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22+black granite kitchen backsplash ideas and tips

Table of Contents

Staggered gray and black Scandinavian-style kitchen with Black pendant lights

In this Scandinavian style kitchen, colors are divided in blocks. The combination of understated light gray cabinets and vibrant orange, this has a strong visual impact. The staggered geometry gives the whole kitchen a sense of design and the color distribution is well balanced above. The black granite backsplash adds some dynamic elements, creating a visual focal point in addition to its texture under the effect of light and shadow. The design of the chandelier is very unique, adding some trivial ideas and elements.

Wooden black contemporary kitchen with Granite skirting board

Premium black is a color that will never go out of style, so is this pure black contemporary kitchen the kitchen of your dreams? The flat panel cabinetry without handles is very simple and premium in design, and the light and shadows reveal the unique mystique of black. The black granite backsplash and countertop are made of the same material, which makes the elements of the kitchen unified and uncluttered. The medium-toned hardwood flooring breaks up the black dullness and gives the kitchen a warm atmosphere. The latticework ceiling is a strong extension, providing a more open look to the space.

about black granite kitchen backsplash

Regarding granite, it has been the best choice for many people since ancient times, and he excels in appearance and properties. First of all, granite is a natural stone, it is formed from compressed rock, which makes him very resistant. Granite is very versatile and fits perfectly in traditional, transitional or modern kitchen designs. It is also very resistant to wear and stains in kitchens where it is used frequently. In addition, it is very easy to maintain, especially in black granite, where stains do not show up easily. Based on these advantages, black granite is becoming more and more popular.

Black and beige classic two-tone kitchen with pure black granite backsplash

This is a two-tone classic L-shaped kitchen. The black and wood cabinets are in perfect harmony, and the block color separation gives the whole a stylish look. The oversized floor-to-ceiling windows bring in plenty of light, and the shifting light and shadows make the monochromatic solid black granite backsplash more premium and create a strong contrast with the beige tile flooring, and are a perfect balance between the colors. The presence of built-in cabinets and comfortable chairs and a black dining table allow you to enjoy your meals in the kitchen.

Black traditional kitchen with hexagonal parquet flooring

This traditional kitchen has a black color palette with accents of bright colors, and with a hexagonal tile parquet flooring, the kitchen becomes rich in color and design elements. The backsplash is designed with black granite as skirting, and the large background white has a sharp contrast with the black, which makes the kitchen very stylish. The small dining table stands out against the black background and is very practical in the kitchen. The built-in stainless steel cookware is also a fine choice, especially in this black kitchen. The windows are small but make the kitchen lighter.

Vintage cabinetry for kitchens with granite countertops

The cabinetry in this kitchen is very special, with vintage and antique built-in cabinetry that complements the mid-tone honey oak flooring, while the built-in stainless steel kitchen appliances balance the overall color, and the black granite backsplash is very understated, with a matte texture that offers a better visual and tactile feel. The worktops also use the same material, echoing each other and together making this the perfect kitchen. The view is extended through the mirror, which ensures that the kitchen is very spacious.

Wood and Black Scandinavian Modern Kitchen with black splash

The solid wood mid-tone island occupies the middle of this Scandinavian style kitchen, which is very striking in the classic black, white and gray tones of this kitchen. The topless cabinet design with two large windows balances out the dull black feel and the kitchen is as wide as it can be. The black granite backsplash and pendant lights echo each other in color, and with the brass faucet accent, all elements are in perfect harmony. The kitchen’s stainless steel appliances and hood also blend into this kitchen in a sleek and modern way.

black granite countertops and white cabinets

Black granite is very elegant and is loved for its durability, low maintenance and stain resistance, and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, so black granite countertops can withstand the wear and tear of kitchen work very well, in addition, black brings a sense of luxury and mystery, in the kitchen can make the kitchen more stylish and sophisticated.

Like black, white is also a classic and timeless color, and using white cabinet finishes means that the kitchen will never go out of style. In addition, white cabinets and black countertops create a contrast that balances the colors and tones of the kitchen and makes the kitchen look very harmonious. The following article is some ideas about white cabinets and black granite countertops.

White traditional style kitchen with matte black granite worktop

In this traditional style kitchen, the white cabinets are embellished with gold bar handles that show a charming shine under the natural light. The black granite countertop is matte texture, which looks very high class and sophisticated. The two colors are contrasting, which gives a sense of visual pleasure. The greenery is the highlight of the design, adding a natural and fresh atmosphere to the kitchen. The backdrop is a grid-like design, and the small details make the kitchen more subtle and attractive.

Black and white wood tone traditional kitchen with Patterned granite countertops

Black and white classic colors can never go wrong with cabinets. The cabinets are designed with a classic raised design, which means they will never go out of style. The red tile backsplash brings in the original industrial elements, and the collision between the elements makes the kitchen very subtle and stylish. The black granite countertop is very understated, but its surface is beautifully textured, and the color and island echo each other, giving the kitchen a sense of design in every detail. The mid-tone wood flooring brings its own warm atmosphere.

White wood-colored farmhouse-style kitchen

The farmhouse style kitchen is very nature-oriented and has a warm and cozy atmosphere. In this large kitchen, the white cabinets and white backsplash are embellished with many small details, such as letter decorations and fish-shaped decorations, making the kitchen look more lively and interesting. The oversized floor-to-ceiling windows with light-colored solid wood flooring create a refreshing and warm feeling, which looks pleasant. The black granite countertops belongs to the black family, and its texture and visual feel are very attractive and durable. Thanks to the raised cabinets and exposed beams, the entire kitchen space is very layered and not at all monotonous.

Light wood white Scandinavian style with Polka dot countertop

The blue backsplash creates a visual focal point in this white kitchen, and the herringbone arrangement gives a strong sense of pointing to the space, allowing the view to extend upwards, which makes the kitchen more open. The white cabinets are embellished with black bar handles that echo the solid black granite countertops and backsplash skirting, and the colors of the kitchen match each other perfectly. The disappearance of the upper cabinets allows for a more airy kitchen overall.

Why is granite popular?

  • Unique design
    The subtle color of granite is unique and it makes your kitchen very individual as well as adds character. Due to the difference of light and shadow, the color and pattern above the granite will change randomly, which is very fashionable and special.
  • Antibacterial
    It is very antibacterial because it is not a porous material, so bacteria cannot live on the surface. Of course, its grouting line also needs attention.
  • Easy to clean
    Some very common soap and water will be able to clean the granite countertop.
  • Family friendly
    Granite is very hard wearing, so damaging the countertop is a hard thing to do.

Wood Medium Kitchen with Raised Cabinets

The kitchen island occupies the center of the entire kitchen, and the island is made of dark shades of walnut wood, and the white raised upper cabinets form a lighter top and darker bottom design, making the whole very harmonious. Under natural light, the black granite countertop’s tiny dotted texture changes and gives off a charming shine. Pendant lights and mirrors like crystal make the space more transparent, giving this kitchen a very stylish and sophisticated look.

Sage Green Traditional Kitchen with Skylight

Did this sage green traditional kitchen catch your attention? The burgundy chairs are very striking, and the clashing colors reduce the monotony of the kitchen and make it more colorful. The granite countertop and backsplash have a very beautiful and special pattern, and the dynamic pattern makes the kitchen lively. The light-colored oak flooring and green color are a perfect match, giving the kitchen a vibrant and natural atmosphere. Three skylights let in plenty of natural light, ensuring a bright and airy kitchen.

Bold and stylish kitchen with Dynamic pattern granite countertop

This kitchen is very simple and stylish. The natural stone granite gives this kitchen character thanks to its unique surface and material, showing off the stylish taste of the kitchen owner. At the same time, the color black is versatile and can match perfectly with any color. So the colors in this kitchen, whether it is the red floor, the blue cabinets or the wood-colored table match perfectly. At the same time, the bold red and blue color clash design makes people shine, and the blue gradient mosaic backsplash is also very delicate.

Sky blue Mediterranean style kitchen with black countertop

In this large Mediterranean style kitchen, the color of the cabinets is very fresh, as if you are at the beach, which gives you the best kitchen experience. The mid-tone worktop is also very visible and creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere together with the light-colored floor. The black granite countertops and black kitchen appliances echo each other, adding a sense of calmness to the kitchen. The kitchen is also thoughtfully detailed with mushroom hardware and greenery to complete the kitchen.

granite countertops with raised cabinets

Compared to flat panel cabinets and shaker design cabinets, raised panel gives a change of level and therefore a more ornate and formal feel. It makes your cabinets more dramatic and eye-catching, and it’s perfect for kitchens of all styles, from modern and transitional to traditional aesthetics, each with its own unique characteristics. And black granite is a natural stone, which means no two pieces of granite in the world are alike. Granite with unique patterns on it, paired with gorgeous raised panel cabinets, gives a kitchen all the style and sophistication it needs. Here are some great ideas.

White farmhouse kitchen with granite countertop and backsplash

The layout of this kitchen space is very clever, using a variety of different elements, but arranged in a very well organized way, there is no clutter. The rattan chairs and wooden cabinets have a very warm and soft touch. Herringbone arrangement of light-colored flooring like the waves of the sea, it is very dynamic. The countertops are made of black granite, which echoes the large black pendant lights, giving the kitchen a very unified look. The white raised cabinets extend in longitudinal perspective, adding to the sense of space.

Pure White Scandinavian Style Kitchen with polished granite countertop

White raised cabinets and sliding windows make the entire kitchen clean and bright, keeping you in the mood to work in the kitchen. The granite countertops break the monotony that comes with white and decorate this beautiful kitchen in a stylish way. The crystal chandelier is very dreamy and classic in design, and the brass hardware adds a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Wood colored traditional kitchen with quartzite backsplash

What a sophisticated traditional kitchen! The purposely aged raised cabinets give the kitchen a rustic antique feel. The countertops are made of black granite, which is not only very functional, but the unique pattern above brings character to the kitchen. One of the most noticeable features is the quartzite backsplash, which is very dynamic with its flowing artificial pattern, making it very stylish and sophisticated. The patchwork color of the kitchen island nicely separates the work area from the dining area, and the light wood color echoes the raised cabinets, creating a great harmony.

Transitional kitchen with mid-tone wood flooring in beige and blue

The perfect combination of beige and light blue! The colors are very rich in this medium sized kitchen. With mid-tone wood floors and blue and white raised cabinets, the colors range from dark to light, which is very layered. Minimalist linear pendant lighting and granite countertops complete this transitional kitchen, which is very stylish. The herringbone backsplash gives the kitchen dynamics, which is very striking when paired with the dark stainless steel kitchen appliances. The presence of a mirror extends the vision and makes the kitchen more spacious.

Black cabinets and black granite countertops

Black cabinets offer a deep tone that is very elegant as well as modern. Black is a classic and versatile color that can be matched with any color in perfect harmony with each other. You don’t have to worry that black cabinets will make the kitchen too depressing, just add some small details for decoration, such as brass hardware, so the kitchen will become very luxurious and noble. With black cabinets and black granite, a continuous look is created. Here are some ideas for black cabinets and granite countertops.

Two-tone modern kitchen without a center island and with pure matte black granite backsplash

The elegant cabinetry in matte black reveals a premium texture, with natural light giving it an attractive luster. The black countertop is a polished granite countertop, and the different sense of sight will make the layers richer. The mid-tone wood cabinets have a very special texture on top, with varying shades that make the kitchen rich and dynamic. LED light strips illuminate the wooden floating shelves, above which you can place your favorite artwork or books, leaving the kitchen full of art.

Traditional black kitchen with Natural patterned granite

In this traditional black kitchen, the handles add convenience and accent the black shaker cabinets. The black granite countertops and backsplash are very continuous, and the natural pattern on them is unique and striking. The design of the vintage hood adds an antique rustic feel to the kitchen. The farmhouse sink, brass faucet, and built-in black kitchen appliances decorate this kitchen in a stylish way.

Matte black kitchen with stainless steel kitchen appliances

The entire kitchen is dominated by black color scheme, black flat panel cabinets, black quartzite backsplash and black granite countertops form a noble and mysterious kitchen. The hardwood cabinets brighten up the overall picture with a unique natural texture, and the U-shaped design is a great way to plan the layout of the kitchen, with all the elements in the kitchen arranged in an orderly fashion. The stainless steel kitchen appliances are embedded in the black cabinets for a unified look. The light-colored wood flooring balances the overall color and keeps the kitchen from looking too depressing.

Variety of black closed kitchen with shaker cabinets

Appropriate white space in black cabinets brings a very good effect too. Although this black kitchen is closed, the overall space does not look too crowded due to the topless design of the countertop. The black granite countertop blends harmoniously with the whole. The combination of dark and light black, polished and matte, and dynamic and static makes this kitchen island very diverse. The light-colored solid wood flooring and greenery add warmth.

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