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2022 Wood Flooring From China Buying Guide

flooring from China

There are many classifications of flooring, and the common one is wood flooring. The materials used to produce wood flooring in China are mainly divided into categories such as solid wood, laminate wood, solid wood composite, multi-layer composite wood, bamboo, cork, and emerging wood-plastic flooring. After more than 40 years of development, China’s wood flooring industry has shown a steady increase in sales in recent years. In 2020, China’s wood flooring production reached 81.805 million square meters and it reached 9.7547 million square meters in 2021. This indicates that wood flooring in China is a very hot sale.

wood flooring in China

However, with the development of the flooring industry in China, the choice of flooring is no longer limited to wooden floors. Flooring such as linoleum, natural stone, tiles, and carpet can also be imported from China. From the flooring import and export situation, there is a trade surplus in China’s flooring industry, but the trade surplus has gradually decreased in recent years.

Import Flooring from China

From the point of view of wood flooring prices, China’s wood flooring prices have increased moderately in recent years. Affected by the upstream raw material timber prices, China’s wood flooring prices expectation rises slightly in 2022. 2021 by the impact of the COVID-19, China’s wood flooring imports and exports are down. According to customs data, China’s wood flooring imports in 2021 amounted to US$118 million. Compared with 2020, the import value decreased by 8.24%; wood flooring exports amounted to $180 million. Compared with 2020, a decrease of 18.92%, the trade surplus of $ 0.62 billion.

The main classification of flooring in China

Floors are important for every house. Because they create a noble or simple atmosphere in a room. On the other hand, floors should be easy to care for, hard-wearing, long-lasting, and warm to the feet. Therefore, you should choose your flooring carefully. The type of flooring is determined by the place of use. Comfortable flooring should be chosen for living rooms and bedrooms. Hallways, kitchens, and children’s rooms require a solid foundation. After decades of development, the diversity of flooring in China has kept pace with international developments and you can choose the flooring from China with competition price.

flooring from China with competition price

There are three very important things you need to know in advance before you decide to buy flooring from China. First, you need to know what types of flooring are mainly available in China. Secondly, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different flooring. Finally, you choose the suitable flooring according to your own requirements, usage habits, and budget.

Flooring catalog from China

  • Parquet flooring
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Cork wood flooring 
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Carpet flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl and design flooring





Foot friendliness

Useful life

Scratch resistance


Construction thickness

tile floor




20-30 years


9-10 mm

stone floor

$ $ $ $ $



50 years


20-35 mm


$ $ $




30 years



10-25 mm


$ $




10-15 years



5-14 mm


$ $ $ $



15 years



5-6 mm

design floor

$ $ $




10-15 years



4-5 mm


$ $ $ $


15-30 years



2-4 mm


$ $




10 years


8-10 mm

In addition to the popular parquet floors made of high-quality solid wood, China also has laminate which is made of plastic, vinyl, and designer floors. They mimic natural wood flooring perfectly. Cork flooring is a great alternative to expensive wood flooring. It is also made of natural materials. Below we will briefly analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and application areas for each of these eight types of flooring.

1. Parquet flooring from China

When it comes to parquet flooring from China, oak is still the first choice. This is because oak is very competitively priced and has a stylish look.

Basically, parquet is a warm, hard, and easy to care for flooring with long service life. The high acquisition costs have paid off over the decades. If the surface becomes dark, it can simply be sanded with sandpaper. The frequency of parquet refurbishment depends on the thickness of the solid wood top layer. After all, every time you sand, you lose half a millimeter of thickness.

Parquet flooring from China

Solid parquet can be up to 22 mm thick, so under normal circumstances, it can be used for decades. Multi-layer solid parquet has a wear layer of 2.5 to 6 mm. Parquet is very popular in China, and many people who want to get it done once and for all think of parquet in the first place, because it is not only upscale but also durable.

2. Linoleum flooring from China

Linoleum is known as a healthy living flooring because of its pure natural material and simple appearance. It is not only used in public spaces, but private living areas are also slowly stepping in. It is even developing into a trendsetter because of its fresh colors.

Linoleum floors are long-lasting and warm to the feet while being easy to clean. If linoleum flooring is used in office areas at home, the anti-static material will not interfere with sensitive office electronics. There is a wide range of Linoleum flooring available in China today. Contact Parlun for a free flooring catalog and quote!

Linoleum flooring from China

The process of making linoleum flooring is divided into three steps. The first is mixing the linseed oil, resin, dye, cork, and wood flour into cement. Secondly, make the cement rolled onto a jute fabric. The third is to dry it in long strips. It is best to have it installed by a professional. Similar to ready-made parquet, there is also linoleum flooring that can be easily laid over existing coverings.

3. Cork wood flooring from China

Cork is a very comfortable flooring. On the one hand, this is due to its unique plant structure which makes it very resilient and therefore provides a high level of walking and standing comfort, which protects your feet and joints. On the other hand, cork is both warm and quiet as a floor. Cork absorbs room temperature and insulates the sound. The natural material has an anti-static effect and is easy to care for. All you have to do is vacuum and wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth.

Cork wood flooring from China

Cork can be oiled, waxed, or sealed. The thicker the density of the material, the more durable the covering. Cork flooring from China is available in solid and veneered versions to perfectly suit different budgets.

  • Cork as a floor covering is perfect for: living rooms, hallways, children’s rooms, bedrooms

4. Natural stone flooring from China

The matte, light-colored surfaces of limestone and sandstone represent raw elegance. However, lighter natural stone is one of the more environmentally sensitive materials compared to hard natural stone.

Natural stone flooring from China

Under normal circumstances, natural stone flooring is particularly easy to care for, with low cleaning and maintenance costs. However, natural stone floors are not particularly acid-resistant and require more care, especially in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Compared to man-made building materials, natural stone has a longer service life, which makes up for the higher investment. Also, stone slabs can be restored to their original state by polishing, hardly any other flooring is so hard-wearing. Besides, the high thermal conductivity makes natural stone the perfect material for underfloor heating. When you buy natural stone flooring from China, not only do you get a very good price, but you also have a large selection of styles to choose from. If you’re interested, contact the flooring experts at Parlun today!

  • Natural stone as a floor covering is perfect for living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.

5. Tile flooring from China

Ceramic tiles are both hard-wearing and non-flammable as flooring, and are resistant to almost any type of dirt and stains, such as chemicals or grease. Therefore, ceramic is the ideal floor covering for rooms. China is known as the capital of ceramic tiles and ranks first in the world in terms of tile exports every year. Buying Chinese tiles in Parlun is easy!

Tile flooring from China

In addition to hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms, tile flooring has also entered living areas. Because of the use of underfloor heating under an extremely heat-conducting covering, tiles will no longer become freezing on the feet.

Glazed floor tiles are divided into several groups of elasticity: Groups I and II are suitable for light to medium pressure (bathrooms and bedrooms entered barefoot or with only soft-soled shoes). But are hardly found on the Chinese market anymore. Today, the prevailing standard includes Group III tiles, which can withstand higher loads for intensive walking (hallways), and Group IV tiles used for heavy traffic (kitchens, patios). In addition to the elasticity of the floor, it is important to pay attention to the slip resistance of the floor tiles when purchasing.

Anti-skid grade of tiles from China
Anti-skid grade of tiles

Meanwhile, a growing number of Chinese tile manufacturers are introducing the wall tiles that are also matching to the floor.

wall tile matching to floor
wall tile matching to floor in bathroom
  • Tile floors are perfect for living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, utility rooms

6. Carpet flooring from China

Deep pile carpets are very comfortable and best in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Carpets can reduce sound pressure by up to 90%. The denser and longer the pile, the more comfortable it is. In a carpeted room, the temperature is two levels higher than in a room with a smooth floor.

Carpet flooring from China

It not only ensures a mild room temperature but is particularly easy to care for. However, most carpets are made of synthetic fibers, such as polyamide or polypropylene. Both are easy to clean. Polypropylene in particular is very soil-resistant, but not as soft. In China, the price range of carpets is very wide, and carpets of the same material can vary in quality and price. At Parlun, not only is there a huge selection of carpet flooring styles to choose from, but the prices and quality will definitely satisfy you.

  • Carpet flooring is perfect for living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, upstairs hallways

7. Laminate flooring from China

One of the most popular types of flooring is laminate. In the last 20 years in China, laminate flooring has been widely used in private houses, apartments and commercial buildings, as it is much cheaper and more versatile than parquet.

The rapid development of manufacturing technology has made laminate flooring a beautiful replica. By the way, not only wooden floors but also concrete, stone, terra cotta, and metal may look authentic. This depends on what is depicted in the impregnated decorative paper. Because this plays a decisive role in the appearance of the floor. Importantly, it is the synthetic resin surface that makes the floor hard-wearing and easy to care for.

Laminate flooring from China

Laminates are beneficial for allergy sufferers because dust and dirt can neither penetrate nor adhere firmly to the closed surface. With the rapid development of the flooring industry in China, laminate flooring is now evolving into a high-tech product. There are laminates with antibacterial surfaces that give bacteria and dirt no chance to adhere to them. There are also moisture-resistant laminates for bathrooms and coatings that neutralize indoor air pollutants and reduce unpleasant odors.

Laminates as floor coverings are considered to be the ideal partner for underfloor heating. Since the laminate is only 7 mm thick, the floor does not become thick even when laid on top of existing floor coverings. And it is easy to install, you just need to glue it with tongue and groove or simply inserted it into each other.

Laminate flooring installation

  • Laminate wood flooring is suitable for: living room, corridor, kitchen, children’s room, bedroom, basement, utility room

8. Vinyl and design flooring from China

Vinyl flooring and designer flooring are often confused because they have a lot in common, but there are actually a lot of differences. The first similarity is that both are made of plastic. The main difference is the type of plastic. Vinyl is made from PVC and usually contains plasticizers. Design flooring is made from PU or PET. It is the same material as beverage bottles.

Vinyl flooring and designer flooring are often confused because they have a lot in common, but there are actually a lot of differences. The first similarity is that both are made of plastic. The main difference is the type of plastic. Vinyl is made from PVC and usually contains plasticizers. Design flooring is made from PU or PET. It is the same material as beverage bottles. When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are significant differences in quality. Therefore, when buying vinyl flooring, you should make sure that a

When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are significant differences in quality. Therefore, when buying vinyl flooring, you should make sure that a “health-friendly softener” is used. Although many suppliers in the Chinese flooring market claim to be completely harmless, we understand that there are still many harmful floors out there. Therefore it is essential to choose a Chinese flooring supplier you can completely trust.

Design Flooring is known for its wide variety of design styles. Every material from stone, metal, and concrete to wood has been perfectly imitated. The look, feel and acoustics are great. Design flooring is positioned as easy to care for, hard-wearing, soundproof, and warm to the feet.

Wooden flooring is not recommended for rooms that are permanently wet, but you can use the “solid” plastic version as it has no wooden supports and can be used in completely wet rooms.

solid plastic flooring from China
solid plastic flooring from China
  • Vinyl/design flooring is perfect for: living rooms, hallways, kitchens, children’s rooms, bedrooms, basements, utility rooms, and sometimes bathrooms and laundry rooms

What region of China does quality wood flooring originate from?

With many years of rapid development, China’s wood flooring industry has established a complete system from raw material supply, product processing, and production to finished product sales and after-sales service. The scale of China’s wood flooring production and export is the first in the world. China’s wood flooring production is mainly divided into two categories: solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. In 2021, China’s wood flooring production exceeded 530 million square meters. Where is the production of such a large amount of flooring are produced?

Solid wood flooring production base in China

Zhejiang Nanxun is called the capital of solid wood flooring in China, Zhejiang Province wood industry brand base, etc. There are a lot of advantages, such as superior geographical location, policy support, good business foundation, etc. Nanxun and the wood industry began in the early 80s. The 80s in the late 80s, Nanxun people set up hundreds of furniture workshops, and they initial form a small market for wooden furniture.

In 1993, with the support of the local government, Nanxun building materials market was put into use. The huge market potential to promote the development of Nanxun in the national wood industry. In just a few years, Nanxun has emerged with nearly 2,000 processing enterprises including furniture, plywood, flooring, wood lines, and other types of wood. Then this place formed a wooden furniture manufacturing industry, solid wood flooring manufacturing, plywood manufacturing, wood lines processing industry four leading industries.

Solid wood flooring in China

With the rapid development of the real estate and decoration market, the Nanxun solid wood flooring which is imported precious wood as the main raw material had rapid development, and soon become the largest advantage of the Nanxun wood industry and block economy. Nanxun building materials market flooring city products radiated throughout China’s 30 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and more than 450 counties and cities. The wood products testing center in Zhejiang Province also settled in Nanxun. Nanxun has developed into the China wood flooring production base, sales center, and industrial clusters, and has the largest production scale, a large quantities of varieties, the most concentrated area, the longest industry chain, and a complete division of labor.

China laminate flooring production base

Jiangsu Province

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province is known as the capital of China’s laminate wood flooring, China’s laminate wood flooring town, China’s laminate wood flooring export base, etc. The advantages of the region are one of the central cities in the Yangtze River Delta and high urbanization rate. Changzhou mainly produces laminate flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, etc.. Most of the manufacturers use better quality substrates and wear-resistant layers, and the workmanship is also better. The most concentrated area of wood flooring production in Changzhou is Henglin Town, which is one of the famous economic towns in the Yangtze River Delta and the transportation hub in the east of Changzhou with convenient transportation and developed industries.

Llaminate Flooring in Jiangsu Province

As the advantageous industry of Henglin Town, the production capacity of laminate flooring accounts for 45% of the total production in China. The export value accounts for more than 40% of the total export value of similar products in China, and Henglin laminate flooring has occupied half of the Chinese market. With the development of the laminate wood flooring industry, Henglin Town has also established the only flooring professional market in China – Henglin International Flooring City. With the rapid rise of the flooring and furniture industries, Henglin has become a famous production, sales, R&D(research and development), and export base for laminate flooring in China.

Hunan Province

Llaminate Flooring in Hunan Province

Changsha, Hunan Province is called the national logistics hub because of its convenient transportation and geographic location.Changsha is an old base for laminate wood flooring production in China, and an East Coast flooring direct base was established in 2008. Changsha integrates storage panels, wood and accessories wholesale, shopping, logistics and distribution, and e-commerce. There are many brands stationed there, including a series of flooring representative brands.  Changsha’s wood flooring market radiation is also expanding, and its sales network has reached many cities, such as Changzhutan, Yueyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie, and Chenzhou.

Liaoning Province

Llaminate Flooring in Liaoning Province

Liaoning Shenyang has also caught up with the development of China’s flooring industry, with the advantage of abundant timber resources and a good industrial base. In the early 80’s, with the development of the construction industry, the decoration industry was promoted, which also led to the development of the wood flooring industry. The trend of producing small-size solid wood flooring strips from processing residues, twig lumber, and small diameter lumber was started around the forest areas in the three northeastern provinces of China. Because China’s regional span and wood flooring color are affected by geographical location. So some wood flooring brands also choose the northeastern provinces to OEM labeling. Shenyang, which has a good industry foundation has become their target. Shenyang floor production is also rising. However, compared to Nanxun and Changzhou, Shenyang’s wood flooring production base is not so large.

Things to consider when buying flooring from China

There is no doubt that buying flooring from China can save you a lot of money on your budget, but if you want to get the right price and high-quality flooring, you need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Have a preliminary understanding of the types of flooring from China

In the first half of the article, we have listed 8 common types of flooring from China. The different types of flooring have their own advantages, for example, tiles are very advantageous in all dimensions, but the comfort level is lower. Parlun’s flooring experts are happy to advise you on your purchase.

2. Filter China flooring suppliers by requirements

If you already have a relatively clear requirement for the type of flooring, then you can start screening Chinese suppliers. In this step, you can also filter according to the requirements of board grade, waterproof, material and price, etc.

3. Satisfaction with the service

Many customers are worried about communication problems. In fact, after 20 years of development, China has become a global trade exporting country, and is known as the “world factory“. Flooring suppliers specializing in foreign trade exports are equipped with a professional foreign trade team. So you don’t have to worry about the language difference.

 Customer satisfaction from Parlun

However, according to the feedback of many customers, many Chinese suppliers have very poor after-sales service, for example, when there is a problem with the quality of the product, they do not deal with the problem seriously, or even directly regardless of anything. Therefore, it is very important to choose a trustworthy Chinese supplier. At Parlun, you will not only get cheap and high-quality flooring, but our experts will also help you throughout your China sourcing project.

4. Preparation before finalizing an order

Many people tend to not pay attention to the last step before the order. Parlun strongly recommends that if you are the first time to purchasing flooring from China or to cooperate with this flooring supplier. Be sure to ask for sending samples before placing a firm order. Because although the price is competitive, the time cost and the cost of shipping are included in the total cost of purchasing from China. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the order is as secure as possible.

building materials from China

Parlun has been exporting building materials for many years, and our professional team will make your China sourcing trip as easy and secure as possible.

5. Flooring packaging and logistics

For different kinds of flooring, there are different packaging requirements. Choosing a flooring supplier with rich experience in foreign trade export is especially important in this step. Unlike domestic transportation, flooring exports are usually transported by sea. If there are problems in the packaging, the consequences will be very serious.

Flooring packaging from China

On the other hand, because of the impact of the COVID-19, shipping costs have risen a lot in recent years. But in 2022 the shipping costs have been reduced.

However, for those customers who are purchasing flooring from China for the first time, shipping costs and arranging to ship are still a challenge. At Parlun, you can leave it all to us, whether it’s a matter of fully compliant packaging requirements or arranging to ship, we have the professionals to solve all these problems!

Conclusion – buy flooring from China is so easy

If you are a businessman in the flooring industry, sourcing your flooring from China will greatly benefit your business program. Nowadays, the flooring manufacturing technology in China has reached international standards and you can control your costs by choosing a high-quality supplier for long-term cooperation. Parlun is your best choice – buy flooring from China is so easy!

flooring from China

If you are a customer who needs one-stop decoration, choosing Parlun can also meet your needs because we have the most professional team and the best quality building materials. 

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