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2022 Outdoor furniture from China buying guide

outdoor furniture from China

Do you want to buy new outdoor furniture? The outdoor furniture from China has a large selection of wood, plastic, and polyethylene rattan, as well as outdoor chairs and tables made of aluminum.

buy outdoor furniture from China

When you are relaxing in your garden or on your balcony on a sunny day, you need to think about protection for your skin! That’s why you can also order a wide range of colors and models of sunshades from China. They not only have outdoor furniture for decks, but also balcony furniture for space-saving or beach chairs and porch swings. If you are looking for furniture for a specific occasion? Take garden parties, for example. Among the many Chinese outdoor furniture manufacturers, you can also easily find various models of sturdy tent sets or separate beer tables and outdoor benches.

Types of outdoor furniture from China

Outdoor dining tables from China

When designing your garden or terrace, there should be no shortage of suitable seating! Because there is nothing better than enjoying breakfast on the terrace on a mild summer morning or a wonderful evening of barbecue with friends on the terrace.

Outdoor dining tables from China

Once you’ve found comfortable outdoor chairs, a stable outdoor dining table is also important. Whether it’s an extension table, a folding table, a small balcony table or a large dining table for the whole family, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in China. You also have to choose outdoor furniture made of the right materials, such as made of modern poly rattan, plastic, wood, metal, or stone. Outdoor furniture suppliers in China also offer a wide range of outdoor dining tables in different sizes and styles to suit a variety of party occasions and projects.

Outdoor dining sets from China

Generally, a table and seating for two can be placed on a narrow terrace. If your terrace space is compact, a foldable outdoor dining table package is ideal for you.

foldable outdoor dining table
foldable outdoor dining table design

Multifunctional dining tables and chairs have many advantages. For example, the stools can be used as seats, leg rests, and tables. So it is suitable for smaller balconies and terraces. Other more suitable outdoor furniture is armchairs, benches, and stools. Because it can be stored under the table when it is not in use to save space. Folding tables can be fixed to the wall and can be easily folded up when not in use.

Outdoor dining sets from China

If you have enough space, please consider the suitable outdoor dining set. This will make you and your guests feel very comfortable. This way all your guests will be happy at the barbecue party. And they will be able to be seated at a large table with a maximum of twelve seats. No matter what size outdoor dining sets you need, you can get them at a great price in China

Outdoor Sofa Combinations from China

A stylish outdoor sofa set will not only bring a very special style to your garden, but it is also very practical. Because the whole family can have their own place. Honestly, there is nothing happier than spending warm summer days outdoors with the whole family, eating together, organizing barbecue nights, and enjoying time together.

Outdoor Sofa Combinations from China

In China, you will find a huge range of outdoor sofa combinations for gardens, terraces, and balconies made from various materials such as polyethylene rattan, plastic, and wood. Chinese suppliers also offer you suitable balcony sets and bistro sets. This outdoor furniture also provides protection from bad weather. If you are interested in our product, you can contact our experts. and we will also find a suitable protective cover for your outdoor furniture.

 Outdoor Sofa from China

 Outdoor Sofa from China

With a casual outdoor sofa, the outdoors seems to be your other living room. The relatively low seat height is typical of outdoor sofas. Similarly, it also has is a spacious seating area and spacious recliner area. The cushions are large and soft. Just like classic outdoor furniture, properties such as high resistance to rain are crucial.

What should be considered when buying an outdoor sofa in China?

If you want to be able to move your sofa back and forth flexibly, outdoor sofas made of lightweight materials are suitable, such as those with aluminum frames. If your patio is particularly susceptible to wind, then a heavy-duty outdoor sofa is the right choice for you. We recommend its use with a frame made of wood or stainless steel. Frames made of stainless steel, aluminum or poly-rattan are easy to maintain and just wiping with a damp cloth is usually enough. If the outdoor sofa is made of rattan or solid wood, it requires more maintenance. You can buy outdoor sofas in China in different materials, contact our experts for a free quote and catalog.

Tips for buying an outdoor sofa in China

Before you buy a new sofa, the supplier in China will ask and require you to measure how much area your patio furniture will occupy, which largely determines the grade of the outdoor sofa. You can also draw a floor plan with chalk to ensure that the outdoor sofa is the right size for your patio or garden. Furniture that can be flexibly assembled is also important. Modular sofas consist of individual modules that you can set up as you wish. The best way to winterize your new sofa is to protect it from the cold and damp inside. If this is not possible, you can also buy suitable protective cover from China.

Outdoor Lounging Chairs from China

Outdoor Lounging Chairs from China

Chinese suppliers can offer a variety of different types of outdoor lounging chairs and successfully blend visual elegance with a high level of comfort. These include classic wooden outdoor loungers, sturdy and weatherproof aluminum loungers, and foldable lounging chair. The folding lounger in particular impresses with its practical value and can be stored to save space. If you want to sunbathe with your wife, we recommend ordering a double sun lounger from China. A sun lounger with a roof protects you from the strong sun and provides pleasant shade while you relax. If you are not sure about the product selection, you can contact the outdoor lounging chairs supplier in China. Friendly staff from Parlun will be happy to advise you and help you choose the perfect type of outdoor lounging chairs for your purpose so that you and your family can relax and spend a good time outdoors.

Outdoor Chair from China

The suitable outdoor chairs allow you to relax in the garden or on the terrace. Weatherproof and sturdy chairs are also very popular in the Chinese market. You can find a wide range of outdoor chair models in different colors and materials from the product catalogs of Chinese suppliers. Their prices range from low to high. You can order cheap white outdoor chairs made of plastic as well as luxurious black outdoor chairs made of high-quality wood and elegantly designed. Besides, there are also gray outdoor chairs that fall in the middle of the two.

Outdoor Chair from China

The outdoor chairs from China also come in some special designs. Fabric-covered chaise lounges are perfect for relaxing and reading in the garden. However, due to the deep and sloping seat position, the chairs are not suitable as dining chairs. A special outdoor chair is very comfortable and can be individually adjusted according to body size and shape. Folding chairs and armchairs can be quickly folded up with a simple mechanism to save space.

Notes on buying outdoor chairs

Seating comfort: If the chair does not provide adequate seating comfort, then the beautiful outdoor chair design is not of much use. For example, chairs with steeper backs are better suited as dining chairs for garden tables, while chairs with gentler backs are better for relaxing. Some garden chairs provide a balance between an upright dining position and a relaxed sitting position.

Adjustable backrest: The adjustable mechanism of the backrest is very useful. This allows you to use the outdoor chairs as lounge chairs and dining chairs for outdoor dinners.

outdoor chair with adjustable backrest
outdoor chair with adjustable backrest

Stackable: The ability to save space with outdoor chairs in a basement or garden shed is a great advantage. Therefore, outdoor chairs must be stackable.

Stackable outdoor chairs
Stackable outdoor chairs

Thin legs: If the chair is to be set up on soft ground such as grass or gravel, the legs must not be too thin, otherwise they will easily sink into the ground.

outdoor chair thin legs
outdoor chair thin legs

Weather resistance: Outdoor chairs are exposed to a variety of weather conditions outdoors, such as humidity and UV radiation. Therefore, chairs made of wood or metal must be adequately impregnated or provided with protection against corrosion. In the case of plastic outdoor chairs, please note the keywords “weather resistant” in the product description. This is because low-quality plastics can quickly become brittle due to UV radiation.

Outdoor Table from China

If you want your garden area to become homely, then outdoor tables must be the focus.

If you are planning to buy outdoor tables from China, you can choose from classic or popular models. Our professional staff will provide you with effective suggestions. If you invite a lot of friends, then you can also choose a modern extendable outdoor table.

outdoor extendable table
outdoor extendable table

In addition to traditional tables, low tables made of metal, poly rattan, or wood and glass table tops are becoming increasingly popular. Folding outdoor tables, hanging balcony tables or space-saving combination designs or smaller square garden tables are also fashionable.

outdoor low tables made of metal
outdoor low tables made of metal

Wooden outdoor tables are a permanent classic. They have sturdy table tops, such as those made of larch wood, which is now often combined with metal bases, such as light aluminum, by Chinese suppliers.

Wooden outdoor tables
Wooden outdoor tables

Cube shapes and C-shaped frames are also popular. They are often used as an alternative to the classic four-legged frame. You will also find many round outdoor tables from China in Parlun’s catalog. In terms of color, white outdoor tables and matching outdoor chairs look light and elegant. Gray outdoor tables are also so increasingly popular. You can use colorful accessories such as tablecloths and placemats to make it even more beautiful. Extendable outdoor tables are also practical because they save space on the one hand, but can also accommodate many guests on the other.

Outdoor Hanging Chair and Hammock from China

The hammock lifts your feet up and it makes you feel very comfortable as well as the hammock. You can fix it in a tree or place it in the shade on the frame. It’s not just kids who like to swing on such hammocks, adults also like to create the perfect outdoor relaxation place with hammocks and hanging chairs.

Outdoor Hanging Chair from China

Here you will find many hammocks and hanging chairs with suspension or frames from high quality Chinese supplier. This ensures that you can relax not only in the garden but also indoors. However, what you should consider when buying outdoor hammocks and hanging chairs from China? we will describe it in detail below.

How much space is needed for a hanging chair indoors?

If work is annoying, the kids are complaining or the phone keeps ringing, there’s only one thing that can help. That is to read a good book in a hanging chair and make yourself feel comfortable and peaceful. If you don’t have a garden, this method also applies. Because the hanging chair with frame and suspension can be suspended in a sturdy place.

hanging chair indoor
hanging chair indoor use

The hanging chair with a frame is freestanding furniture. The basket hangs freely from the frame, providing a soothing rocking experience. The less prominent the frame made of wood, rattan, or metal, the less space the armchair takes up overall. So a narrower version can also be placed in the living room or children’s room. And in contrast to the hammock, in most cases, it only has space for one person.

What hammocks are available in China? 

The hammock allows you to stretch your body freely. Lying in a hammock is very comfortable. Similar to the hammock, there are different designs of hammocks.

hammock hang between two trees
hammock hang between two trees

The classic hammock is designed with a cloth hanging between two trees. And it is attached to a rope or hanging device. This fabric is usually made of a very stretchy, weatherproof polyester-cotton blend. And there are a variety of colors and patterns. Hammocks made of lightweight parachute silk or nylon are particularly suitable for travel because they can be made very small and light. There is a special design a hammock with a stick. The integrated wooden sticks at the head and bottom of the hammock with sticks make it easier to access and comfortable to lie down in position.

hammock with a frame structure
hammock with a frame structure

If there is no tree to attach to, then a hammock with a frame can be used, which allows the hammock to be placed anywhere in the garden. In the above design, the hammock is attached to the frame and swings between the posts. As with the hammock, frames made of metal or poly-rattan are best for outdoor use.

Finding the perfect material for outdoor furniture from China

In the past, you didn’t have many options. outdoor furniture was either made of metal or wood. Today there is a huge choice of outdoor materials in China, and each has different advantages. But sometimes they also vary greatly in price. When you make a decision, you have to make it based not only on appearance but also on where you live. For example, if you are looking for outdoor furniture for a house near the sea, wooden outdoor furniture is the best choice.

Plastic outdoor furniture

Plastic outdoor lounger

Outdoor furniture made of plastic is particularly inexpensive. They usually can be folded or stacked, which means they have plenty of space even on smaller balconies or decks. In addition, plastic furniture weighs relatively little. So they can be moved around effortlessly. Another advantage is weather resistance. When it rains, you do not have to move plastic garden furniture into the house, basement, or garage. You can wipe off the moisture and dirt immediately. Basically, furniture made of plastic requires barely any maintenance. Decorative seat and back upholstery are recommended to increase seating comfort and enhance the aesthetic appearance.

Poly Rattan Outdoor Furniture

High-quality synthetic fibers in the form of poly-rattan make it possible to make outdoor furniture very comfortable. At the same time, this outdoor furniture is resistant to wind and weather. Even when exposed to strong sunlight, they retain their shape and do not fade. In addition, poly rattan outdoor furniture is very easy to care for. Simply wipe them down with a damp paper towel or give them a quick rinse with a garden hose to make them look new again.

Poly Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Although outdoor furniture made of poly rattan is very strong and durable. However, they should be brought to a sheltered place in winter so that the surface is not affected. It is best to keep your poly-rattan outdoor furniture in protective covers in late fall and keep them in a dry place that is not cold. Even polyethylene rattan can become brittle if exposed to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. It is best to place them in a garage, basement or shed in the garden.

Wooden outdoor furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture

Wood is the traditional material for garden furniture and outdoor furniture. What is new is that wooden outdoor furniture can now be combined with other modern materials, these include, for example, synthetic wickerwork, stainless steel, or aluminum. Generally, wood materials are teak, mahogany, or willow. If you do not want to choose outdoor furniture made of tropical woods, you can choose outdoor furniture made of regional woods such as larch, ash, or oak. However, they must be impregnated or lacquered in order to keep their original color well.

Maintaining wooden outdoor furniture

Teak wood outdoor furniture care tips

Regular painting of wooden outdoor furniture is essential to maintain its beauty over time. Over time, dirt inevitably deposits in knotholes and joints, and changes in moisture and seasons can put tremendous stress on natural material wood. That’s why you need to carefully sand the wood every two to three years. Depending on your preference and type of wood, use a wood care tincture, paint, or protective varnish to varnish.

Metal outdoor furniture

The advantages of outdoor furniture made of metal are stability, vibrant colors, and easy care. Seating sets made of aluminum have the additional advantage of being very light and having bright summer colors. So, if you want to move your chairs and tables around on your deck depending on the position of the sun, garden and patio furniture made of aluminum is a good choice. And, compared to other materials, aluminum outdoor furniture is usually cheaper.

Metal outdoor furniture

Compared to other furniture, iron outdoor furniture may require frequent and regular maintenance. Even in moderate humidity, untreated iron is prone to rust. However, as long as you take care of your iron outdoor furniture by cleaning it regularly and giving it a fresh coat of paint from time to time, it will last for a long time. Due to the weight of the material itself, you will not be able to move it time and time again. So it’s best to keep it in a fixed location.

Before buying outdoor furniture from China

Are you planning to buy new outdoor furniture from China? Then you should carefully consider the following points so that you are sure to find the perfect outdoor furniture for you.

Measurement space

outdoor furniture size

Do you want to create an outdoor lounge under the open sky, or are you just looking for a few small pieces of furniture to create a comfortable corner of your balcony? It is important to determine the available space and know your preferences before buying outdoor furniture from China. The ideal outdoor furniture is folding furniture, which can be pulled out when needed. So knowing your needs is of the utmost significance. For a smoother purchase of the suitable outdoor furniture from China, you can always contact our experts.

The look of outdoor furniture: clarify your preferences

In addition to the budget, appearance plays a decisive role when buying outdoor furniture. If you prefer a more natural look, then wooden furniture may be one of your favorites. But faux rattan can also look great and natural. Heavy iron furniture such as oriental style mosaic tables or colorful bistro tables is reminiscent the sunny holiday.

outdoor furniture types

In addition to the look, the style should also be clear. Do you want your new garden furniture to look traditional and classic, or do you prefer a minimalist, modern style? If you consider these questions before buying outdoor furniture, you will be more likely to make a decision and find the appropriate outdoor furniture from China.

Socializing or being alone: choosing the right solution

If you want to buy a whole set of tables and chairs to put in a large garden, the number of chairs is usually four to six.

outdoor dining set with four seat
outdoor dining set with four seat

But do you really need six outdoor chairs? For families with children and anyone with regular guests, it makes sense to buy more seating. But if you spend most of your time alone or with your partner in the garden or on the balcony, then you need even less outdoor furniture. Before you buy, be aware of your actual needs so you can save money.

High quality: guaranteed for the long use

If you decide to buy high-price outdoor furniture from China, it’s important to make sure you can put them away for the winter. High quality outdoor furniture can withstand the wind and rain. Therefore, it is necessary to select a quality Chinese outdoor furniture supplier. Weight is also an important factor that you need to consider. If you want to stow your outdoor furniture indoors, then it shouldn’t be too big or bulky, it has to be practical. It would be a shame if expensive furniture had to endure the rain and wind outside because it can’t be moved into the basement.

Overwintering garden furniture 

When it comes to weight, especially with outdoor furniture made of iron, this can cause problems not only in storage but also in the summer sun. If the outdoor furniture is heavy, you are going to need to think twice before you buy it.

Find enough storage space in the winter

When fall and winter come, it can become uncomfortable to be outside. That’s why your garden furniture needs a dry place to store it. Do you have enough space, for example in a garden shed, basement, or attic? Folding chairs, folding tables, and other small outdoor furnitures can be quickly transported from A to B. However, large lounge sofas, dining tables, and garden loungers need more space. So you should not overlook this one important question before you buy outdoor furniture from China – do you have enough space to store them?

Calculate maintenance costs before buying outdoor furniture

Is everything done when you put outdoor furniture on the deck? No. This does not apply to all outdoor furniture. This is because, depending on the material, furniture does not always look as good as it did on the first day. Care products are also a maintenance cost and should therefore be taken into account when purchasing outdoor furniture from China. The experts from Parlun will give you professional advice to ensure that you get the best outdoor furniture from China.

Best outdoor furniture from China

As a natural material, wood is the most frequently maintained of all outdoor materials. If you don’t want your furniture to develop a gray sheen over time, you should be aware of this beforehand.

If you still want wooden furniture, you should use good quality wood such as teak. This is because these natural woods offer good weather resistance and rarely need to be re-oiled. If you absolutely do not want to take care of your outdoor furniture, then you should choose low-maintenance synthetic materials such as plastic or metals such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Caring Tips For Outdoor Furniture

A proper protective cover prevents garden furniture from needing more care, while it minimizes contamination (pollen, dust, bird droppings).

Current trends in outdoor furniture in China

Current trends in outdoor furniture in China

  1. Bamboo and rattan are still popular materials. Rattan outdoor furniture in particular lends a maritime feel to every outdoor area. Bamboo is particularly popular in China garden design, but can also be incorporated into urban terraces.
  2. Inspired by the Mediterranean style, the outdoor furniture market in China has never been more in demand for natural weaving. Whether as furniture or decorative items, woven materials are essential!
  3. The round design and light natural tones such as blue, turquoise, and sea green turn your balcony or garden into a stylish place. Use white bases to incorporate soft colors into your outdoor area.
  4. Plants are also a popular element of outdoor furniture decoration in China today! You can leave old planters in the basement and place potted plants in natural wicker baskets.
  5. Home gardening is very popular right now. If you have a garden, you can create your own vegetable garden and grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and various herbs. But you have to make sure the plants have the right light conditions.

Buying outdoor furniture from China is so easy

outdoor furniture from China

China is the major exporter of outdoor furniture, and every year a large amount of outdoor furniture is exported to all over the world. However, the quality of Chinese outdoor furniture suppliers varies, so it is important to choose the right supplier to buy outdoor furniture from China at an affordable price. Parlun has been specializing in exporting building materials for many years, we will assist you from choosing the style to arranging the shipping. We also offer one-stop home solutions including kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, flooring, lighting and bathroom fittings. Contact us today, buying outdoor furniture from China is so easy!

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