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22+ Black Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops Design Ideas and Tips

Table of Contents

Duo Of Black And White

With subtle veins, the white marble countertops against the black shaker cabinets add beautiful textures and brighten the kitchen. The natural wood backsplash with grains stands out from the black cabinets and pairs with open shelving. Under the soft lighting, the wooden backsplash looks more alluring and warmer. The marble continues on the island top, and there are chic pendant lights hung over it. The island boasts recessed bottoms for the unique wooden stools. On the other side, the stainless steel range hood is flanked with wooden open shelves, and they use a white matchstick tile for the backdrop. The sleek wall sconces on the white-framed window are the fashion pieces. An open, cozy nook next to the bay window creates a welcoming kitchen.

Combing Black And White With Marble Is Elegant

The kitchen island has a black base with delicate details, which pairs well with the white marble countertop and also contrasts with the white shaker cabinetry. Brass accents spruce up the beautiful kitchen, such as the faucets, hardware on the cabinet doors, pendant holders, and the wall sconce supports. Definitely, the white marble herringbone tile backsplash makes a statement, which gives the kitchen a captivating texture vibe and infuses dynamic elements into it. Wood decor plays well here, too. Dark-toned wood shelving on the backsplash and the hardwood flooring, both in the same tone, along with the greenery, liven up the sophisticated kitchen together.

About Black Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops

One of the most enduring schemes is the cool, crisp combination of black and white. They are classic, nostalgic, and timeless. There are many ways to play with this palette on your own. For example, when you do the trick correctly, black cabinets with white countertops are easy on the eyes and create a striking contrast in your kitchen.

A Masterclass In Balancing Black And White

The pale gray herringbone tile backsplash extends from the white quartz worktops to the high ceiling in the showpiece kitchen, creating the illusion of a spellbinding, giant textured painting. The large range hood and shelving in white against the gray backsplash are striking. Brass accents on the wall sconces, the oversized lantern pendant, and the faucets on the island add a pop of color and refinement. The island, which is paired with chic basket-weave stools, features a classic combination of a white quartz countertop and black base cabinets. The natural wood flooring connects the open-concept kitchen with other areas in the home.

Granny Chic, Nod To The Past And Blend With The Contemporary

Black shaker cabinets paired with white quartz countertops give the eclectic kitchen a sleek, stylish look, which is elevated by the stainless steel appliances and the black faucet on the countertops. With a vintage touch, the black and white patterned ceramic flooring is a nod to the old days, and it exudes a personalized and nostalgic feel. The clean-lined black range hood against the white subway tile backsplash is striking, as are the black wall sconces with gold details. The white frame windows with grids make the cooking space brighter and more spacious. While the kitchen remains open, the black cabinets with natural wood accents, bar height counter with chic black stools, and changing flooring highlight the unique design.

Maximize The Black And White With Stunning Gold Accents

The gorgeous kitchen features matte black and natural wood cabinets in a flat panel style with slender metallic handles, giving the kitchen a crisp, modish look. The wooden base cabinets pair well with the white quartz worktops, which are integrated with the backsplash. There is a sleek black faucet and an undermount sink on the quartz waterfall island. In a classic black and white palette, the stylish island comes with chic, distinctive wooden barstools. The gold pendant lights over the island are sumptuous and unique, which accentuate the charming kitchen and bring it to the next level.

Cozy Kitchen With Aesthetic

This kitchen is anything but sophisticated, and it gives you a feeling that is pleasing to the eye and seems to feel like the breath of nature. When you do the trick correctly, black and white, plus line elements, can achieve a wonderful melody, as this kitchen shows. Gold hardware on the black and white cabinets is the finishing touch, making them eye-catching. The white quartz worktops complement both the black and white cabinets. The upper white cabinets have glass fronts decorated with grids that echo the white frame windows. With the beautiful view outside, they create a breathtaking landscape. Light wood accents such as the wall shelving, the range hood, and the natural wood flooring, as well as the wooden base island with a quartz countertop, make the kitchen inviting and homey. Blown-glass globe pendants and sleek wooden stools add character to the kitchen.

Black Kitchen Cabinets With White Marble Countertops

Marble can make any kitchen so much more luxurious, and it is particularly beautiful as a kitchen countertop or backsplash. The subtle, weaving veins against a soft white surface are intriguing to the eye. What’s fantastic is when the marble and black cabinets are combined in the kitchen. It is incredibly amazing and versatile and is going to bring a vastly different look and ambience to the space.

Utterly Chic And Striking Black And White Space

Standing out against the matte black flat panel cabinets, the white marble countertops with alluring veins continue on the backsplash and the range hood, which takes center stage and gives the kitchen a spellbinding landscape. Splurge on the white marble decor and maximize the glamorous black and white space. In a slab style, the cabinetry goes well with the marble countertops and makes the kitchen look crisp and posh. The linear pendant lights over the island accentuate the modish culinary space.

When Stone Slab Backsplash Meets Subway Tile Backsplash

In this large open plan kitchen, the black laminated shaker cabinets with delicate gold hardware pair with the white marble countertops, which have subtle gray veins. Behind the stovetop, the white marble backsplash goes halfway up with a shelving design for placing extra kitchen items. The stunning white range hood with gold accents stands out against the white subway tile backsplash. There are exquisite, industrial-inspired wall sconces, adding style to the kitchen. On the other side, upwards of the subway tile backsplash, the white shaker cabinets have lattice details that look elegant and contrast with the black cabinets. Over the island, which is connected with the dining table and has a large apron sink and a high arched faucet, the glass pendant lights make a statement. The terracotta tile flooring, with its patterns and textures, anchors the kitchen.

Glamorous Design Kitchen

The sumptuous kitchen boasts black laminated flat panel cabinets and a gray and white marble backsplash with charming and subtle veining. A brushed brass finished vent hood on the marble backsplash is stunning, adding a pop of color and style to the kitchen. The curved island has a rustic wood beadboard surface and a marble countertop, making it unique and eye-catching. The geometric and linear lighting accentuate the modern open-concept kitchen.

It’s All About Flow with Open Design

The kitchen flows seamlessly with the rest of the house and provides a gorgeous example of a walk-through layout that is crisp, unobtrusive, and visually pleasing. The cabinetry in black and white two tones adopts a flat panel design, pairing with the white marble countertops. On the long peninsula, there is a stainless steel faucet, a double-bowl sink, and a recessed bottom design for natural wood stools. Under the soft lighting, the black cabinets look charming, while the white cabinets exude grace and warmth. The greenery livens up the sleek kitchen.

Black Cabinets With White Quartz Countertops

No other shade will offer such a strong contrast to brightly colored white quartz countertops. It is bold, dramatic, and impressive because the white quartz is clean and pure, while the cabinets are black with a profound depth. It is thought that minimalism is the only option for black and white kitchens. However, by using a variety of textures, tones, and decorations in the right way, you can achieve a memorable aesthetic space.

Black, But Make It Open And Airy

The black shaker cabinets with refined knobs and pulls and crown molding details stand out against the white quartz backsplash, which has slight veining and serves as a captivating painting. Up against the windows, black wall sconces are classic and stunning. The white quartz countertops continue to cover the base cabinets and the island, which balances the dark tone and spruces up the kitchen. The glass pendants over the island give the kitchen an airy feel. The rustic natural elements, such as the large greenery and the weaving wooden stools, both bring vitality to the kitchen. The subdued vinyl flooring is softened further by the natural light around it.

An Artful And Stylish Cooking Space

The kitchen blends well with the black and wood tones, as well as the white quartz countertops. With a black lacquered veneer, the flat panel cabinets pair nicely with the natural wood cabinets, which are in a classic shaker style. A white subway tile backsplash makes a statement and matches the white quartz worktops. The waterfall island continues to use white quartz as its own countertop. A sleek faucet is striking on the island. There are elegant white upholstered stools placed in front of the island. Hanging on the rustic exposed wood beam, dome pendants with black lacquered shades are the finishing touch in the kitchen.

Easy Access Kitchen

The cabinetry in a slab style has two veneers: natural wood and matte black lacquer, and both are equipped with sliding rails or opening mechanisms, creating an easy access kitchen. White quartz countertops on the wooden base cabinets contrast with the floating anthracite cabinets and blend with the pale gray, concrete-like ceramic backsplash. The gray porcelain flooring with slight veining differentiates from the dark wood one, allowing for an interconnected yet clearly delineated kitchen.

Make A Spellbinding Cooking Space At Home

As a showpiece, this open concept kitchen does a wonderful trick with its black and white palette. The white tone anchors the entire space and makes the black shaker cabinets standout. Furthermore, the elongated white hexagon tile backsplash and quartz worktop complement the black cabinets beautifully. Modern appliances are fashion pieces in the kitchen, such as the black T-shaped range hood, black stovetop, and stainless steel refrigerator. An excellent mosaic patterned tile game played ingeniously on the peninsula steals the show in the kitchen. On the white quartz countertop, there is an eye-catching gold faucet paired with a black undermount sink. Tractor-seat barstools in front of the peninsula look sleeker against the black and white motif background. And a pillar extends from the flooring to the clean, white ceiling. The stylish kitchen is defined by the crisp outline of its ceiling design.

Swoon Over Scandinavian Style

With its clean lines, limited color palette, or emphasis on texture to add interest, rather than a lot of bells and whistles, the Scandinavian-inspired kitchen really engages us. The less-is-more concept attracts more and more attention. The classic duo of black and white allows us to get much closer to a Scandinavian style space.

As two very different tones, they are not as distinct as other tones, and there are no unnecessary impurities mixed in. Black and white, so to speak, is almost pure. So in a sense, they make it easier for us to approach the Scandinavian style than other shades. Instead of making your kitchen black or white all of a sudden, you can start with black cabinets and white countertops.

Chic And Interesting Black And White Cooking Space

The matte black cabinets lay like a “C” and envelop the natural wood cabinets, white hexagon tile backsplash, and white quartz countertop, which are chic and impressive. Hexagon accents continue on the kitchen flooring in a multicolored way, which contrasts with the light wood floors and adds pizzazz to the cooking space. Though there is not much decor here, the kitchen is not dull or plain at all. With matte black veneers and glossy gold interiors, the posh pendant lights bring more characters and styles to the kitchen.

Have A Bigger Space

This spacious white kitchen showcases a vaulted ceiling in a warm wood tone shiplap style. When placed opposite the black wall cabinets that surround the white tile backsplash, a black-painted island with a white quartz countertop looks stunning. Light wood shelving connects with the white, clean-lined vent hood. Due to the high ceiling, a large area of light color, and enough windows and doors, the kitchen shows a perfect stylish design to keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

Understated Sophistication

Anthracite flat panel cabinets pair with white quartz porcelain countertops and the custom earth tone floating cabinets define the stylish Scandinavian kitchen. You do not have to match your hardware on the cabinets, and leaving them knobless for a more clean look is a good idea. Natural light coming through the white-framed windows and doors brightens the kitchen. The small peninsula pairs with retro stools and stunning black pendants, creating a relaxing eat-in bar.

Pick Out Some Plants And Ornaments

With the addition of freshly cut plants, this kitchen feels bright, clean, and chic. The visual details of the white marble and black-stained natural wood add contrast and drama, and the simplicity of the counter stools and pendant lights allows you to focus on the lively kitchen. The little funny gadgets on the wooden shelving spruce up and add pizzazz to the open-plan kitchen. The wooden beadboard on the waterfall marble countertop island gives the kitchen a different look and feel.

Black Cabinets And White Countertops And Farmhouse Kitchens

As for the farmhouse aesthetic, it is not complicated. In the kitchen, you can start small with a few gallons of eye-catching paint, your favorite retro decor, and exposed wood beams. For example, incorporate black cabinets and white countertops to add a little chic and style to your farmhouse-inspired kitchen—maybe even better. It works no matter where you live—a small cabin, a suburban home, or a big city condo.

Open Kitchen and Living Areas

The farmhouse kitchen is modern yet retro. The elegant white cabinets, blending well with the white wall, anchor the space. The island in black has vintage cabinets and a noble white marble countertop, which are paired with gray upholstered chairs that are in line with the other furniture and palette of the house. Maximize living space by making the family room and kitchen one large room and offering a bright and spacious feel. The large black lantern pendants are stunning. And a mix of lighting helps differentiate the areas, while a uniform wall color keeps everything cohesive.

Go For Beautiful Texture

With natural wood grains, the T-shaped vent hood against the oversized subway tile backsplash goes to the top of the ceiling, where there are plain-vanilla exposed wood beams showing off the gorgeous farmhouse kitchen. There are intricate veins on the white backsplash that look like interesting graffiti, adding pops of style to the kitchen. Paired with gold hardware, the black flat panel cabinets match well with the white quartz worktops and wood shelving and echo the black frame windows. The waterfall island mixes two different materials—wood and stone—to create different zones for eating and meal preparation. The light tone hardwood floors give the kitchen a natural and rustic vibe. Hanging over the island, the breathtaking, sumptuous blown glass pendants make a statement and highlight the kitchen.

Trim Up The Space With Greenery

The black farmhouse kitchen takes rustic-chic to a whole new level. Its black and white color palette is accompanied by wooden accents. With a glossy look, the three-dimensional white subway tile backsplash contrasts with the black cabinets, which are in a classic shaker style. And the white quartz countertops also pair well with the black cabinets. Pale wood accents interspersed among the dark tone cabinets, as well as greenery and subdued wood flooring, lend a natural and rustic feel to the kitchen. The sleek white pendant lights speak for the modern farmhouse kitchen.

In Search Of Lost Time

For those who prefer retro farmhouse charm, take inspiration from vintage kitchens from the 1920s. The mix of black and white paint on the upper and lower cabinets does an excellent job. This is such a fresh take on the charming, unique farmhouse kitchen. It adds the perfect spark and an antique, elegant feel when combined with gold accents. The glossy white subway tile backsplash always has a timeless glam. And it pairs nicely with the white marble countertops that are particularly suitable for the old-world black cabinets as well. The brown hardwood flooring adds natural textures to the eternal, jewel box-like cooking space.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Shadows And Go Bold

Stunning materials will add depth to the kitchen, and the added extras will make it dazzling. If you want a scheme with a distinct style but don’t want to go overboard, you can start with elements of the kitchen’s decor, such as the cabinets and countertops discussed in the article. Consider two-tone kitchen ideas that combine black with a paler contrast color. Or think rustic and introduce natural materials like wood, stone, and plants to add calm to black kitchen cabinets.

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