc lamp with an innovative design? If you want specific information about any of the floor lamps, you can consult Parlun’s professional consultants and we will provide you with the most detailed information. Contact us today, we will provide you with a catalog, samples, and quotations.

6. Chandeliers from China

Chandeliers are the most popular hanging lamps. Because of its magnificent appearance and exquisite detail, it ensures a luxurious aura that will astonish people wherever it is placed.

Chandeliers from China

In ancient times, a chandelier consisted of an oiled bowl with oil lamps around the rim, which was fixed to the ceiling to illuminate the entire room. Later, candles were used and glass elements were introduced to refract light in a brilliant way. Today chandeliers are found in castles, churches, and reception halls where they set the mood for splendor.

Fortunately, today chandeliers are also finding their place in private homes. Contact us today and you can easily buy reasonably priced chandeliers from China.

The main types of outdoor lighting in China 

When it’s dark outside, every outdoor light has the ability to make you feel happy and secure. Whether it’s an outdoor wall light with a motion sensor at the front door, a path light on a garden path, or a base light at the entrance gate.

In our diverse product range, you’ll find outdoor lighting in many different shapes and colors. If you don’t know how to choose, Parlun will assist you in purchasing a very cost-effective outdoor light from China.

1. Outdoor wall lights from China

Exterior lighting are the first source of light outdoors. With an exterior wall light mounted on the wall of your house, you can safely find your way to your door.

Outdoor wall lighting from China

Outdoor wall lights are particularly stable and sturdy, so there is no need to worry about safety. In addition to this, it is also important to install it in the right location, which allows the light to do its job as well as possible. If you are interested in outdoor lighting, you can contact Parlun to buy high-quality and cost-effective outdoor wall lights directly from the Chinese manufacturer.

2. Path lights from China

Path lights are very popular. With path lights, you can very effectively illuminate the path through your garden to the house. Because it is the equivalent of a floor lamp that is a little lower. Its beam is directed towards the ground so that you can see it clearly. A pedestal light is also a useful pathway light that you can use on a fence or gatepost. For longer distances and larger areas, a floor lamp is a very suitable path light.

Path lights from China

Whether bollard lighting or pedestal lights, the equipment and quality of the pathway lights are decisive for ideal lighting. Choose neither too many bollard lights nor too few bollard lights to create the ideal light in the garden. Path lights from premium manufacturers in China are made of superior stainless steel, cast aluminum, glass, or plastic. This material can withstand bad weather, whether it is typhoon acid rain or heavy rain.

3. Outdoor Recessed spotlighting from China

Having the right outdoor lighting can further add to the wonderful ambiance of your outdoor area. Outdoor recessed spotlighting are particularly suitable for gardens and terraces. In combination with other outdoor lamp such as wall or ceiling lighting, outdoor recessed spotlighting can make your garden become a visual highlight at night. For recessed floor lighting, recessed ceiling lighting, or recessed wall lighting, you can install outdoor lighting exactly where you need them. In most cases, recessed ground lighting are used to illuminate garden paths, driveways, and steps after sunset. It is installed on stairs to make climbing them safer in the evening and at night. At the same time, recessed floor lighting emphasize the appearance of the stairs in a nice way. These recessed lighting are reliable and durable.

Outdoor Recessed spotlighting from China

There is another flat recessed outdoor spotlight, which is a recessed spotlight made of stainless steel panels. Since they have a low installation depth, you can easily install these outdoor recessed spotlighting on any floor. Recessed wall lighting are installed on the outside of the walls of your house and recessed ceiling lighting are installed on the roof of your patio. There are many types of outdoor lighting if you don’t know how to choose. You can consult Parlun, who helps you find the appropriate outdoor recessed lighting from China.

Where to buy lighting in China?

Due to the COVID-19, the development of the lighting lamps industry has slowed down, and lighting has also been affected. Many people think that China’s lighting industry is already in a saturated state, but if you know something about the lighting production base, you will know how dynamic China’s lighting industry is. Parlun introduces the three representative lighting industry bases of China’s Lighting Capital, China’s Lighting Township, and the China’s First City of Fine Lighting in the following. From their development, you can see the development of China’s lighting industry in miniature.

China’s hometown of lamps and lanterns: LiangnongTown

In 2001, Liangnong Town was named “the hometown of Chinese lamps and lanterns” by the Ministry of Agriculture Industry. In 2005, Liangnong Town was named “China Lighting Manufacturing Base” by China Light Industry Federation and China Lighting Appliances Association.

lighting market in Liangnong Town

Liangnong Town is a town under the jurisdiction of Yuyao town, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, which is a national key town and a national civilized town.

In the early days, Liangnong town lamps and lanterns products are mainly high pole lighting, and outdoor lighting, but the product technology is not high, and the market competitiveness is not strong. In order to speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading of local support lamps and lanterns enterprises, the government encourages enterprises to independent innovation and brand building, and to develop new markets at home and abroad. A large number of new products of lamps and lanterns in Liangnong Town were developed by local lamps and lanterns enterprises in 2008, such as LED outdoor lighting, small energy-saving lamps, and other new products that are very popular in foreign markets, which are favored by foreign markets.

outdoor lighting from Liangnong Town

In addition, Liangnong town lighting enterprises also actively participate in domestic and international lighting exhibitions, which not only enhance the visibility and influence of Liangnong lighting but also provide opportunities for enterprises to learn new lighting design concepts and models.

In order to expand new channels, Liangnong Town has set up a permanent center in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, and also established the “Liangnong Lighting Page” on the Internet. In Liangnong town, the government started to actively establish Liangnong Lighting City and set up a lighting R&D center to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve their scientific and technological innovation capabilities and grow stronger. By 2010, a complete industrial chain of lighting and related industries had been formed in the area. There are more than 400 industrial and commercial lamp and lanterns manufacturers in the town, and more than 1,800 sales outlets of lamps and lanterns have been established in the country, besides, there are more than 1,000 varieties of outdoor lighting and lanterns in 15 series. The products are exported to domestic and international lighting markets.

Lighting Capital of China: Guzhen

In 2002, Guzhen was jointly awarded the honorary title of “China Lighting Capital” by China Light Industry Federation and the China Lighting Appliances Association. Guzhen is a town under the jurisdiction of Zhongshan City, which has been selected as the first batch of Chinese characteristic towns, the national comprehensive strength of the top thousand towns, etc.

Lighting Capital of China - Guzhen

As a synonym for Guzhen’s overseas reputation, Guzhen has formed a lighting industry cluster with Guzhen as the center, covering the surrounding towns, with an annual output value of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars since 1982. It has become one of the largest lighting markets in the world and is the largest lighting production and wholesale area in China.

Guzhen has opened a lighting fair, lighting culture festival, lighting accessories exhibition, lighting design week brand conference, and other activities centered around lamps and lighting. Guzhen also has “lighting ten miles long street“, professional lighting stores, etc.

lighting fair in Guzhen

By 2020, the annual output value of Guzhen’s lighting industry reaches 19.08 billion dollars, which accounts for more than 60% of China’s market share, and total exports of $680 million. Its products are exported to Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Japan and Korea, the United States and Europe, and more than 100 countries. By 2021, Guzhen has 41,000 industrial and commercial enterprises in lighting and its accessories, including 8,139 lighting merchants. Guzhen has also become a national pilot market procurement trade mode, so it enjoys greater popularity and reputation at home and abroad.

China’s first city of high-quality lamps and lanterns: Beijing Shilihe Lighting City

In 2008, Beijing Shilihe Lighting City was named “China’s first city of high-quality lamps and lanterns” by China Business Enterprise Management Association.

Shilihe Lighting City is located in Beijing’s home building materials special commercial street, and is one of the largest professional lighting stores in China with various brands and complete categories.

lighting market in beijing

The business area of Shilihe Lighting City reaches more than 100,000 square meters, with nearly 500 merchants settled in and more than 4,000 workers.

The Lighting Center is divided into three commercial zones: Home Lighting Zone, Engineering Lighting Zone, and Lighting Boutique Zone, which cover thousands of lighting brands and tens of thousands of lighting products. In order to facilitate the purchasing of domestic and foreign customers, Lighting Center has created a professional humanized service system. The mall is equipped with a free leisure water bar area, a variety of barrier-free facilities, free English translators, and Russian guides. In addition, purchase, delivery, and installation of integrated intimate service. Ten Mile River Lighting City also took the lead in launching the “early compensation“, “40 days to return” system so that consumers can shop here without any worriers.

In order to unite numerous merchants in the lighting city and drive the vitality of the city, Shilihe Lighting City has organized many activities on charity, public welfare, energy saving and environmental protection. These acts and excellent management measures make the city gradually develop and grow, and the brand awareness and reputation have been greatly improved.

Useful tips for buying lighting from China

If you can buy the lighting from China, it will greatly reduce your cost. But nowadays, because of the COVID-19, the time cost of coming directly to China for purchase is much higher than before.

tips for buying lighting from China

Finding a quality lighting supplier from China online has definitely become the best option. However, the quality of lighting suppliers in China varies, especially for first-time buyers from China, it can be a challenge to find the good quality lighting at a good price. In this section, Parlun will summarize a few useful tips to help you purchase lighting from China.

Have an understanding of the types of lighting

Lighting is a widely used product. There are many factors including design style, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, brightness, energy consumption, the color of light, and longevity that affect your final decision. Therefore, before choosing a supplier in China, it is important to have an understanding of different types of lighting, which will greatly improve the chances of choosing a premium supplier.

Price is not the only deciding factor

There is no doubt that price is the deciding factor for buying lighting in China, but in addition to price, quality and after-sales system are also very important. The competition for lighting in China is so intense that the same style is available from a large number of vendors, which leads to uneven quality and price. Therefore, in the negotiation process, you must be carefully compared. The price is not the only determining factor.

Sending samples is essential

Even if you are very satisfied during the negotiation process, it is very necessary to ask for a sample sending service. Especially for the first time working with a Chinese lighting supplier. When you receive the samples, make sure to check the quality and packaging of the samples carefully. If the supplier has rich experience in exporting, sending lighting samples is exactly the opportunity for them to show their products.

Ensure after-sales service

Before finalizing your order, you need to take a summary of the whole process. For example, you can examine the professionalism, timeliness of response and after-sales guarantee, etc.

Customer satisfaction from Parlun

Too many lighting manufacturers in China ignore the after-sales service, and most of them choose not to deal with the product if there is a problem after the sale. Therefore, measuring the quality of Chinese suppliers is not only the  price but the comprehensive consideration of the entire service system is the important evaluation standard. Parlun has been focusing on lighting export for many years, the quality and price of our lighting are very competitive, and our after-sales service is also in the leading position in the industry.

Conclusion:  buying lighting from China is so easy and affordable

lighting from China

The development of the Internet means that sourcing lighting from China has become easier, but the uncertainties have increased as a result. Therefore, it is very important to select high-quality lighting supplier from China. Parlun has an excellent foreign trade team, and we provide one-stop service from product negotiation to shipping arrangements. Our service aim is to achieve a win-win situation. If you want to buy some cost-effective and superior lighting from China, you can contact us today for a free catalog and quote!

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